Prayer Summary for July 29

Worshipped in song…

You are the Everlasting Father, how we magnify You
The same today and forever – You do not change
Wonderful Savior – King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Abba Father
We are so grateful! Jesus, Jesus
The conditions are changing in Jesus’ name
A door opening in that region – all the parts are assembling
Look at the marsh, go into the marsh
Tying together the parts and the pieces
The bust has been exposed – that’s the place!
That’s the road, that’s the road – take it
Speak it out, orders, orders, deliberate
Pour it out, turn it
Cause and effect causing great blessing
Worshiping and magnifying You today

Continued worshipping in song…

Father, we are so dependent on You helping us
Jesus, be Jesus in us today
Always and forever
We desire that You would be magnified in us
Drawing those outside into Your very presence
Father, be glorified today
We love You and honor You
You are the strength of our lives, everything is in You
Thank You for it in Jesus’ name

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