Prayer Summary for December 9


Hallelujah, we worship You, Lord
Thank You, for Your presence and the presence of Your Holy Spirit
Father, You are our help, our everything
We humble ourselves and bow before You, Lord
Thank You for the blood that was shed for each one of us
Divine opportunities are unfolding in each and every one of us because of what Jesus did on the cross
Your anointing is producing, revealing, and strengthening us to contend and to continue
Thank You for these steps, for Your plan, and Your purpose for us, today
We reverence, honor, and magnify who You are in our lives
Fill us with Your precious Holy Spirit, again
Receiving an increase of Your strength by faith
We cannot do it in our own strength, but we do it in and through You
Asking You for eyes to see and ears to hear
Reverencing, honoring, worshiping, and magnifying Your name in all the earth
Bowing our lives before You, Lord
You and You alone are Holy
We love Your faithfulness to each one of us
Thank You for the plans You have prepared for us and the steps You have called us to take
Lifting this before You, that as we go through the rest of this year, we can expect greater things to come
That churches and ministries would rise up and do those things that You have called them to do
We are so grateful for all that You have already done in our lives
All of those things that are written in Your word to come to pass, we are expecting them to come to pass
Pleading the blood against any drought—no, there will be more than enough to meet our needs
Receiving empowerment from heaven, today
Such splendor, power, and magnificence would overtake us, and we would all bow down before You, Lord
Greater expectation in the body to rise up by faith
New days, new opportunities, new expectations, and new gates would be open to and for us
Signs, wonders, and blessings in abundance will begin to happen like never before
It is through You, from heaven above that the empowerment was sent to each one of us to stay in the fight and in the plan
We will keep speaking, believing, and receiving increase, today
Your light brings great delight and peace to the body of Christ
Thank You, Father, for the ministry of Your Holy Spirit, that by Your Spirit You are speaking all the time
We will continually follow the move of Your Spirit
Impossibilities are be removed; they will not hold us back!
We lean not on our own understanding, but we trust in You all the way through
Pleading the blood over the Church and every member of Your body
Sin has to get out by the blood of the Lamb
There is more than enough resources to get us all the way through to the end
Declaring for complete victory in every area
There is a mandate, and we will finish strong
Pushing through, impossibilities are being revealed and uncovered
We will not miss one detail or one step
Holding the blood against those demons of darkness—get out in Jesus’ name!
Woe, to those that come against the body of Christ!
Increasing and expecting by the blood of Jesus’
There is a mandate—we will fulfill our plan
In the name that is above every other name—Jesus!
Lifting up and magnifying Your name, Lord
Your name is so beautiful, and we hold up and worship Your name
The Church needs to be healthy, whole, and restored now in these hours that we are living in
A Church filled with the precious Holy Spirit
That we will continually rise up above the doubt
Declaring that it is going to be alright—it will all work out for His good!
Reverencing You, Lord
Thank You for the blood that was shed on the cross
Calling for every leader and those in positions of authority to rise up and take their places
Everything that has been spoken will and shall come to pass
The Church will not be defeated; it will continually increase in You
Asking that by Your Spirit, You would speak through Your prophets even more today than ever before
2014 will be the year of greater!
It is happening every day; in our homes, in our churches, and in our states—the United States
Glory, glory, glory!
The blood has covered all of our past shortcomings—do not dwell on those things of the past
We will never stop being thankful for everything that He has done
Calling for the body of Christ to be connected together
The Church is rising up into the place of unity
Father, by Your Spirit we are reminding You of those things You said would come to pass
We will continually move forward to those things of greater—greater days, greater times of abundance, and greater glory
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise, Father
It is a new day, and all things are working out right
Declaring victory, today!

The following prophecy was delivered by Jerry Savelle:

Word of the Lord for 2014

Never stop celebrating what I’ve already done; now expect Me to do the greater and it will come. 2014 will be known as the year of the greater!

I’m ready, saith the Lord, to do a new thing, the likes of which you’ve never seen. My glory shall come in such a way, that you’ll stand in awe and begin to say, “My God, my God, I never knew that I would get to see this side of You. Such splendor, such power, and magnificence too, no wonder the earth will bow down to You. The prophets said these things would come to pass, and now they’re here, at last, at last! The greater glory they spoke about, we’re in it now, let’s shout, let’s shout!”

A new wave of His glory is what shall be seen, for this is His plan for 2014. Our God is taking us to a brand new place, and soon we’ll see
Him face to face.
The following prophecy was delivered by Kenneth Copeland on October 11, 2013:

Coming to Its Greatest Hour Ever!

“I have seen the worst of them. And all that Satan has ever been able to do, My forces,” saith the Lord, “have defeated him. He has not one victory to his name. Not one! Not one! He has not been successful—ever! And he will not be successful now.

“This is not the end of the United States of America. This is the end of the Babylonian, socialistic system that’s been attacking it and trying to take it over for the last 115 years. That’s come to a close.

“I will say this unto you,” saith the Lord. “This is the only nation that was given birth by people who love Me for the purpose of worshiping Me,” saith the Lord. “There’s never been another one. I formed the nation of Israel because I love them. But this nation is Mine. It was formed for Me. It was given to Me and I’m in covenant with it,” saith the Lord. “And it’s not done until I’m done—and I’m not through with it, praise God.

“And you hear people say, ‘Oh, I wonder what this country is coming to.’ I’ll tell you what it’s coming to. It’s coming to its greatest hour ever. It’s coming to its greatest place ever. Amen. I’m going to say that to you again. Satan has never ever had a victory yet and he never will,” saith the Lord. “I’ve dealt with rulers, I’ve dealt with politicians and devils down through the years that would make these fellows now look like pikers. I jerked the slack out of that pharaoh and I can jerk the slack out of some of these guys around now, too. And that time has come.

“I always reveal My plans to the leaders of all nations. Always. I always reveal My plan. It’s those who refuse to follow it that create the problems and the trouble. Ah, but the change has come and the momentum has swung in the other direction, and it’s going for you instead of against you. And if you’ll begin to praise Me, you’ll begin to see miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle from one end of this nation to the other—from coast to coast and from border to border. I am at work healing the land,” saith the Lord, “so give Me praise and sit back and relax and watch the show!”

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