Prayer Summary for Friday, December 19, 2014

Pastor Ray shares…

I’m reading from an older book written by Vicky Jamison-Peterson entitled, “Encountering El Shaddai.” It’s about El Shaddai, the “God of more than enough.” She talks about how God will do for us the things that our hearts’ desire as well as meeting every need over and above. She went home to be with the Lord years ago, but when she came to Living Word to minister, she was always Holy Ghost. In meetings elsewhere, she’d have a whole pile of stuff, sort of like Billye Brim, but she’d never really use it. She said that in every meeting, she was expectant because she didn’t know what the Holy Spirit would do, but she knew He would be faithful to heal.

I’m going to read two pages from her book. She’s talking about encountering El Shaddai. She has three points about what the power of the Holy Spirit in us does for us. She starts out, “Through the limitless power of El Shaddai—the God of more than enough—you can be a tireless dynamo in God.” That’s what we want to be, right? We don’t want to be worn down. We don’t want to just sit around, but we want to be a tireless dynamo. She said, “When you tap into the power source of the universe, you receive the energia of God. He becomes your energizer for life.” I like that. Then she has three points.

“First, He gives you exousiz, or divine authority. That’s yours the moment you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He gives every child of God the ‘power of attorney’ to conduct the Father’s business. That authority—when used with knowledge—renders Satan powerless. It’s the ‘clout’ that Jesus gave His disciples (that’s you and me) in Luke 10:19, ‘Behold, I give you the authority … over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.’ That is the same authority He gave the 12 disciples in Luke 9:1: ‘Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases.’

“Second, when you step out to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, He gives you dunamis, or miracle-working power. That’s what Jesus promised in Acts 1:8: ‘But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.’ And it’s the same power Jesus used in His ministry on earth. ‘God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him’ (Acts 10:38). God was with Him … and He is with you. Any time Satan challenges your authority—and he will—you can back it up with supernatural power. Holy Spirit filled believers carry a big stick!” I like that one. What is the stick? The Word of God! Amen?

“And third, as you grow in faith you develop kratos—the kind of strength described in Ephesians 6:10: ‘Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.’ You walk with quiet exousia, or authority, with instant access to the adrenalin of dunamis power, shielded and protected by the kratos of God’s might. You’re no longer just a reservoir of God’s goodness. You are a conduit of His power.” So His power is going through us to others, right? You’re no longer just a reservoir. “You are a conduit of His power. The immeasurable force of El Shaddai flows from your bring. You can move mountains. You can speak healing and deliverance to those you meet. You can lead men and women out of the darkness and into the light. I challenge you to put El Shaddai to the test. Look your toughest problems right in the face, and then—with nothing wavering—say ‘With God’s help, I will defeat you. You cannot stand in the presence of Almighty God.’

“When you speak the Word of God—with no doubt or unbelief—miracles happen.” That’s what she would do all the time. She would just speak it with no doubt or unbelief. “You are going to discover a greater strength than you’ve ever known before. You’ll never again be defeated. Even when the battle seems to be going to the enemy, you’ll have the assurance that ultimate victory is yours.

“There’s no question about it. The Bible says ‘Thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph’ (2 Cor. 2:14). Unlimited power flows through you as a believer. But you have to turn on the switch. You have to be an open channel. May the strength of El Shaddai gush forth from you today.” That’s when we need it, right? Today!

My wife, Sandy, and I went to one of Vicki’s meetings somewhere up north. She was ministering by the Spirit, whatever the Holy Spirit would have her to do. At one point, I saw something. She was declaring things about financial prosperity. I can’t remember everything but she was moving by the Spirit and one of the things I saw were dollars bills that had feet and arms on them and they were running toward us. I no sooner had seen that and she said, “Why don’t you come up here and tell me what is on your heart.” So I described what I saw. Later on, someone drew a picture of a dollar bill with arms and feet and gave it to me. I put that in my Bible to use as a reminder that when we speak to money, it responds. The way I saw it, it was running toward us believers.

For today, I have it in my heart to pray about wealth and health. How are we going to do that? We’re going to pray in the Holy Ghost. We will loose ministering spirits to go. That’s our command that we’ve been given. There are other things that need to be in line… expectation, belief, that kind of thing… much more than we could… Vicki’s point is that He’s the God of more than enough. What we need has already been provided, but He’s the God of “more.” He is El Shaddai and He’s the God of more than enough. I don’t want to put limits on the health or the wealth. I’m from Iowa, raised on a farm and we were poor. But that doesn’t need to hold me down or back. We are to expect more than enough.


