Prayer Summary for April 9


Jesus, be exalted and lifted high in our lives and in the Church of the living God
Thank You for the beautiful plan and the beautiful gift You gave us
Everything we need in this life You have already given us
Thank You that we can come to Your throne of grace by Christ Jesus
You said to come boldly, so we come today by the blood and Spirit
Following every inclination of Your Spirit about the things to pray, speak, and declare
We are to be sober, vigilant, and watchful so that we can pray
Thank You for the leading of the Holy Ghost in every moment in our lives
You have begun a good work in us and You will see it to completion
Thank You that Your Word is truth!
Father, we thank You for another step and another part – a greater revelation in the Church
We pray that we wouldn’t be found ignorant or fall out of sync of the body of Christ
Let the truth of Your Word penetrate our hearts and walk in the light of Your Word
Your Spirit is making known the things that are to come
Each one has a unique plan given by You
Help us to understand the significance of this gift of life
That we would not live carelessly as the world does gratifying our flesh
We pray that we would be found going about the Master’s business
It is only by Your Spirit that You can make this of greater importance in the hearts of Your children
Our hearts yearn to give You full reign

Scripture Focus…

(25) You shall serve the Lord your God; He shall bless your bread and water, and I will take sickness from your midst. (26) None shall lose her young by miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days.
(Ex 23: 25-26 Amp.)

Continued Praying…

Fall fresh on us Holy Spirit
All of our trust and hope is in You alone
We do not take a care about our future
Father, we know You are a God who will never go back on Your Word!
Let Your will be done!

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