Prayer Summary for August 20


Father, we thank You for the power of Your Spirit
We are grateful that the anointing resident within each one of us will never fail
You have put a plan and a purpose in each of us before we were ever born!
Hidden things are being brought to light now
Things we never thought would come to pass are coming to pass
Lord, we desire to stay strong in Your plan!
We worship and magnify You, Father!
Letting go of every care and anxiety
Internally, there are roads and ways that are being cleared out and made straight
Every symptom, sickness, and doubt must be gone!
The Church will do what she has been called to do!
Pleading the blood over every leader and member of the body of Christ!
We see through the blood of Jesus, and we know we have victory!
By God, we have been made the head and not the tail!
Every lie and inaccuracy be cleared up right now
We come on behalf of those who are in a 911 situation
Taking authority over the deceitful ways of the enemy!
Pleading the blood over the right plans, elements, and sounds in Jesus’ name!
Every detail is covered and protected
This is a key time to move out and move ahead
By faith we walk, speak, and receive
Calling for wholeness and restoration in Jesus’ name—no more lack!
We are sealed and protected by the blood!
Lifting up the elements—all of the parts must be right
There is a delivering method, and it must be done by Your Spirit
Applying the blood to the whole timeline
Some must move forward, and some must move back
There is a multifaceted move of Your Spirit
Unveil the whole plan that we may see clearly
The oil of the Holy Ghost smoothing out the operations
Calling for momentum and motion!
All of the many parts of the operation are aligning and working together
Doubts, lies, and wrong perceptions are being shut down in Jesus’ name!
Our internal eyes are open to see!
By faith, we have strength to say “Yes” when it is time!
There are great demonstrations of power in this time and hour!
Praying for the places where the Word is illegal
Believing for it to move powerfully in the underground churches and also to make its way out into the governments!
Men and women rising up
Words spoken under the anointing will have great effect!
Declaring the plans of the enemy will not go forth
Lifting up every ministry gift placed in the leaders of the Church!
Thank You so much for Your blood, Lord!
We yearn for a greater covering of it!
It is the will of God for us to be whole—spirit, soul, and body!


The following excerpt is taken from A Larger Christian Life by A. B. Simpson:

God’s Measureless Measure
The Will of God

This is at once the limitation and the inspiration of our faith and prayer. “If we ask anything according to his will, he hears us” (1 John 5:14). “The Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will” (Romans 8:27). Beyond this, our desires and aspirations cannot go, for in the will of God lie all the probabilities of blessing that a human life can receive. God’s chief desire is for us to see how much blessing His will can bring. There is no more expansive prayer within the reach of faith than the simple sentence, “Your will be done” (Matthew 6:10).

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