Prayer Summary for July 18


Father, we come to You today, and we pray for captives to be set free
Calling for freedom in body, soul, and spirit both physically and mentally
Casting down every curse of the enemy in the name of Jesus
We stand together with those that have received a bad report
Yes, we lift them up before You today, Lord
Lifting up those that are struggling physically, emotionally, and mentally
Surround them with Your presence and with the power of God
Praying for healing anointing to be assigned and sent to them, Father
Declaring for breakthroughs, declaring for healing in body, soul, and mind
Healing power is being released in Jesus’ name!
Arteries are being opened up, blockages are being cast down in Jesus’ name
We command an opening up by the hand of God, that there would be restoration
Declaring wholeness in every area today!
There is a cleansing of blood in peoples bodies
Commanding every trace of cancer to be cast down in the name of Jesus
All neck pain, all shoulder pain shall bow its knee to the name that is above every other name
Foot pain, finger pain, back pain, and neck pain shall cease and we speak peace to you!
Speaking peace and wholeness to every body and every believer
Covering each and every believer with peace and relief
Declaring healing over organs and glands that they would function accurately
Calling for peace and restoration to those bodies in Jesus’ name
We speak to every harassing and demonic spirit that is causing anxiety and we cast you down
Your assignment is being broken right now in the name of Jesus
Today, we pray together as a community and we pray for an untangling
Those emotions that are tangled up, we speak an untangling to those thoughts and emotions
We speak peace to Your souls, peace to Your hearts and minds
Calling for a supernatural release of peace, comfort, and assistance to flow to those in need
Declaring a release to any hindrance that would be holding us back
Praying that we will continually move ahead in the things of God
You are the God that has set the captives free, and we pray for a release in Jesus’ name
Speaking to those things to be moved out of the way, for You are the God of breakthrough
Releasing the hand of God, for He is the healer, He is the restorer, and He is the comforter
You are bringing us restitution; it is time for payback!
Father, You are the redeemer; You will pay us back what is owed to us
Yes, You are working on our behalf today, Lord
We declare breakthroughs over dreams, over callings, and over families
Where the enemy has scattered, we call for the hand of God to gather and restore
Today we pray for a supernatural release of angels
They are going out and they are bringing in a harvest of souls
Those that are lost will be found, the Father is calling them back into His kingdom
We cover them with mercy, help, and grace
Praying for a gathering, a gathering of souls in these last days
Father, we release Your hand upon those that are in need
You are surrounding them with Your presence and Your love
Release it; we pray for a release today, a release for the broken
We pray and release angel armies to go and gather them, and to bring them in to Your kingdom
Calling for a supernatural release of Your hand to harvest souls
Praying for increase today, in families and in the church
No, the enemy will not have his way, for we are the children of God
Father, we pray for those that are trapped in a situation or a relationship
We send ministering spirits to go and open their eyes to be opened to You, Lord
Yes, we reach out to them and we bring them back into Your kingdom, Father
Calling for them to come out and come in to Your kingdom
We ask for those souls to come back in Jesus’ name
Lifting them up to You, that their eyes would be opened
Come out of the darkness and come more and more into the light
Secrets are being revealed, it is time for those things to be brought into the light
Elements come into place now, people come into place now
Resources, gifts, and callings are coming into place now!
It is time for a release of the captives; it is time for jubilee!
Commanding those evil plots of the enemy to be cast down in Jesus’ name
Those things are being broken off, every weight that is trying to hold you back is being cast down
Devil, we are coming after every form of darkness; we are pushing back darkness today!
Yes, we raise up a standard today, and we are going more and more in God’s way
Today is the day of release, a release of Your goodness, a release of Your love!
We sever those bonds and ties; we sever those things that would try to hold us back
Calling for a clearing out today, we call for an opening up for it is time to move out!
Praying for a holy fire to be set, that it would burn out the chaff
Things are being burned up and burned out
Father, You are circling us today, and You are showing Yourself to us, Lord
We pray for landing strips for the plan of God
The Spirit of God is active and alert
You are doing a new work, You are elevating us in a new way
Yes, we are going higher and higher
Calling the church up, calling our finances up!
There is an increase now, calling for increase in the name of Jesus
No more status quo, that has got to go
It is time to get up and go!
Father, we pray that You would give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation
Grant unto us eyes to see the revelation and knowledge of You
No, we will not remain in last year’s perspective, but we will grow in new perspective
Speaking favor and goodness over each and every believer

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