Prayer Summary for February 8


The Holy Spirit has a plan for us if we will only focus and listen to Him
Lord, we stop saying “what” and we give everything over to You!
Thank You for the faithfulness that You have shown us
When we yield to Your Spirit and believe, You always come through
Lord, we thank You today for Your grace and mercy
You have a plan and a purpose for us
And thank You for always making a way and NEVER leaving us!
The high praises of God are like a weapon in our mouths!
Do not let your heart think that praise is a small thing
Lord, let Your high praises be present in the Church!
Praise brings down the voice of defeat!
Healing, wholeness, and health are found in praise
We ask Lord, that You would open our eyes and enlarge the place of praise in our lives
Help us to hear the notes of praise in heaven
It is an honor to dwell with You and to be known as the sons and daughters of the most high God!
Help us to love You even more!
In You all things work out for the better!

A Word of the Lord came forth…

Praise stills the enemy. It stills the fear that tries to captivate your heart. It makes the realities of My truth come alive to you. It allows you to see Me the way I need you to see Me. High and lifted up above circumstance, above sickness, above poverty, above lack, above difficulties, above challenges, above anything in this earth-above and beyond!

It allows you to see the reality of My truth, for that truly is reality. And what you see around you is temporal, for the things that are not seen create the things that are seen. And when you see Me high and lifted up, you see the possibilities, the possibilities and realities of truth-definitive truth.

So the truth is, by My stripes you were made whole. I bore your sickness and carried your disease. The chastisement of My peace is upon you. My peace is there for you. I took that chastisement so that you could have peace, so you don’t have to feel pressure. You don’t have to feel pressure! Pressure is not from Me! Peace is from Me, rest is from Me, joy is from Me-the joy unspeakable and full of My glory, My ability, My grace, My substance. For faith is that substance! Faith is that reality! Faith is the reality of My truth in you!

So as you see Me high and lifted up, the possibilities grow, faith grows inside your heart. Joy takes place in your heart. And those things around you are subject to that-they are subject to that reality. They are subject to this reality. I’m not worried! Ha-ha-ha! I’m not in fear! Ha-ha-ha! There is NO power higher! Ha-ha-ha! So rest in that, and use that tool-the tool of worship-to allow you to enter into those places so that you can see yourself that way.”

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