Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, April 22, 2019


Thank You for every step, Father
You have ordained every step we are to take
We need You, the power, the authority, and the anointing!
Yes, we will continue to contend all the way through to the very end, Lord
You have a plan and purpose for us, and we will contend all the way to the end
We will not allow any doubt or lack hold us back from what we believe
Thank You that we have a Savior that went to the cross and went to the grave!
You were brought up out of that grave, and You were lifted up and took Your place in heavenly places
Yes, You made a place for us to sit, too!
We are equipped, we are anointed, and we are encouraged!
Fill us with the joy, the joy that strengthens us to continue on to the plans You have for us
Father, we receive from joy from You, we receive strength from You
Our hearts are open to You, and all that You have called us to do
We are grateful and thankful for what You did on the cross
You never quit, and You never gave up, but You fulfilled what was called of You on the cross
Yes, You were raised up on the third day!
You gave the apostles words of increased hope, increased faith for what the future would bring
In the upper room, You filled them up and baptized them in the precious Holy Spirit
You have equipped us, and we are overflowing with Your goodness and the power of Your Spirit
We receive that this morning, Lord
Yes, we call for all of those things to work out right in Jesus’ name!
Thank You for Your presence, Lord
Holy Spirit, we welcome You in this place
You are a good, good Father
Illuminate and reveal those things unto us, Lord
Calling for help from heaven today
We enter into that, we lift that, and we pray over President Trump
Lifting him up and praying over his mind and his body, Father
You have given him eyes to see and ears to hear the plans You have for this country!
Grant unto him wisdom and great understanding!
We pray over Pastor Paula White and the words that she will speak into and over our President
Thank You for divine wisdom and utterance, by the power of Your Spirit, for her, Father
She has been called by You, and she will fulfill the call You have on her life, Lord
We cast down every evil plot of the enemy in the name of Jesus
No weapon formed against her will prosper in Jesus’ name
She is strong in the Lord and in the power of His might
Thank You for every prayer group that meets in the White House
We lift them up before You today, and we cover them with the blood of Jesus
Give them the words to speak, and we call for a greater anointing to be upon them
We plead the blood of Jesus from coast to coast
Declaring that the blood of Jesus would cover our country from state to state!
Calling for this nation to move more and more in the right way, Father
Thank You for the words of Your Spirit that has been spoken over our city
Pour out Your glory upon this city, Lord
Thank You that the rain of Your Spirit is coming forth, and revival is beginning to break out
We hold fast to Your Word, and we declare it to come forth in Jesus’ name!
No, we will not be held back, but we will stay on track
We call those things not as though they were in Jesus’ name
There is nothing that impossible with You, Lord
Those things are turning more and more in the right way
Thank You for the blood, and we are overcomers in, by, and through that blood!
This is one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all!
No, we are not a divided nation, but we are restored in Jesus’ name!
We pray over pastors, that they would be strong in You, Lord
Give them wisdom and strength to stand up for what is right, Father
They overcome in every way, and everything they put their hand unto would prosper!
You have ordered our steps, and we will be where we need to be right on time!
We are above and not beneath, we are the head and not the tail!

Scripture Focus…

Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated. (17) And when they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some doubted [that it was really He]. (18) Jesus came up and said to them, “All authority (all power of absolute rule) in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. (19) Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations[help the people to learn of Me, believe in Me, and obey My words], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, (20)  teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always [remaining with you perpetually—regardless of circumstance, and on every occasion], even to the end of the age.”
(Matthew 28: 16–20 Amp.)

Later, Jesus appeared to the eleven [disciples] themselves as they were reclining at the table; and He called them to account for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they had not believed those who had seen Him after He had risen [from death]. (15) And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. (16) He who has believed [in Me] and has been baptized will be saved [from the penalty of God’s wrath and judgment]; but he who has not believed will be condemned. (17) These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak in new tongues; (18) they will pick up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will get well.” (19) So then, when the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, He was taken up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God. (20)  And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord was working with them and confirming the word by the signs that followed.]
(Mark 16: 14–20 Amp.)

Listen carefully: I am sending the Promise of My Father [the Holy Spirit] upon you; but you are to remain in the city [of Jerusalem] until you are clothed (fully equipped) with power from on high.” (50) Then He led them out as far as Bethany, and lifted up His hands and blessed them. (51) While He was blessing them, He left them and was taken up into heaven. (52) And they worshiped Him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy [fully understanding that He lives and that He is the Son of God]; (53) and they were continually in the temple blessing and praising God.
(Luke 224: 49–53 Amp.)

And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were recorded one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.
(John 21: 25 Amp.)

To these [men] He also showed Himself alive after His suffering [in Gethsemane and on the cross], by [a series of] many infallible proofs and unquestionable demonstrations, appearing to them over a period of forty days and talking to them about the things concerning the kingdom of God. (4) While being together and eating with them, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for what the Father had promised, “Of which,” He said, “you have heard Me speak. (5) For John baptized with water, but you will be baptized and empowered and united with the Holy Spirit, not long from now.” (6) So when they had come together, they asked Him repeatedly, “Lord, are You at this time reestablishing the kingdom and restoring it to Israel?” (7) He said to them, “It is not for you to know the times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority. (8) But you will receive power and ability when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be My witnesses [to tell people about Me] both in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth.”
(Acts 1: 3–8 Amp.)

This [kind of praying] is good and acceptable and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, (4) who wishes all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge and recognition of the [divine] truth. (8) Therefore I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands, without anger and disputing or quarreling or doubt [in their mind].
(1 Timothy 2: 3–4, 8 Amp.)


The following is a prayer for our nation by Pastor Lynne Hammond:

Father, in the name of Jesus, and according to your Word, we pray for those in authority in our nation. We lift up President Donald Trump, his family, his staff and cabinet members. Let Your Word cling to them and let them not depart from your plan. Strengthen them with mighty power by your Spirit to stand against wickedness, lies and deception. Guide President Trump’s decisions; let Your light shine upon his path and show him the path of reversal for every evil way. Continually surround him with godly men and women who impart wise counsel to him. Cause the way of the wicked to be set to confusion and come to nothing. Deliver us from the traps and snares the enemy has laid for us, and let the wicked be caught in their own devises and be brought to shame.

We take authority over the plots and plans of the enemy against this nation. Let prideful and lying lips be silenced in Jesus’ name. Slanderers will not be established in America. We pray for our Congress, our Supreme Court, our Military leaders and our intelligence agencies. Let the wisdom that is from above reign in this nation and be constantly speaking to our leaders. We exercise the authority you have given us to tread down all the power of the enemy. We cast down and demolish imaginations and arguments that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God, and we bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. We bind spirits of strife and division, civil wars and tumults, spirits of hostility, lawlessness and blasphemy, and fires from hell that have burned in our cities.

We speak grace and peace over America. We pray and believe for the voice of truth, salvation, revival and restoration to be proclaimed and heard across our land. Grant unto your servants everywhere that with all boldness we may speak your Word. We pray for a mighty outpouring of your Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles. We expect the wisdom of this world that is earthly, sensual and devilish to depart and vanish until Your, mighty work in America becomes a beacon of hope for all people everywhere. We expect the voice of rejoicing to be heard in our nation for your goodness, mercy and prosperity, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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