Prayer Summary for Friday, February 13, 2015

Barb shared…

I heard this in my spirit, “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love…” Dave and I were talking this morning and we said true love is expression. I saw the same thing Jerre sang—presents coming down from heaven. And isn’t that what the Father did when He sent Jesus as an expression of His love. So right now when Jerre plays, let’s take this opportunity to express that love to Him.


Father, thank You for your grace and compassion toward us
Your expression of love toward us through the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice
We’re so grateful
Thank You for Your communion and fellowship with us
Thank You for being amongst us and caring for us

Dave shared…

Barb and I were talking about how expression is very important in love. Like my daughter this morning, I dropped her off at school. I put my hand on her leg and I told her how much I loved her and how important she is to me. When we got to school, she turned around and gave me a hug and kiss. I expressed my love toward her and she expressed her love to me. That’s called communion. That communion is what brings confidence and it bonds; it’s the adhesive that holds that relationship together, that’s trust that is necessary in the life of faith. In a life of faith, it’s very important to understand the other person and have confidence in the other person, knowing unequivocally that their love is for you all the time. Their thoughts are on you all the time. And when you’re with that person, it comforts you and all you want to do is express gratitude and thankfulness. And it’s a cycle. He expresses love toward you, you express toward Him. It’s cyclical. I call it a closed loop and it perpetuates itself. As that process is going on, strength and power and confidence and everything needed for life is there. And as we become more acquainted with Him, our faith increases. You don’t question things that He tells you. You just know that “If you said it, whatever you say is going to be good for me whether I understand it or not.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in situations where the Holy Spirit has wanted to move in a service or He wanted to move to help somebody and He would give me a word and then I don’t understand the word. I just have one word. Then all I know is to say the word to them. And then I communicate that word to them and their eyes get big as saucers. It means something to them. Having that kind of communion with the Father and being able to just at will as He communicates to you, your direction comes and you just do it. When you don’t have communion, you’re always second guessing—“is that right or wrong” always going back and forth. But when you have communion like that, you don’t question. You just do it. Because you’ve been with that person for so long.

I’ve seen older couples do this. At dinner time, grandma and grandpa, I would see them and she would say something and he would finish the sentence. How does that happen? It’s almost like they’re one. That’s what Jesus said. He and the Father were one. He had such a communion with the Father, He said if you see Me, you’ve seen the Father. Really, that’s us right now. That should be our testimony. If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father. When we are born again, we have the same place that Jesus had because the Bible says He was the firstborn amongst many brethren. Jesus had a communion with the Father that even if the Holy Spirit communicated to Him, “It’s time to come home” even to the point of death, He submitted Himself.

So this word came to me this morning. If you recall, last week the Lord gave me the word, “delusion.” When I got that word, I didn’t understand it. I know what the word means but I didn’t understand the context of why it was important. After last Friday it became obvious to me it was just God expressing to us His reality is what the truth is and everything else is a delusion. Let’s accept His reality rather than our reality. But this morning, He spoke to me the word “promulgate.” I looked it up and this is what it means: “to make as a doctrine known by open declaration, to make known or public the term of a proposed law, to put a law into action or force, to put it out there, declare it and make it law.”

Last week He talked about delusions, the idea is that in our lives typically we look at the natural, myself included. We’re all humans and we have a flesh, a soul and we deal with natural things all the time, whether it’s physical ailment or just seeing things naturally, difficult challenges. The Lord last week said you can’t look at those because those things are not what I say about you. When it comes to healing, what I say about you is that My stripes have made you whole. I bore your sickness. I carried your diseases. That’s what the Bible says. The chastisement of your peace was upon Me and by My stripes, you are healed. He was saying that, that is truth and what you see in this world in your body is a delusion. We talked about people that are delusional believe something that is not real. Really, when Jesus died on the cross and paid the penalty for sins, at that point, He provided salvation for the body. He provided salvation for every area of our lives, the completed work of Christ. But what He told me this morning is the next step to that. He says that when I communicate to you the reality of the truth, it’s important for you to “promulgate” as if a law, to institute that into this earth. Some people call it confession. But the net result is that you communicate your faith.

He’ll say to me, “I’ve got this, I’m taking care of this, don’t worry about it,” and then my job is to go and communicate that. Well, I can do one of two things. I can either say “Well, the Lord told me that by His stripes I was made whole.” Or I can go by what the doctor told me who said “This is hereditary and the best physicians well tell you…” I’m not saying anything bad about doctors. That’s what they’re trained to do. You can listen to what they tell you or you can listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you. And you have to make a decision on which one. And when you make a decision on that, it’s not enough to make a decision on what you’re going to believe, but it’s very important that you promulgate that, that you distribute it.

The reason God gave you a mouth is so that you can change your world, change your circumstances. This mouth is what changes the world. When you share your faith with somebody, the message of salvation or whatever it is, those words will cause change in a person’s heart. The Bible says it’s the things that are naught that made the things that are. You create your reality by what you say. Paul wrote to Philemon and told him that it was imperative that he share his faith. But not so much that the other hearer… he didn’t emphasize that. He said that you might know it better, that you might be convinced of your faith. The Holy Spirit wants us to use our words to change our lives. If you have to deal with life’s circumstances, this mouth is how you’re going to do it.

The rest of time was spent in worship…

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