Prayer Summary for July 8


Breathe on us today, Holy Spirit
Aligning things now in the name of Jesus!
You are calling all of the combinations together, Father God
Undo that now, Lord
Shaking and loosening those things
Calling for opportunities
We will not give up; we will pass through
Steady, steady, steady!
Correction right there, Father
Taking hold of that which You have called us to
Openings of and by Your Spirit
We are set apart by You, Father, for such a time as this
Break that stronghold in Jesus’ name!
Clarity and understanding to fulfill Your will and plan
Give us the eyes to see, Lord
We call for a cooperating with the Holy Ghost
Declaring that we will surrender to Your call
Father, we know that You will make a way where there seems to be no way
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
We worship You, Lord—You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
There is nothing like Your name, Jesus
You are so great and greatly to be praised
We will continue to follow that path, Father
Trusting in You, Lord
The blood of Jesus goes before us, today!
Staying close to You; You are the way maker

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