Prayer Summary for December 2


It is in the finishing, Father
Praying that we would finish strong and shine brightly, with Your glory all around us
That every day we would say “that Your will be done in us, Lord”
Let the fire of Your Spirit burn in the Church of the living God
Our eyes are on You, it is only in You that we can come through in victory
We are overcomers in this life, because You have overcome
Asking for the wind of Your Holy Spirit to blow fresh on the members of Your body, the body of Christ
That You would be seen and You would be glorified in and through us, Lord
We want every moment of every day to count for You and facilitate Your plan
Living with such passion and such purpose to glorify Your name
That the Church would be partakers of the living bread of life
We know that we cannot do it on our own, all of our hope, trust, and dependence is on You
It is by Your mercy and by Your grace that we will finish our race
You said in Your Word “that You who have begun a good work in us, would see to it to the day of completion”
We are looking for some activity and motion in the realm of the spirit
Asking that we would be mindful and aware of You and the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
An awakening to the supernatural work of Your Spirit, dear Father
Manifestations are taking place in a new and fresh way
This is the season to celebrate the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
We are still looking for more—looking for dramatic, drastic, and everlasting change
You are the light of the world; Your Word says that the darkness can never overtake the light
We are looking for utterances, and anointing’s, for great manifestations of Your Spirit
Calling for a greater outpouring of Your Spirit
That there would be a harvest of believers looking to walk in collaboration with You
Thank You for words of mercy, compassion, and words that deliver and set the captives free
Looking for a loving touch of Your Spirit to reach into the very center and core of all believers
That we would reach, penetrate, and pierce the darkness in a new way
Hearing and obeying every word that the Father speaks
Seizing every moment and opportunity—that we would not delay another day
The Church must be harvest minded, and we must be about the Father’s business
There are those that are locked in darkness that need to be reached by Your mercy and grace
Forgetting those things that are behind and moving on to the greater calling
That each and every one would step up and take their place in the body of Christ
We must deliver the Gospel in a stronger, more powerful, more anointed way
Living with purpose every day
Supernatural aid and assistance to walk in this way
There will be no delay—that the laborers would go forth and walk in the will and the plan of the Father
The very urgency of the hour would be impressed in our spirits
Calling for boldness and courage in the Church in a fresh way
That Your voice would be amplified and there would be a greater stirring in our spirits, O Lord
Entering into the great call and pressing ahead to the higher calling
A great stirring and moving even in the young ones, Father
The holy wind of God would blow in there and apprehend them even at a young age
Give them passion and purpose, dear Lord
Stepping out and into the will of the Father
Declaring for those conditions to be changed in Jesus’ name!
There is power in the name of Jesus
Calling for the Church to go in the way of the Masters’ plan
Restoration of and by Your Spirit
Yielding, yielding, and yielding
Do not be deceived—eyes to be opened to see and ears to hear
It is being rearranged in the right way
Many others will fulfill and will move in and take their places
Each and every one will be covered in the blood of Jesus
The words of the Father bring truth, light, and life
Working together, doing the will and the purpose of the Father

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