Prayer Summary for July 9


The following are quotes by Smith Wigglesworth and Pastor Curtis on the importance of praying in other tongues.

Smith Wigglesworth
Through this wonder-lid baptism in the Spirit which the Lord gives us, He enables us to talk to Himself in a language that the Spirit has given, a language which no man understands, but which He understands, a language of love. Oh, how wonderful it is to speak to Him in the Spirit, to let the Spirit lift, and lift and lift us until He takes us into the very presence of God!

Pastor Curtis
I have noticed that people who do a great deal of praying in tongues find it easier to experience the presence of God. I can relate with Brother Wigglesworth when he speaks of being lifted up by the Spirit. Pray much in the Spirit and enjoy this experience for yourself.

Smith Wigglesworth
No Pentecostal person ought to get out of bed without being lost in the Spirit and speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance. No one should come into the door of an assembly without speaking in tongues or having a psalm or a note of praise. We emphasize that at the incoming of the Spirit, He should so fill us that the last member in the body is yielded to Him and that no one is baptized in the Spirit without speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance; and I maintain that with a constant filling, you will speak in tongues morning, noon and night.

Pastor Curtis
I arise early enough on Sunday mornings in order to spend one hour in prayer before I get to church to pray more in the prayer room. Much of my praying is spent praying in tongues and I can always tell the difference in regard to the anointing to preach when prayer has been a priority. I believe praying in tongues will also cause the congregation to receive what is preached with greater understanding. Praying in tongues causes the spirit man to be sensitive to spiritual things.

Smith Wigglesworth
When we are praying in the Holy Ghost, faith is in evidence, and as a result, the power of God can be manifested in our midst.

Pastor Curtis
Some of the greatest miracles, revelations of God’s Word and experiences of God’s presence have been mine after I’ve spent much time praying in tongues. The flesh will battle it, but determine to keep at it. As Paul stated in I Corinthians 9:27, cause your flesh to be ruled by your spirit man.

The following excerpt is taken from Smith Wigglesworth on Heaven by Smith Wigglesworth:

Interpretation of Tongues

Weakness may be turned into power, feeblemindedness into the mind of Christ. The whole body fitly joined together in the Spirit can rise and rise, until it is an edifice in the Holy Spirit. It is not what it is; it is what it is going to be. God has made preparation for us to be freed from the law of sin and death. He has gained the victory. He has overcome and vanquished the Enemy, and the last enemy that will be destroyed is death (1 Cor. 15:26).

Yes, deeper, deeper, higher, higher, holier, purer, purer, until God sets His seal upon us; we are His forever, bought with a price, not with silver and gold, but with the precious blood.

Let the Spirit move you, chasten you, bring you to nothing, because you must be so chastened by the Lord in order to have the fruits of His holiness. He compares you this morning to that position of fruitfulness. Unless you die, you cannot live. So, in the very attitude of death, He causes resurrection force to come into your life, until you come out of all things into the living Head; until Christ is over you, nourishing you in the mind, in the body, and causing your spirit to live until you feel the very breath of heaven breathing upon you and the wings of the Spirit moving within you.

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Jesus, we magnify Your name in our hearts!
We see the authority that is in Your name
Declaring Your name to go before us and others
No lack or depression can operate in Your name, Jesus!
Father, we believe to pray out what You want us to pray
Boundless words and freedom to speak
Finishing some details and plans and walking out in those ways
We call and focus on the Spirit, a greater yielding
Declaring no more delays!
Calling things to be finished and completed!
We bow our knees, hearts, and lives!
The body of Christ washed in the blood cooperating with You, Father!
Adjustments taking place
Speaking words influenced by Your Spirit
Declaring no confusion, but speaking forth clear minds
By faith, we move into the new
We plead the blood over those situations
We will not back off but will continue to press ahead
Our eyes do see and our ears do hear
Turning around and going in the right way
Give them revelation knowledge and understanding
Praying for leaders that lead
Pleading the blood over them
Help is on the way!
Adjust and move in that right way
Cutting off all interference now in Jesus’ name!
The blood has given us victory over every single way
Resources of every kind coming our way
Debt has been erased for its time to run the race!
Every lie is rendered inoperative for it is exposed and uncovered for what it was
Great mobilizations in the Church today for preparations have already been made
Seeds that have been sown are coming up in these hours

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