Prayer Summary for August 5


Father, we desire to live in the secret place
Out of our minds and more into our hearts
Seeking after You, more hungry for You
We want to know You more

The following commentary on Matthew 20:16 was taken from the Revival Study Bible:

So those who [now] are last will be first [then], and those who [now] are first will be last [then]. For many are called, but few chosen. Matthew 20:16 (Amp.)

Four Calls of God

1. The Outward Call
This is the voice of the Shepherd saying, “Come home.” It happens when the Word of God is preached, the arrows of the Lord pierce the heart, and the Holy Spirit convicts the lost soul. In Matthew 20:16, God says, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” The truth of this Scripture is that few choose to be chosen. Saul of Tarsus heard the outward call and said, “Who are You, Lord?’ And He said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting” (Acts 26:15).

2. The Inward Call
This is the deeper call. The first call gets your attention, the second, your adoration. The outward call brings men to a profession of Christ, the inward to a possession of Christ. The outward call tells you who He is, with the inward call He tells you who you are. With the inward call, the heart is renewed and the will embraces Christ. Saul (meaning “asked of God”) became Paul (meaning “little”) when he answered the inward call. “But rise, and stand on your feet; for I have appeared to you for this purpose, to make you a minister and a witness…” (Acts 26:16)

3. The Forward Call
Once a person has answered the outward call, and obeyed the inward call, then he is ready to put his heart-thoughts into action. It is one thing to tell the Lord that we will go wherever He wants us to go, while it is quite another to actually fulfill our commitment. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” This is the forward call. It is not optional.

4. The Upward Call
This is the final call. Jesus is coming back for a spotless Bride. It is the call the first three are in preparation for. As Paul wrote to Timothy, “Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing” (2 Tim 4:8). Do not miss the upward call. (SH)

Continued praying…

Praying over every believer for utterance to be the light You have called us to be
Over ears to be opened in Jesus’ name
Restoration has come and the calls have gone out
Listen to Your words on how to be led
Banding in a Spirit of prayer
Straightening some things out because of what we heard
Thank You, Father, for the church walking in greater authority—every limitation taken out of the way
We will run our race according to Your Word
Calling restoration to come everywhere we go
Expecting every day that 100 percent are made whole—restored, restarted, and renewed
Not leaning on our own understanding but trusting in You
All crooked ways be uncovered and lined up in the name of Jesus
Fresh Start!—It’s the Master’s call
Those ears shall hear for You have come near
A shift, a sudden change in direction!
Day after day after day!
We let that go!
Thank You, Father, for all the predestined steps right now for the body of Christ to go all the way through!
Every door, every room—moving ahead and moving through!
Standing on the Word, the name, and the blood
It’s a SHOW! It’s an uncovering!
YES, YES, YES—we watch over it all!
No, we will not let go but contend today that the commission might be carried out
Sustained everyday
Yes, the lost shall be found for the calls are calling out… OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!
Applying the blood of Jesus over homes
The enemy takes no place—we declare, get out of the houses and apartments!
Where families can be families again and Your presence and power rests in every room!
Demonstrations of Your Spirit and power
From the old ways separating over into the new
The river of abundant life
Saying yes to all of the plan of God

Pastor Paul shared…

In the news, it’s going to be in the news and like an ocean… we need to pray against those who are mentally challenged or unstable. They are going to try and do something, create mayhem where a lot of people gather you know just to bring unrest against the populace. We need to pray against those people because they are going to excuse it as pleading mentally ill. They are going to try and kill a lot of people where a lot of people are gathered.

Also I see we need to pray for Angela Merkel. We pray for her body, we pray for her health. I am also hearing that the Church is going to be prominent. The people who have these conditions I have just spoken about, rather than going to the psychologists or the people of this world, the Church will rise as the Balm in Gilead to bring healing into the body of Christ and into the world. What they have tried to cover and roll away and discard as ineffective and inconsequential for life or redundant to life, God is going to make the Church through faith of operation a prominent city on hill that cannot be hid.

