Prayer Summary for July 10

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist
Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, we thank You for Your presence
You are here with us and You are working in and through us
We bow our hearts before You, and we pray that You would fill this place, Lord
Yes, we worship and honor You, and we pray that You would have Your way in this place
By Your Spirit, we invite You in to invade our hearts, we love You Father
We glorify and honor You; we welcome You holy spirit
Help us to tune into what heaven is saying
Thank You that answers are flowing, that the voice of God would resound
We pray for a download of encouragement into our circumstances and into our journey
You are our comfort and our provider; change us, Lord, on the inside
Shift our perspective, shift our view in Jesus’ name
Thank You for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You, Lord
Calling for a shift in perspective, a shift in our vantage point and in our view
Yes, we pray for a tuning in of cadence and rhythm of the Holy Spirit
Help us to hear from heaven today!
Thank You for a supernatural tuning in of what the Spirit would have us say and do
Grant us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You
Cause our eyes to be fixed on what is right and necessary
Help us to look away from those things that would distract and detour us
There is a race to run and a race to finish
Thank You for a supernatural invigoration in hearts and lives
Yes, there is a greater hunger for more of You, Lord
We stir up those things, and we will fulfill the call and plan You have for us
No, we will not just go half way, but we will go all the way!
Yes, we will do all that You have called us to do!
We lift up Your perspective and all that You intend to do in the coming months
Father, we pray and thank You for connections
Connections with the plan of God, connections with God’s intent and design
We lift up the church in these days, and we cover the church with Your precious blood
Thank You that we have been brought together supernaturally by Your Spirit
Lead us now, lead us into this new day and new season
Things are shifting now, and things are falling into place in these days
Up, up, up, we are being called up in these days
Release it, release it in Jesus’ name!
We release the opening, we release the blood over our steps and over decisions, Father
Calling for a breaking off of those things
Released in Jesus’ name, not held back but released
We are ordained by Your Spirit, and we will shift from one season to another!
Declaring promotions, increases and openings of and by Your Spirit
Lifting up companies of believers in services and in prayer groups
Yes, we pray for an advancement in the name of Jesus
No, we will not look to the past, but we are looking into the face of Jesus
We speak to broken places; and we pray that they would be made whole
Declaring for restoration in that situation and in those circumstances
Calling for healing over those that are sick
We command a work of the spirit to heal, restore, and to redeem
Yes, those things are being resurrected in the name of Jesus
In Jesus’ name, we pray for redemption and wholeness for each and every believer
You have lifted us up and You are causing us to rise and thrive in the midst of adversity
Declaring redemption over the church in the name of Jesus
Praying for messages to go out now; there is a propelling of the voice of God
Calling for promotion, deliverance, salvation, and for opportunities
We pray for messages to be sent over the church
Yes, we pray for a breaking up of fallow ground in hearts and in lives
Father, we pray that there would come a plowing and a tilling
New ground is being prepared
We call for supernatural operations to prepare the way of the Lord
Hearts, eyes, and ears are being opened to receive
Let go, it is time to let go, it is time to open up those things
Casting down disappointment and burdens in these days
We speak to brokenness today, Father
Broken places be made whole and be restored in Jesus’ name
Speaking peace and grace to those situations, Father
We pray for healing over hearts and minds
Calling for impossibilities to be made possible!
Open up gates, open up hearts, open up ground, open up churches for the coming of the Lord
Thank You Lord, thank You, Father
Rain down on our lives and circumstances, Lord
Calling for an abundance of rain to come down on America
Declaring that God would have His way in this place
Yes, there is a changing and a shifting taking place in these days
We pray for hearts, we lift up those hearts that have been closed up and hardened
Father, we pray that there would be a breaking up of that ground
Praying that there would be a penetration of Your Spirit over Your believers
Thank You that the hand of God would cover them, Lord
Yes, we pray over Washington, DC
We cover Washington and the leaders of CUFI with the blood of Jesus
You are making a way where there seems to be no other way!
Releasing heaven to earth, releasing the church into a new time and season
There is a new day; there are new assignments and new ways
No, we will not fall back into mediocrity, but we will forge ahead into the things of God
Commanding those doors to be opened in the name of Jesus
Those doors that need to be closed; we call for them to be closed
Today is the day, and we pray for Your will and Your plan to come forth in Jesus’ name
We pray for Your will would be done!
Gather now, gather those things together, it is time to gather together
It is time to come out of those places of mediocrity
Yes, we are coming more and more into the  light
We receive those things, Lord
Eyes are being opened, there is an anointing moving across this nation
Open up, we call for clarity in these days
Casting down all confusion and every evil plot of the enemy
Give us eyes to help us see; give us ears to help us hear
Yes, we see the way forward, and we will move ahead into the things You have for us
You are showing us the way, and we thank You for it, Lord
We trust You, Lord
Thank You for liberty and for freedom over hearts and minds
Father, we give You all the glory, honor, and praise today
You have provided us with everything we need to fulfill Your will and plan

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