Prayer Summary for June 13


The following excerpt is taken from The Blood of the Cross by Andrew Murray:

When I See the Blood

The blood of Christ gives you a share in the love, the guidance, and the protection of God. Oh, if you only understood this—the God who has provided the blood of his Son, who has received you because of that blood—he has become your God. He who has given His Son for you, how shall He not with Him also freely give you all things? This is the blessing and power of the blood—it brings you into an eternal covenant with God; He becomes your leader and your portion.

III. The Blessing We May Obtain by the Blood

When the Israelite had sprinkled the blood he knew that he was safe. God has given him a promise of protection, and he was able trustfully to await the terrible vision of the destroying angel. He could listen peacefully to the great cry in the streets around him. His safety lay in God, who has said: “When I see the blood, I will pass over you.”

How much more may we, who now have not the blood of an earthly lamb but that of the Lamb of God from heaven – how much more may we be assured of our redemption? You who read this, give, I pray you, and answer to the question I now ask: Have you the assurance? Are you truly sheltered from the day of wrath, under the protection of the blood? Have you the assurance that you also have been redeemed by that blood? Of not, hasten, without delay, to receive this blessing. The danger is so terrible – the redemption is so glorious. The conditions are so full of grace. Let nothing keep you back from obtaining a share in it. You must be sure about it, or you will have no rest for your soul.

It is recorded that on the Passover night, there was an old grey-haired man who lived in the house of his firstborn son, and he himself was the firstborn son of his father. His son also had a firstborn son. Thus, there were three firstborn sons in the house who all must die if the destroying angel entered the house. The old man was laying on his bed sick, but he heard with interest everything his son told him about God’s command to Moses. Towards evening he was often restless, as he thought of their danger, and he said: “My son, are you sure that you have done everything that has been prescribed?” His answer was: “Yes, father, everything.” For a moment he was satisfied. Then he asked again: “Are you sure? Has the blood been sprinkled on the door?” Again the answer was: “Yes, father, everything has been done according to the command.” The nearer it came to midnight, the more restless he became. Finally, he cried out: “My son, carry me out if you please, that I may see it myself, and then I can rest.” The son took his father up and carried him to where he could see the blood on the side posts and the lintel. “Now I am satisfied,” he cried. “Thank God! Now I know that I am safe!”

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Father, thank You for the precious covering of the blood!
We think on that blood!
Safety is in the blood!
We welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit!
No weapon formed against us will prosper for the blood is around us!
Jesus, thank You for completing Your destiny and making us whole
Praying a hedge of protection over pastors and all spiritual leaders
They shall go through because of the blood of Jesus
We have been made to walk in victory because of the blood covering
Thank You for the peace that passes all understanding!
We demand and command you, Devil, to take your hands off of our families, churches, and pastors!
Lord, we thank You that Your blood lives and speaks today!
It brings life into every situation!
Declaring those things must unfold in the right way
Whatever the need, the blood is making a way
We cut every contamination away from the body of Christ by the blood!
Lies, we rebuke You in Jesus’ name!
We apply the blood over the firstborns—those who have stepped away from the Word
The blood is covering their hearts, minds, and spirits
Covering their souls with the healing blood of Jesus!
Angels, go and bring their firstborns back into the Father’s house!
Restored and cleansed by the blood!
We welcome them back!
Pleading the blood over situations that should never be revealed!
Things being sealed by the blood
We also pray for hidden things of the enemy to be brought to light, so the Church can stay on flight!
Lifting up the platform of our nation—there must be a washing of it!
Increase and furtherance!
Devil, you will not stop it for the blood of Jesus is over that platform!
Relationships being brought back together because of the blood!
Father, we purpose in our hearts to be more accurate and faithful in applying the blood!
We have overcome, and we have won through the precious blood of Your dear Son!

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