Prayer Summary for June 10

The following excerpt is taken from How to Become a Water Walker by Andrew Wommack:

“This Kind”

”And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Howbeit this kind [of unbelief] goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17:20–21; brackets mine).

Traditionally, people have taught that this kind of “demon” only goes out by prayer and fasting. You’ll hear people talk about how this is a “strong” demon. “It’s a big problem, and we need to fast and pray before we deal with it. We also need to call the prayer chain because just one person isn’t going to get this done. We’ll need hundreds of people agreeing to be able to see this come out.” Some people think that God is limited and if we ask Him for this, all the lights in heaven are going to dim. Not true!

This scripture is not saying that certain demons are stronger than others. Neither is it saying that certain demons won’t respond to Jesus and faith in His name. “You also have to add fasting and prayer to it.” That’s not what this is talking about!

The subject of the sentence in verse 20 is unbelief. It was their unbelief that was the problem. Therefore, this kind of unbelief only goes out by prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21). It doesn’t take a huge faith—just a simple faith. However, there are some types of unbelief that are hard to deal with. You have to fast and pray to get them out.

Sensitized to God
You can’t avoid this natural type of unbelief that comes from what you see, taste, hear, smell, and feel. That’s not an ignorance problem. It’s not a renewing your mind problem. It’s just a problem that you are spending more time in the physical world than you are in the spiritual world. You have to reverse that. You must get to where you are focused on the Lord and His Word.

When Peter was focused on Jesus, he didn’t have any problems because he wasn’t considering anything contrary to faith. But when he took his attention off of Jesus, he began to sink. Peter had already covered most of the distance. Jesus didn’t have to run to him and grab him. The Lord just reached out and took hold of him. Peter was close enough that he could almost touch Jesus. Once he felt like he’d nearly made it, he relaxed! He took his attention off of the Lord and began to look at the wind and the waves. When he did that, he started sinking.

“But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, 0 thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” (Matthew 14:30–31).

You can’t afford to take your eyes off Jesus! Spend time in the Word, in prayer, denying your five senses, and fellowshiping with God. When you pray, your five senses are going to ask, “Who are you talking to? I can’t see anybody. I can’t hear anyone. I don’t feel anybody here.” But if you persist in prayer and relationship with God, you’ll begin to experience miracles. There will be tangible proof that God is there and that He’s talking to you. After a while, your senses will say, “Oh, there’s another sense that I wasn’t aware of. Whatever faith says is true” and you’ll get to where your senses will bow and yield to faith. When you spend time in the presence of the Lord, your heart becomes sensitive to Him. It’s just that simple!

Peter was able to walk on the water because he got out of the boat. He started walking to Jesus. As long as he kept his eyes on the Lord, he was fine. But once he took his eyes off Jesus, unbelief came. Peter still had faith, but unbelief started coming by his considering natural things. All of us have natural things that are going to tell us that the Word of God doesn’t work. If you can’t see, taste, hear, smell, or feel it, your senses will try to convince you it doesn’t exist. You are going to have to train and exercise yourself to know there’s more to it than that. There is no way to do this except through spending quantity time in the presence of God through fasting and prayer.

Go All the Way!

“Howbeit this kind [of unbelief] goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17:21; brackets mine).

Prayer and fasting is the only way to deal with natural unbelief. You can get rid of the other two types of unbelief—ignorance and disbelief—just by hearing the truth and believing it. But the only way you can overcome your five senses and the unbelief they feed you is through fasting and prayer, spending time in God’s presence. Be more at home in the spiritual world than you are in the physical. Get to where you believe that the spiritual world exists more than you believe what you can see, taste, hear, smell, and feel. You can exercise yourself to that, but it’s going to take some time and effort. You can’t wait until the morning of your trial to overcome this kind of unbelief. You just need to get focused on God and not look to the right or the left.

We let so much occupy us—television, radio, books, magazines—all kinds of things. In their place, they’re okay. But when you are walking on water, you need to keep your eyes on Jesus. When you’re out there believing God for a miracle, you can’t afford to look to the right or to the left. You have to keep your eyes straight before you, not turned to either side. If you’ll do that, not only can you be a water walker, but you can walk all the way to the other shore. You don’t have to stop or fall. You can continue all the way to your God-ordained destination!

