Prayer Summary for January 16


We are the body of Christ, and we are to be vibrant
Looking out for Israel in these last days
There are disguises
People have removed some things
Looking for all of the truth in the Word of God!
Needing divine intervention and those to stand on the forefront
With God, ALL things are possible
Mouthpieces of heaven that bring divine revelation to those that lead this country
We are to plead our case with the Father
Walking with purpose in this land, just like Jesus
Calling for more and more of Him
Yes, God is able to apprehend every single person for Him
Lifting the Church to do all she is called to do!
There must be a collaboration in the Spirit with believers across this nation
It’s the time and the season in which we live
Living according to the revelation
Breathing in the Word of God
Looking for an increase
We plead the blood over all of those that are on the cutting edge
That they would speak and not be ashamed
Coming against that which would create media drama
Wise as serpents and harmless as doves
Calling out all of the Christians-walking things out for You
Taking our rightful place
Lifting up all of the congress and the senate
Strengthen them and touch their hearts
They will hear and not be ashamed to do what You have called them to do
Wisdom on every level
All of the divine strategies and plans
Taking authority over all of that
Going boldly where no man has gone
Words from heaven that change and rearrange
Moving over into the Middle East
We circle that with the blood of Jesus
Moving over onto the UN
You will not be puppets for them to use!
Yes, Lord, You have placed people in those positions
They will navigate and propel that plan
All of Your ways
Supernatural aid and assistance
We declare no weapon formed against the defense shall prosper
Fully expect to see change there!
Great expectation
Covering this nation from east to west and north to south!
Every single citizen of this nation to be alert
Calling this state more and more to the right!
A greater awakening in this nation
More and more would be seeking You
Apart from You, we cannot do it
All things are possible to those that believe
We are not shrinking, rather growing
Advancement and acceleration in the things of God
It’s a living and breathing relationship with You
Attending to those things of the Spirit
Spiritual beings filled with you, wanting to do all that You have called us to do
The revelation that we have everything that we need in You
Trusting in You to rain down on this nation!

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