Prayer Summary for Friday, March 20, 2015

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read part of a page from a book by Andrew Wommack. In his book entitled, Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith, he’s talking about the balance between grace and faith, which is interesting. In the last part of this chapter entitled “Turn On and Tune In,” he has a subtitle that says “Check Your Receiver.” I saw this and connected to it because two weeks ago we had a problem with all of our receivers in our home, you know, Comcast or Xfinity, whatever you call them. Everything went haywire. When that happens, you first call in and talk to some recording and that recording tries to send a “zzzz” to your box. It didn’t work. So I had to get a tech person and it took him 2 ½ hours to figure out what was wrong and it’s still not totally fixed. So when I read this subtitle, I connected to it. Andrew goes on to say…

Check Your Receiver

Unfortunately for most Christians, their tuner isn’t working. And instead of checking to see if they’re plugged in, turning the power on, or seeing if they have the channel adjusted, the first thing they do is call the broadcasting station. “Why aren’t you transmitting? Please turn on the power and start sending a signal. I want to watch Andrew’s program.” The first thing we do if we have sickness in our body is say, “God, why haven’t You healed me?” God is broadcasting healing 24/7. If you aren’t receiving healing, it’s not God who hasn’t released it. It’s you who don’t know how to receive it. I’m not saying this to condemn you. It takes time to get educated and learn. But you must start by recognizing that God is not the one who hasn’t healed anybody. He has already healed all of our sicknesses and diseases and that power is already on the inside of us. If we aren’t feeling it—if it isn’t manifest—it’s not God who hasn’t given. It’s us who haven’t learned to receive. We need to start working on our receiver, not question God’s transmitter. Don’t call the station and say, “God, what’s wrong with You? Broadcast! Oh, God, pour out Your power. Oh, Lord, send revival.” God is not our problem. He’s been releasing His power for over two thousand years now. The reason why the church suffers isn’t that God hasn’t been moving. It’s that we haven’t been receiving. We’ve been ignorant, and Satan has been stealing form us.

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Pastor Ray continues…

The first part of Ephesians 1, Paul’s prayer… If you were going to pray a prayer and it’s going to be used by Christians for thousands of years, you’d be real careful as to what you pray, right? So in that prayer, he never asks for anything new. He didn’t ask God to do something now that He hadn’t done. The main gist of the prayer was “open up our eyes, our ears to see and to hear” what He’s already done.


By faith, we reach ahead, even when it’s close to the end and we don’t have anything left, You, our strength, our help in a time of need. You did it, You’ve done it, and we receive it. Help from heaven to believe that when we speak Your name, when we lay hands on the sick, they shall recover, not because of us but because of You. Touch us, Lord. Because You’ve sent Your Spirit, we open up our hearts to be touched, to be filled more this morning, to do what You’ve called us to do.

And see and know that have called you in the way you must go
It’s a race but do not be shaken away but shake off all the dust and debris and walk that race
Call things forth in My name
Humble yourself that you will know it’s Me that’s called you to go
Limitations will get out of the way for I preplanned it
I’ve made a way
So proceed in this way I’ve called you to go
Sometimes you run, sometimes you walk, and sometimes you rest but it’s all Me
Yes there will be bends to go around, places to stop and to turn but you’ll know the turn and the stop and the way to go
Facilitated, operate in it
A main way, there’s a main way, a main way, a highway
So hand in hand, we shall go, hand in hand, we shall flow
A sustained way, a sustained plan
My strength and My endurance and My joy operating in you but moving through you
Unwrapping the gifts
There is some more, there is greater
Further and further and beyond
It’s got to get out of the way
It must move, it will move, it is moving right now
For there is a way through—up over and beyond and into the new
Step by step, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year all the way through
Combinations, ways, decisions, ideas, creative plans
It’s heaven sent, it’s for today, it’s already been prepared, it’s already been made right
So receive and go in My way, receive and call it out of the way and move through
Miracles! Signs! It’s supernatural!
Processing it, receiving it, walking in the fullness of it
Help from heaven to walk in that plan
Opening, it’s opening
A wide open, wide place
So high, so high, you will look back and say, “Oh how low we were walking, O but, Lord, how high You have brought us!”
It’s time to come up, come, come, come up into a high place
Where the things of this world are no longer a distraction but you are focused and encompassed about by the heavenly hosts
Not working from there but working from up here
Take your place, for you are far above, you are far above, you are seated here and not upon the earth
For I have given you all authority over all things and in My name you will do the works that I have done and greater and You shall see them with your own eyes
Great is His faithfulness to all generations
Thank You, Jesus

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