Prayer Summary for Friday, February 05, 2016

Dave shared…

This morning the Lord reminded me of something. He said, “What gives something its value is what you pay for it.” How many know that the Father gave the highest price for us. That excites me cuz that tells me that I’m very valuable. The value is in the one who pays for it.

When I was young, I was into bicycles. As I got older, I got into cars. When I was a little boy I would draw pictures in my school homework folder of cars and different things. It was a collage of ideas. I focused so much time on that, that everything of mine had some kind of drawing on it. I focused all my attention on that. It was very important to me. So when I got old enough and was able to buy a car, instead of drawing I would paint it a different color and add things to it. I remember somebody said to me, “You really shouldn’t spend that much money on your car cuz when you want to sell it, you won’t ever get the money back out of it. If you’re going to sell it, it’s only worth what somebody is going to pay for it.” I remember thinking about that. I combated that idea because I so enjoyed my “creation.” I had to justify the expense. I got to the point by saying, “It’s worth it to me, cuz this is an expression of who I am. And it’s an expression of my creativity.” I didn’t really care what anybody else thought. To me, I thought it was valuable. I wasn’t thinking about selling it. Why would I do that?

The point I’m trying to make is this. This morning when I woke up, the Lord said to me, “I’ve placed the highest value on you and that’s what you’re worth to me.” That’s amazing. Well He’s the creator of the heavens; everything we know, He created. And He is the masterful creator. We say gold is a good investment. It’s valuable. The only reason it’s valuable is because He said it was valuable. So the definition of value is the one who creates it defines what the value is. He created us each one unique. There is no other one just like you. Your fingerprints are different than everybody else’s. You’re all uniquely different. Even if there was somebody that looked exactly like you, they wouldn’t be you. They are unique even though they look like you.

This morning when I woke up, the Lord reminded me of that and I said, “If I’m that valuable, then You must really love me.” And if He really loves us, what are we afraid of? You see little children with their parents. If someone comes into a room, the little ones run behind their parents and grab them. Why do they do that? They do it because they feel safe and know their parents love them. So they get behind them. This is where He wants us to live—in that grace, that peace so I can sleep at night. So we can have no fear whatsoever. You don’t know what the day holds. You get up in the morning and have no idea what the day holds, but if you know in your heart that He loves you and He’s on your side, it doesn’t matter what is ahead of you.

I don’t know about you, but that excites me. Because I know that everything is going to be okay. Not only it’s going to be okay, it’s going to be more than okay. It’s going to get to the point where you laugh because you know it’s going to be okay. You’re excited and filled with joy because you know, “I got something incredible for you.” I have children and when my children accomplish something or even just sitting there, they just thrill me. Last night, before my daughter went to bed I put my arm around her and I told her how wonderful she was and how God made her uniquely, different than everybody else. I said, “I am so glad that you were sent to us.” I’m saying all this to get to this point that when we are cognizant of these ideas about His love for us, there is nothing we can’t believe. If He says it’s going to be okay, that’s all you need. You don’t need the whole plan laid out for you.

We want to know everything that’s going to happen before it happens so we can be prepared and ready with bells on. And the reason we want to know that is so we can feel secure. The Lord wants us to feel secure. He wants you to not have a worry. He says to cast the care on Him. He doesn’t want you to worry a day in your life. He wants your day to be filled with joy and victory. Why don’t we stay in a place like that? It really comes down to this: it is our understanding of the value that He places on us, how important we are to Him.

The Bible talks about the love of God and it says to be rooted and grounded in love. But then it talks about the breadth, the width, the depth and length. And Paul’s prays for the body and says “I pray that you know the magnitude of God’s love.” And that’s not something like “Okay, I got it. Let’s move on to the next thing.” You’re never going to reach the depths of understanding of His love. He is just that big. If you spent the rest of your life grasping and understanding that, He’ll surprise you the next day.

Have you ever had somebody that did something for you and you’re surprised. They buy you a gift and you weren’t expecting it. It’s like that thrill you get. “Wow, that’s nice.” Or somebody does something nice for you. That favor makes you feel wonderful. The Lord is like that all the time. The Bible says, “Now unto him who is able to do exceedingly above all we can imagine or think to usward who believe.” If I was Bill Gates and I go to you and I sign a check and give it to you and say, “Just put whatever number you want on it.” Will you put one zero on it? Nope. A couple zeros? You’re going to put however many zeros you can get on there. Yet that is where God wants us to live in this place where we’re putting zeros on His blank check. The Lord says I got something better. “Lord, what is better than that?” The things He can bless you and bring you into are greater than value of financial blessing.

You can have the world with a fence around it and be miserable. It happens all the time. People strive their whole lives to accomplish a goal and they’re miserable. They’re in their third or fourth divorce. Their children don’t talk to them, but they have money! Those people pay a tremendous amount of money for happiness. They buy stupid things like a zillion dollar car they can only drive on a race track. They fill their lives with all these things trying to fill a void in their lives only to find out there is nothing there.

Here’s the problem with knowing everything that’s going to happen in the future: all those things come to naught. Those things don’t bring you security. It’s all a lie. You knowing everything before it’s going to happen is not going to bring you happiness or peace. It’s probably going to make you miserable.

I’ll clue you in on something. You knowing everything is not worth knowing everything. There are things you don’t want to know. I asked the Lord one time, “I just need direction in this area.” The Lord said, “I tell you what I need to tell you and if I told you more, you couldn’t handle it.” Where I’m at today, if you told me that when I was a young man, there is no way I would want to even do what I do today. But because the Lord revealed it along the path, He allowed me to grow up to a place where I could feel secure in His ability in me to operate in the place I operate in.