Your faith is sufficient. God gave you enough faith. It’s not the fact that you have less than what you need. Actually you have more than what you need—more unbelief! Once you close the door on that unbelief, you will walk on water!


Thank You, Father, for Your presence
That You put a desire to not quit—if you do not quit, you win
Because we have been born again, we have faith
Taking no care that we don’t have enough faith
By faith, which we all have, we spend time with You and then we go in prayer
In You, we can do it all—in Your strength
Staying in the Word, staying on fire
Overcoming by the blood of the Lamb!
We are called to bear fruit on the earth—in You, we can do it all
Letting every care leave the room right now
Thank You, Father, for a spirit of joy internally which brings strength
Severing the ties to all cares—money, health, and about our future
Walking in freedom and victory every day
We will stay connected to the plan and purpose You have called us to
Thank You, Father, for the covering of the local church—staying under that umbrella of protection
Souls being changed and brought out into the light
Pleading the blood over finances in the local church—angels go and bring the money in
Pleading the blood around the local church
Declaring increase and the lost coming in and lives being changed
Limitations be removed in Jesus’ name
Praying over the medical facility—finances to build it and the lives that will be changed
Bending our hearts before You—calling it forth as we go
Increase in the numbers—more people taking their places in the body
Insight and revelation for our pastors—seeing and knowing what needs to be done now
Lifting up all the meeting—utterance for the speakers in Jesus’ name
Taking authority over apathy in Jesus’ name
New ways, new ideas!
Pleading the blood over the revelations that will come
A showing by Your Spirit bringing change


While we started to sing, I saw a picture about this ministry that healings are about to increase like they have never been. And I started to see vans and people will begin to be dropped off because they heard about others being healed in this place. And it would not just stay localized right here in Brooklyn Park but it would begin to be reported in the local news media and it will be and shall be a good report. A positive thing that will be being reported. That lives, physical bodies, have begun to be rearranged like never seen before and we would have to remove wheel chairs and every other kind of apparatus that was once used to get around because those bodies have been restored and made whole. We declare limbs, arms, bodies being completely and totally restored. And those bells would ring louder and louder and louder! The dinner bell that would begin to draw others into these cities to come here to this place to receive absolute total change. Hallelujah!

Let’s just have a selah for a minute. It won’t be just this ministry. That’s what I heard when I said “this place.” It won’t just be Living Word Christian Center but it will be others that will be changed, set on fire and lives will begin to be changed there too. Those ministries that have declared Jesus to be lord, that have been believing for signs, wonders, and supernatural events. Even money, resources will begin to come in in a miraculous way. Lives… when we say lives will be changed, their bank accounts will be rearranged. Ha! Ha! Theirs savings accounts will be changed! Money, resources that’s been held up, locked up will be loosed in Jesus’ name. For our ministering spirits have been at work all along and these will be the days when the finances begin to come in. Ha! Ha!

We think on it. We visualize it. We begin to just see it in our hearts. Lives changed and rearranged. Coming in one way and leaving out another way. And many will be sudden change, sudden changes. So we prepare our hearts. We prepare by faith and declare “It shall happen in Jesus’ name.” For that is Your will. Father, we get it. It was done on the cross when Jesus took the stripes, healing was finished. So the more we lay hands on the sick, the more the sick will be restored. Hallelujah! And many of the limitations have been placed against those operations by our own unbelief! But in Jesus’ name… We read about it today. We saw it in Your Word. Through prayer and fasting, unbelief has got to go.

Some even will have their limbs grow out. Some will receive new hearts. Some that have been given other evil reports, those things will dry up and move away in Jesus’ name! For these are keys for increase! These are keys, signs, wonders, signs that will flash, not just a natural sign but a supernatural sign!

Continued praying…

Supernatural atmosphere of faith—believe it and receive it
Never giving up, never quitting, and never being the same
Growing bigger and bigger all the way to the very end!
Great manifestation of God’s power!
Seats being filled to overflow in our sanctuaries
Thank You, Father, for Your presence and power on this property will drive out unbelief in Jesus’ name
No one will question that the Word is true!
We expect to see it and walk in it by faith
Receiving the light from heaven
Not questioning but walking by faith in Your Word
We receive revelation about our own plans, purposes, and destinations—Hallelujah!
We take by faith Your Joy which is our strength
A fresh infilling our Your presence
Taking it into today and believing we will do all that You have called us to do

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