Prayer Summary for January 24


We have been called to pray corporately together
To press ahead and not look back
Continually receiving the things we believe for
Learning more and more about Your plan and purpose
We yearn for more of Your presence!
It opens doors and ways for the move of Your Spirit
Cities, states, nation, and positions of authority being touched by Your presence
We use the blood against any kind of disturbance in lives, churches, and nations
We thank You for the blood that keeps the destroyer back!
Father, we are calling for divine intervention
We take our place of authority and declare that no strategy of the enemy will gain ground
We are mindful of those who don’t know to worship You
As Your heart longs to see the fruit of the earth, so does ours!


The following excerpt is taken from In the Day of thy Power by Arthur Wallis:

It was springtime in the year 1938. A boy in middle teens stood in the little schoolroom adjoining Moriah Chapel, in the small Welsh mining town of Loughor, Glamorganshire. A strange feeling of awe and wonder filled his heart, for this was the very room that witnessed the beginnings of that great outpouring of the Spirit, the Welsh Revival of 1904. He listened to his host and guide, himself a convert of the revival, speak of those memorable days when the hardest hearts were melted by the presence of the Lord, and when the hills and valleys rang again with the songs of Zion. It was almost too wonderful to be true, but it created questions deep down in his heart for which he could find no answers. If God can achieve such mighty things in time of revival, and if the spiritual labours of fifty years can be surpassed in so many days when the Spirit is poured out, why, he wondered, is the church today so satisfied with the results of normal evangelism? Why are we not more concerned that there should be another great revival? Why do we not pray for it day and night?

This book is out of print and no longer available for purchase.

Continued Praying…

Father, why do we not continually pray for revival when there is so much war?
You are the living water!
We don’t want to go back to broken wells or cisterns with old water
There is so much more in You, Father!
We are not satisfied seeing people go in the dark and not live in all that we have in You
Precious blood was spilled for the fruit of this earth
That we would live and walk closely to You
Father, we are looking for the day when Your outpouring covers this earth
Every man, woman, boy, and girl touched by You
We don’t want to be selfish-we want everyone to taste and see Your goodness
Many are doing Your Word, but You Yourself need to come down
No longer status quo, no longer as it’s always been!
We are looking for a fire from heaven
For the ignition and igniters to come together!
We are so aware of the time in which we live
Some will not come unless You Yourself will come!
Going outside of the four walls of the church
We pray for the Church-Your body-to arise!
You have reserved and preserved some for such a time as this!
Miracles and supernatural signs are beginning to come forth
We shake that off and we come up-it is an awakening!
Now is the time!
A great showing of Your Spirit and ways!
Be set free and delivered in Jesus’ name!
Moving out of complacency, lack, and discouragement!
Impossibilities being turned around now by the blood!
We plead the blood over bodies, minds, thoughts, and all kinds of deliveries!
Delivered into freedom, hope, and life
We call an end and a stop to some things!
Focusing in on the fire from heaven that will bring that through!
There is so much at stake
We call for the divine excellence that would excel the move of the Spirit in this nation
You must speak and you must declare words about the fire
Releasing a supply of the Spirit to centers
The vision is for an appointed time-let it come!
We call for the clearance and clearing of that
Watching over the shapes of the things in the future
Shaping the vision, plans, and future
Contending all the way to the end-perseverance to push till the end
Hearing notes that will bring families back together
They will then become bridges for others to come into the kingdom
We pray over hearts-for openings and softening’s
Lifting up every house of God on this earth
For there to be an esteeming of Your plan and Word again
Father, stir us where we need to be stirred
We hold the blood against any ditches
Seeing the Church waking up to Your Word!
Move us way beyond the boundaries that we know
More and more increase!
Holy is the Lord, God almighty!
Thank You for Your strength that is in us


The following excerpt is taken from How You Can be Led by the Spirit by Kenneth E. Hagin:

A Word From the Lord to Ministers

The time is now. The day has arrived. You’re already on the edge of it.

Now, walk on. Do not look back. Make the necessary dedication and consecration

Walk on. Walk in the power of God. Minister in the power of God.

And all that I’ve said unto you will surely come to pass. None of it will fail, for the Lord has decreed it. The Lord has ordained it for these last days.

And because it is the time for the end times and certain things have been fulfilled, other things will shortly be fulfilled-fulfilled in the natural world and fulfilled in your own life and ministry.

And it shall come to pass at last, and thou shalt rejoice and be glad.

For the Lord has spoken, and no demon, devil, or Satan himself, and certainly not humankind, will be able to stop it, for the Lord is moving.

If you would like to purchase this book, please contact Living Word Bookstore online or call (763) 315-7015.

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