What I’m trying to get to is that God wants our security in Him. He wants our faith in Him. That’s why He doesn’t tell you everything. That’s part of the reason. The other reason is you couldn’t handle it. If He told you today, “You’re going to be the next president.” Would your mind flip out? I know mine would. I couldn’t sleep at night. But we are called into His purpose and plan. And if we learn to value that He has placed on us, if we can grasp that and pray like Paul prayed for us when he said the eyes of our understanding would be enlightened to know the hope to which He has called us to. Then he says later on and prayed that the love of God would be revealed to us and that that love is not the love like we have. The love of God is in our hearts and is shed abroad in our hearts. The love he was talking about is the love of the Father.

The Bible says nothing shall separate us from the love of God. He is never going to stop loving you. But when we get into a place where we are concerned or in fear that try to keep us down from a life of victory, the reason why we get into that place is cuz we’re not focusing on His love for us. We’re focusing on the thing that is bothering us. Like this morning, He says “I love you” and that’s all that matters. He says, “If it was only you, I’d move heaven and earth for you.” If we could recognize that if it was only for us then you personally make it your own and you have a personal communion with the Father that He loves me and then I have no worries. I have no shame, no regrets because all things good and perfect come from You. I know my future is secure and no matter what challenge I’ve ever faced, it doesn’t exist that there isn’t grace for that. It’s just another thing.

His love dispels fear and puts a smile on your face. It will put joy in your heart. You have the winning hand! The Word reveals that even if that which is needed doesn’t exist, He’ll create it for you. So if there is something not right in your body, He’ll just create it and make it new. I’ve heard people that are growing teeth in their mouths. This is a documented case where a doctor put all these metal pins in this person’s arm and they woke up the next day and all the metal that was in his arm was laying on the bed. Oh my! Is that one of those “above and beyond you can imagine” things?

He loves us that much. That little thing that you care about, He’ll make it right just cuz… It’s the same with us and our children. We want them to be happy and blessed all the time. We want to thrill them all the time. This is the heart of the Lord. He wants to do something for you. Today!

[A woman breaks out in Holy Ghost joy.]

Right now there is an anointing for that right now. So if you want yours, just get up and take yours. Just receive it right now.

[People begin to break out in joy.]

Jerre shared…

Yesterday we were praying what we saw. What I saw was people sitting in their spot and around some of them was this cloud of darkness and there they were praying in the Holy Ghost. Well, this anointing breaks that off. Then today this love of God that He’s talking about and this ministry of the Holy Ghost, there were things popping in my being about all the times that He has come to drop the glory on us and Dave has that anointing on him and ministers that. But what it does is it takes you out of that dark cloud that you’re trying to pray in and brings you up above it.

I remember one time that I was in this dark cloud and fighting with the Devil and not being able to get over. But speaking the Word and believing and finally I got in the presence of the Lord and I heard the Holy Ghost say this. He said so powerfully yet so sweetly with so much love, “If I have to, I will send an angel and burn that out of your memory.” What that did to me was like that love was so big and He didn’t have to but it lifted me out of that darkness. I knew His love for me and I knew His power for me and it lifted me out of that thing and it was broken. Just like that.

So is this anointing necessary? We as pray-ers step into the darkness with our light and our swords and then we cut it with the Word, but some of us can take pieces of that darkness with us out the door. We cannot allow that to happen. So this love of God that he’s ministering and the place of glory that comes and sets us free. He is so good. If you just lift your hands and heart to Him, He just comes. He knows exactly the right thing to say. Thank You, Lord. There is a purpose. We need to be free. We need to have no chains to be able to pray the way God wants us to pray. He cares about His pray-ers. They’re special rooms for pray-ers. You may not think much of yourself in the natural and the Devil might have come and beat up your mind but in the spirit, you’re a general. Then in the spirit, you take places that other people don’t take. So you are a precious people to God. Amen!

[Praise and worship continued among the people.]

Dave continued…

This anointing here right now is the “I love you anointing.” This is what the Holy Ghost is saying, “If you can lay down those things, I’ll do the rest.” Lay that concern down. I don’t care that I feel this way. You’re my Father; You created my body and if You created my body, You know how to fix my body. So, Lord, I just receive that now.

Barb prayed …

It’s time to exceed the expectations. It’s time to break and break through those walls that we have set up, those limitations that we have set. It’s time to break those things are breaking now so that we can step through and break out in Jesus’ name. That we can excel and increase in the name of Jesus. It’s time for a break. It’s time for a breakthrough. It’s time for a breakout. We are breaking out on every side now in the name of Jesus by and through the anointing and by His grace and by His power in the name of Jesus Christ. Right now! We receive that breakthrough in Jesus’ name. Even in those things that we don’t see, Father, we receive a breakthrough there in Jesus’ name. Everything that’s been trying to hold us back, we receive a breakthrough now in Jesus’ name. We command those ways to open up. We command those doors to open up. We command those eyes to open up. We command those connections to come together now in Jesus’ name. This is the time. This is the hour. This is the place. We are Your people. We will break through now in Jesus’ name. The darkness will part and the light will shine forth in Jesus’ name. For the culmination of this last hour, we will not leave this place low and defeated. We will leave this place triumphant. Hallelujah! Come into order. We call all those things, all those elements, every piece to come together now in Jesus’ name. Ministering spirits, you bring those things that are necessary, bring them and deliver them now. They are dispatched now in the name of Jesus. Even in this place right now, the angels are moving through this place. Receive it, receive those things. Take it! More than you know.

Dave prayed…

That the anointing that flows so freely in this place would be in every place, not just in this place but in every service and every place that people congregate in this building. We release it into those places now. This is normal.

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