Prayer Summary for April 10


Lord, we exalt You!
You are worthy of ALL honor and praise!
The train of Your glory fills the temple!
Breathe on us, Lord!
We make room for You to flow and move
Come and pour out Your Spirit, Lord!
The best is yet to come!
The former and the latter rains coming together
Reaching out into the greater-there is a furtherance
Mentoring and leaning into that
Many obtaining their mantels-it is time now!
No stagnation!
Go, for there is a full supply
We will obey!
Doors are opening all the way
Commanding with the wisdom of God
Staying clear of that
We lift up Paris!
Commanding for things to change!
Speaking the Word forth to penetrate those places
There is clarity and discernment
More and more are coming in for the purpose and glory of God
Everyone must take their place on the wall
Watchers, be on alert-it is your responsibility
We say, “No! That will not come into that region for the boarders are secure!”
Open the hearts and eyes of the people!
We call for the harvest
Father, we lift up the gatherings of believers in France
That You would give them a word in season
Strengthen and encourage them
Seeing the walls and yokes breaking and coming down!
Father, we thank You that there is liberty in that nation
Speaking strength to the watchers on the walls
Taking authority over the spirit of resistance
We speak light into that region!
Now we lift up England and Ireland
Father, You know what needs to happen and all of the pieces that need to come together
All of the recourse coming in and on time
No delays in running the race!
People responding to Your call!
Supernatural connections increasing
All things working together for Your purpose
Seeing the vision and running with it
Lifting up those that are called to be the armor bearers
The watcher watching over them continuously in prayer
Seeing lights being raised!
That which appeared to be dark is now being illuminated with light
The light is bringing hope to the people
Every European nation will rise up
The darkness is being held back for the harvest to come
We break the spirit of witchcraft!
Father, we pray for the hearts to receive the light
Calling for a spirit of unity in those nations

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