Prayer Summary for February 13


The following excerpt is taken from Love: The Way to Victory by Kenneth E. Hagin:

The Destruction of the Flesh

Then here in First Corinthians 11:31 and 32, the Bible said that if we won’t judge ourselves, the Lord will judge us. Well, the Lord will judge us for more than just physical sins. He will also judge us for spiritual sins.

Only the Lord can see spiritual sins. In fact, Jesus told me once when He appeared to me in a vision, “I’ll judge My people more quickly on spiritual sins than I will on physical sins.”

What did He mean by “spiritual sins”? Well, for instance, spiritual sins are hidden motives and attitudes. You and I don’t know the motives behind people’s actions, but Jesus does.

You can’t see motives. People can do the right thing for the wrong motive and get a demerit instead of a blessing because their motive is all wrong; it’s not based on love.

You and I can’t see attitudes, but God can. Our motives and priorities have to be right or God can’t bless us like He wants to. That’s why it’s so important to develop the God-kind of love so our motives are pure.

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Lord, we are humbled by You
And we are encouraged by Your Word
We remind ourselves of what You did through Your Son on the cross for us
Today, we purpose to walk out into the new
Walking in a greater anointing of love
We thank You for the blood of Jesus that covers us, our families, and all ministries
Lord, we repent for judging other ministries
Thank You that they are preaching the salvation that is through Jesus!
Lord, it is about our motives and not what we do
We want You to be magnified and lifted high in the earth
Wrong things beginning to stop and right things beginning to move
Commanding for some things to change now!
Greater evidence, revelation, and understanding
Seeing demonstrations of power!
We receive our miracle, and we give You thanks!
You said in Your Word, You would NEVER leave us or let us go!

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