Prayer Summary for January 28


Thank You that the blood has made a way for us today, Father
The past is finished, and we will not go back-the past is the past!
Strength, joy, peace, wisdom, understanding, healing, wealth and prosperity is upon us today
We humble ourselves before You-and stand upon Your Word
Trusting and taking comfort in Your will, Your ways, and Your plans
Coming boldly before Your throne, and magnifying Your precious name
There is NO lack in the name of Jesus!
We will not stay the same; we will be continually changed and transformed by Your Spirit
Worthy are You, Lord!
Thank You for changing us, a continual change, move and increase of You
You are the comforter, and You bring peace to us today!
We need a refreshing of the Holy Spirit


The following excerpt was taken from Revival Fire by Wesley L. Duewel:

Revival Is Coming

We cannot produce revival, earn revival, or arrange God’s timetable of revival visitation. We can only meet God’s conditions and seek His face. What can we learn about the secrets of God’s kingdom by studying the revivals of the past?

1.Savonarola proved that one person can turn the tide. God can work through anyone who is totally committed to Him, hungering for revival, and willing to pay the price in his or her obedience to the revival covenant. The same thrilling truth is seen in the revivals under Asa and Jehoshaphat.

2. No one is too young to be used by God. Whitefield at twenty-two showed that a young man ablaze for God can be a mighty instrument. Evan Roberts’ spiritual hunger at the age of thirteen led him into a dynamic ministry at twenty-six. And John Wesley’s consuming passion for a holy life at twenty-six allowed God to fill him and begin a powerful ministry through him when Wesley was thirty-five.

3. Whitefield, Wesley, and Finney from the time they were filled with the Spirit seemed to be chosen specifically for revival. From the moment the Holy Spirit baptized them with His holy fire until their deaths, they carried revival fire wherever they went. Jonathan Goforth, Jonathan Edwards, David Brainerd, Miss Louisa Vaughan, Miss Aletta Jacobsz, and Duncan Campbell are examples of Christians who have been used in lightning revival fires in this way during a special period of their lives.

4. Witnessing and evangelism are God-ordained and are constantly used by God. They have their appointed roles, even during times of revival. But revival is about God’s sovereignty, characterized particularly by the speed and the magnitude of the results and by the dynamic transformations of church and community. Evangelism without revival lacks the full manifestation of God’s glorious presence and power.

5. Most revival movements have been characterized by deep conviction of sin and much public confession. God has used these confessions to convict others, both Christians and non-Christians, of their own sins. The Korea, North China, and U.S. campus revivals demonstrated the profound effect confession can have on listeners, especially when confession is accompanied by restitution and reconciliation.

6. Great joy in people who have found spiritual liberty is another common revival trait. Singing has been prominent, and those revived have sung and rejoiced for hours, drawing others to Christ. This was particularly true in the Welsh revival and in some revival periods in Africa.

7. Revival fires can be spread by oral and written testimonies, newspapers, on radio and TV, through letters, and over the telephone. In Wales, Northern Ireland, India, the 1858 revival in the United States, Korea, North China, and campus revivals, the Holy Spirit made great use of voices, books, and the media in spreading revival flames.

8. The Holy Spirit is the leader in all God-sent revival. He knows of God’s longing to send revival to His people. He Himself intercedes with groanings deeper than words as He joins with Christ. The Spirit gives prayer concerns and prayer burdens for revival on many of God’s children so that they may join in the same prevailing intercession.

9. Finally, revival history shows us that God can and will send revival again and again to the same place or to new places if there are people there who meet God’s revival covenant conditions. It may seem that throughout history, revivals have tended to occur in the same places over and over: Whales, Northern Ireland parts of Scotland, the Cape of South Africa, and some American Christian college campuses such as Wheaton College and Asbury College.

Is this by arbitrary sovereign choice? Probably not. They seem to be places where over the years groups of people have demonstrated clear-cut evangelical faith, a reverent fear of God, and faithful prayer. They are places where the Holy Spirit has been honored, where His presence has been hungered for and sought, and where people have not only had the assurance of sins forgiven but have believed in and sought the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Continued Praying…

We are hungry for You to move-in this place and in this hour
Changing us by Your Spirit, that You would take us to another place
Yielding and calling for more of You-it is a necessity!
Melt and mold us by Your precious Holy Spirit
You have done it before, and You will do it again!
Praying and declaring that it is time for revival
Do whatever it takes to revive us, Lord
Calling souls to come in!
Thank you for our families, for health and wholeness
Turning our eyes even more toward You, Father!
Shaking things off, and if it takes a turn-we will turn!
There is a bigger picture, a road map that is calling the Church to get right!
Cleansed by and through the precious blood of Jesus
Praying over every facet and detail of this ministry
Moving into the new and being revived in and through You
We need a touch by Your Spirit
The blood is our access; it has removed the past!
Bowing and humbling ourselves before You, Father
There is peace, joy, and strength in You
Laboring together and walking into the plan of God
Coming against distractions of any kind in Jesus’ name!
Believing we are washed clean again by the blood!
Praying over the men, that they would take their rightful place
There is a way for that, Father
Clear that up, and clear that out, make a way!
A greater obedience-greater activity of Your Spirit
Believing for a moving of the Spirit in every assembly and meeting that takes place
Not our plans or our way, but Your plan and Your will!
Touching each and every one of them, in their houses, in their cars, touch them, Lord!
Breaking out of those old molds, and plans-we would move and push out!
It is about the souls, Lord!
An awakening-wake up those hearts!
Shake us up, Lord, shake us out and shake us free of the coldness and blindness
Moving us toward Your mandate!
Entering into greater cooperation
More openings, oh God!
Greater fire, there has to be a burning, a yearning for You, Father
Our eyes have to see, our ears have to hear-we must be tuned into Your Spirit
Assignments and signs-a sign from heaven
A progression in the Spirit, step by step, day by day, inch by inch
We are on the border, on the ledge of something new
There is a written out plan, there are words that will be distributed by Your spirit
Evidence of Your spirit moving, bringing forth the callings, gifts, and purposes of Your will
No, not that agenda, or that plan-but preparing and walking out the plan of God!
Open, open, open!
Keep on the road and go!
Receiving fresh orders from Heaven
There have been many in this day that have seemed to lock the Holy Spirit out
Now is the time for Him to be released
Many will leave the dry place to pursue their hunger for God

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