So let’s pray for this country, for places that people gather and then pray for Angela Merkel and pray for the Church to rise unto its prominence. I just see the body of Christ alive, vibrant. Each one taking his place unashamed, undaunted by the circumstances around them but obedient to the heavenly vision.

Oh, I see a glorious Church. Father, we thank You and give You the glory. We redeem our families. We redeem our children. We redeem our loved ones from destruction. We redeem them by the Word of God. For You sent Your Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destructions. So, the Word of God is perfect in the land, into the countries of this world and into the United States of America. And we say, no Satan you will not work against our families. You will not work against our peace. We cancel your order. We cancel your assignment. We cancel your purpose. We release the angels and say by the faith of operation of God, go and undo the work of darkness. Go and undo their strategy. We bind those principalities. We bind those powers. We bind their operations in Jesus name.

Father, the name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run in and they are saved. We release the name of JESUS! We will not be backward. The country will not be backward. We will not return to the days of old as if we were not a country developed. We will not go backwards! We are pressing forward on the upward way. New heights we gain every day.

Yes, the Church’s eyes are open and they have eyes and they can see. They have ears and they can hear. They can hear clearly and they can see clearly. They know and can understand distinctly the Spirit and what the Spirit has indicated in these last days. We know by revelation what the Spirit is saying in these last days. We have a mouth and we speak and we utter by revelation from God and it comes to pass. The Church is triumphant! The Church is undaunted. The Church is like a city on the hill that cannot be hid! Behold! The emboldened of the Lord! Behold the Spirit of might upon His Church! WE ARE TAKING OVER! WE ARE TAKING OVER! WE ARE TAKING OVER by the Spirit of the Lord! And every tree that my Father has not planted shall be unrooted in the name of Jesus! And we say to the ocean “You stay back! You stand back! You stand back! You stand back in the name of Jesus! We forbid your destruction! We forbid the destruction in the name of Jesus!

And you that is mentally challenged; you that is working according to principalities and powers and not after the Word of God, not after the will of God, we bind your assignments in the name of Jesus. I bind that assignment. I command it to be exposed and if you resist this word, you shall be taken out in the name of Jesus. I command your operations to fail. There is no enchantment against the United States of America. No enchantment against the cities. I speak grace to those cities! I speak grace to those cities! I speak grace to those communities and the guardians of the people in the name of Jesus! Thou mountain before Zerubbabel, thou shall become a plane and I speak grace to you in the name of Jesus!

We lift up Angela Merkel. We command her whole. We command the challenge in her body whole! Father, she will not die. She will live and declare the works of the Lord and she will work in the assignment You have given her and she will finish her course in the name of Jesus! A separated vessel unto You my Father for these times. In the name of Jesus, let Your presence go with her and let Your Spirit rest upon her. Open her eyes that she sees clearly. Open her ears that she hears clearly and touch her heart that through the faith of operation of Christ, it shall resound and beat according to the order and pattern of heaven. I ask for her salvation if she is not saved. Send ministers, prophets, apostles, teachers, pastors, and evangelists her way and let the Word of God come distinctly and let her not be able to shelf it. Let her not be able to put it aside. But, Father, let it be confirmation to her like you sent to Paul so it would be a confirmation to those things he was accustomed to hearing but was unsure about. That she would say “Who are You, Lord?” and You will give her an assignment in the name of Jesus! Preserve her life, my Father. She is a good woman! She is a good woman! She is a good woman! Preserve her life, I ask, Father, in Jesus’ name.

Continued praying…

Taking authority over premature death of any kind today
NO TO YOU in the name of Jesus! We put the blood there!
More orders yet to come from the Spirit, greater clarity
Spirit directions for the body
Sounds, different ways we have not heard before
Our ears are opening up to hear more clearly
Limitations are removed when the Church stands up
No more boundaries, no more limits
The Church cannot be held back—the giant is rising up and calling things the way they should be
It’s victory!
For this is the Spirit of seeing and the Spirit of knowing everyday
Restoring hearts, made new
Thank You, Father, for the anointing within and that will never leave
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
We will stay steady and connected to You
Father, You are so good, faithful, true, unchanging and making everything new
Receiving by faith today for ourselves and others so they can know too
We give You all the glory, honor, and praise in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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