Father, we remove every limitation
By faith, we get out of “less than enough” and begin to see that You are the God of “more than enough”
You are more than enough to do what You’ve called us to do
Over and above
Even the things we have on our hearts
Desires you put there and given us, desires You’ve put in our hearts
Thank You, Father, we welcome the presence of Your Holy Spirit
We know that when we ask for more of You, we get more of You
When we lift Your name up and magnify it
That name becomes bigger in our hearts to expect and walk in the more than enough
We’re hungry and thirsty for more of You
Holy Spirit, we ask You again to fill us with that more, Your presence
We believe to walk in more than enough
More than a reservoir but to be that conduit, to bring it to others
We have so much that we’re able to give to others
We take away the limits
We roll every care upon You!
Believing, expecting, and receiving
This is the day of more than enough
Wholeness, health, wellness, changes in bodies and minds
Some things being made new
He will, she will, that plan will prosper and go in the right way
Wealth and health today!
Showing up in every way
Cooperate and line up, get in line
You come into place, come in Jesus’ name
You come and we draw you to this place
Multiplication over and over and over
The anointing to believe and expect it
Walking in the fullness
Prosperity in bodies, be restored and be made new
Press and proceed
Press and press and press and press
We lean on Your grace and mercy
It doesn’t matter what the situation is, the power of God will prevail
Oiled up by the Spirit
Obama is not in charge of this nation
Jesus is Lord of the United States
It does not matter what you do, Jesus Christ will reign in this place
We will overcome and prevail and prosper
The Church is stepping into greater prosperity
We’re not moved by what we feel or hear; we’re only moved by the Spirit of God
We don’t look at the economy or what congress is doing
We yield to the spirit of God
We resist fear and put our trust in You
You’ve called us to prosper when no one else is prospering
We are a blessing to all, a light to the nations, a light to our neighbors when they see the glory of God
We are a people called by Your name, and we will walk in the fullness of Your glory
We are the people to walk in the fullness of Your grace, Your anointing, Your peace, Your joy, Your prosperity
In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare that we will walk in it
We resist every dark thought that would come against it
We declare that the body of Christ will be a bride that is ready
Leaving this earth in victory
Watching over what we speak and hear
There is still more and greater
We’re been tried and refined by the fire of God
All the things that do not belong, they’ve been consumed by the fire of God
All those things are far behind and don’t even cross our consciousness anymore
They do not touch us and are gone forever
We are walking in that anointing and that fire
I thank You today, Lord God, that the fire burns within us to do
It’s shut up in our bones
It will not leave us, but it will continue to burn
A fire that cannot be quenched by the world
It increases day by day
It causes us to go and do and speak
Get off our property, get out of here in Jesus’ name
The blood of Jesus
How dare you try to come into this place and touch this place
Get your hands off; we rebuke you
We walk away from you and turn our backs on you
It’s above and way above
Let the sick say “I’m well” and let the poor say “I’m rich”
Details, decisions, plans about where that wealth will go and what it will do
That’s by the Spirit and direction for the days we’re living in
We’re calling for the growth and expansion
Over and above is the plan and purpose of God
Every bit of rust has been removed
Every gift will work and work right and do what it’s called to do
We don’t lean on our own strength
Miracles, supernatural assignments, and happenings
We watch over those and believe for every detail
It’s necessary for those needs to be met, for health and wealth
Thank You, Father, for every good thing
For it is all from above

Dave shared…

While we were in prayer, the Holy Spirit showed me a revelation of the Church. I saw an old fashioned radio and a hand was dialing the radio, tuning into that frequency to find a station. The station they were looking for was the voice of God. If you turn the knob, the signal gets stronger and then as you get closer, you fine tune it. There are two bands on the radio: the AM and FM. I saw the Church on the AM band looking for the voice of God. Then I saw a hand flip the switch onto the FM band. The Lord showed me that we’ve been on the AM band and His frequency is on the FM band. The Lord is bringing a revelation of truth both in healing and in financial blessing. When we switched over to the FM, I saw the dial moving and I heard the frequency tuning in. Then I heard the Lord’s voice coming through! It was a bit scratchy at first but then it became absolutely crystal clear. The voice of the Lord is saying that His will and purpose for healing and prosperity is absolute and finished. Us dialing in tune with Him is getting in agreement with that truth. You’re already healed and prosperous. “As you turn that dial and tune Me in, My Spirit will bring a revelation of that truth so concise that in you there will be no shadow of turning. When you wake, you will know that ‘today is the day of my salvation. Today is the day I walk in the fullness of health that God has provided through the blood of Jesus Christ. Today is the day I will prosper.’” This is the voice you will hear when you are dialed into the voice of God.

Woman shared…

I was married to a race car driver and when the race would start, you would ask the driver, “How’s your car.” They would say, “I’m all dialed in.” What that meant is that he had the right tires, he had the right gears, he had the right shocks. He had everything right but it was dialed in to win the race. That’s what we are. We are dialed in, fine-tuned to win. We are winners in Christ.

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