Prayer Summary for April 22

Scripture focus…

(11) “I indeed baptize you in (with) water because of repentance [that is, because of your changing your minds for the better, heartily amending your ways, with abhorrence of your past sins]. But He Who is coming after me is mightier than I, Whose sandals I am not worthy or fit to take off or carry; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.”
(Matt. 3:11 Amp.)


The following commentaries to Matthew 3:11 were taken from The Revival Bible:

Matt 3:11 He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire

You cannot choose between the Spirit and the fire. They are inseparable, one and the same. There are not two baptisms, one “in the Spirit” and the other “in fire.” There is one baptism only in the Spirit and fire. When the Holy Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost, He arrived with tongues of fire. One hundred and twenty men and women were divinely empowered and supernaturally endued. Heaven’s power invaded the earth, and those one hundred and twenty then shook their whole world. Today, we have got plenty of fanfare, but very little fire; plenty of formulas, but very little flames. We are high on utterance, but low on unction. Where is the holy heat of His presence? What has happened to the “mighty baptism from on high”? How many have been immersed—soaked, saturated, dunked, and virtually drowned—in His enabling power and might? Where is the overwhelming flood tide of His waves in our nation today?

The Baptism With Fire

Fire Illuminates
Fire illuminates, but no fire illuminates like “the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire.” When a man is baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire, truth that was once dark to him becomes instantly as bright as day; passages in the Bible that he could not understand before become as simple as ABC; and every page of God’s Holy Word glows with heavenly light. This kind of baptism will do more for taking the infidelity and skepticism and false doctrine out of a man than any university education.

Fire Makes Warm, It Makes Us Glow
You and I are cold—oh, how cold we are! And the Lord Jesus takes us and He plunges us into the fire of the Holy Spirit. We begin to grow warm, and soon we glow, glow with love for God, glow with love for Christ, glow with love for the truth, glow with love for perishing souls. Men and women, the great need of the day is men and women on fire.

Fire Imparts Energy
Science tells us that every form of energy can be transmuted into fire. When a baptism with fire comes, then comes power. That was the principal manifestation at Pentecost. The fire of God fell, and with the energy of that fire men went out from the Upper Room and three thousand people were converted.

Fire Spreads
Nothing spreads like fire!

Fire Reveals
1 Corinthians 3:13—Each man’s work shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. The night I prayed to God to baptize me in the Holy Spirit, the first thing that came to pass was that I had such a revelation of myself as I had never had before. A revelation of yourself as God sees you!

Fire Refines
Malachi 3:1–3 speaks of the purifying power of fire. Water will not cleanse as fire does. What we need is the fire of the Holy Spirit penetrating into the innermost depths of our being, burning, burning, burning, cleansing.

Fire Consumes
Ezekiel 24:11–13 illustrates the consuming power of fire, fire of judgment that will consume the filth of Jerusalem. And the baptism of fire consumes, in fact cleanses by consuming; it burns up all dross, all vanity, all self-righteousness, all personal ambition, all ungovernable temper.

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Father, we ask for Your fire to increase in us everywhere we go
Continually speaking words of love and wisdom, lifting up others
As we pray in the Spirit, we receive strength to walk through every situation
Joy rising up and taking over sadness
Nothing of the enemy can operate when the fire of God is in operation
So take your place and run your race
Get into the boat and break out into the new
Today is the day for an infusion of the power of God
Hearts, be normal in Jesus’ name!
Not leaning on our own understanding
As the body of Christ, we gather together and become as one, every supply and gift in operation
The anointing causing us to do what we have been called to do
Words from heaven will come out and will cause change
Lord, we put our trust in You today
There is a new equipping and anointing
Holy Spirit, we need Your presence
Father, we lift up those who are in need of healing and restoration
We pray that they walk in the way of Your amazing grace
Each one speaking the truth of Your Word!
By faith, we go into all the hospitals and lift up each one
Calling for laborers to come right on time to lay hands on them
Praying for those who are on the edge, that they would find You, Father!

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