Prayer Summary for July 24


Thank You that You are stirring Your promises in our hearts, Lord!
Father, we will not limit or restrict You in our minds
We open our hearts to let You operate and move
Lord, we lift up and pray over all of the details!
There needs to be a divine cooperation with Your plan
We must enter into the river of life
Father, we welcome the outpouring of Your Spirit!
It will remove obstacles and sustain that right way
We hold the blood of Jesus over all of our leaders
We stand in power against any seducing spirit that would try to come against the Church
Declaring, we are NOT ashamed of the Gospel
We must know how to work with You, Father!
As Your children, we cannot walk in our own understanding!
There are rivers and wells that must spring up
We need each and every one!
Calling for a supernatural way and connection
Great clarity of and by the Spirit
Seeing it for what it is
All of the hearts and parts in their right places
Father, make us ONE!
You are transforming us right in the center of Your will!
Calling for ONE Body and ONE purpose
Mysteries being revealed to the Church today
Having wisdom in every situation about what to do and where to go!
We pray for the Church in Italy!
Lifting up positions of authority in that place
That they would not be chained down
Words of instruction, health, direction, and restoration
The Holy Ghost is touching and changing the Church
Come to the river of God, and you will find your answer
Seeing preparations taking place in the ministry of helps to help bring in Your presence!
Lord, we cover all of these things in the blood of Jesus!

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