Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everyone. Good to see you guys. Good to have you with us.

Excerpt from “Prayers and Decrees That Activate Angel Armies…”

This morning I want to read an excerpt out of a book called, “Prayers and Decrees That Activate Angel Armies” by Tim Sheets. I want to start here just as a point of reflection. In one particular chapter entitled, “Battle for the Throne” he writes… “Jesus says, My church, consisting of My heirs, are to rule and reign with Me in their region. I’ve often defined believer’s authority or spiritual dominion as the right to rule within your given domain.”

In other words, you have a region, you have a right granted to you by Jesus Himself. If you go back and you take a look at Matthew 18, toward the end of the chapter, Jesus essentially says He’s delegating all power and authority in heaven and earth that was granted to Him through His redemptive work. He was therefore delegating it and leaving it with His disciples, a.k.a you and me in this hour… to go and make disciples in the nations, to rule and to reign, to administer, to bring or order, to bring spiritual stabilization, like we just spoke of in our region, in our households, in our situations, and what we face.

The church is meant to rule and reign with Jesus…

So Tim writes, “My church consisting of my heirs, rule and reign with Me in their region.” It’s really important. I’m sorry, I’m going to add to this here. It’s important because I don’t know if I’ve taught this before, but during the flood of Noah, there were a lot of people that their spirits were disembodied. Noah and his family, of course, were saved via the arc. Again, a foreshadow of Jesus, our arc of salvation. But there were a lot of people that were disembodied from their bodies. So there are spirits that are roaming around which we would describe as the demonic spirits that are in the spiritual or secret realm that surrounds us, that other dimension. And at that time, they occupied certain regions, perhaps right where you live. And there’s something about them. They don’t want to go. They want to stay where they dwelled on the earth before the flood. They’re disembodied. They’re angry because they’re out and you’re in. And so it’s a very real thing, this believer’s authority. It is truly our vocation in this lifetime to exercise spiritual authority over the forces of evil and to run them out of our region, of your household, of your situation.

Authority has been given to Christ’s heirs…

But he says, “Authority has been given to Christ’s heirs, the born-again ones to make rulings on the earth for or against something. We’ve been given a voice for a reason. Be verbal. The king says we have been given authority in Jesus’ name to rule things on the earth.” Hmm. Good reminders this morning, right? In fact, you can get to a place in your life where you become so full of God that what comes out of you when you’re put under pressure that what is squeezed from you when the forces of evil rear their ugly head is not doubt and repeating what you’re seeing, but instead what God is saying. God wants us to be so full that what comes out of us in times of difficulty, in the dark night of the soul when faced with struggle or contrary circumstances, when juxtaposed with the will of God is prophetic and authoritative and routes the enemy. You’re here to route some things, to redirect some things, to orchestrate some things from a spiritual standpoint.

We can overrule hell’s government…

But he goes on to write, “We’ve been given authority in Jesus’ name to overrule things on the earth. We can overrule hell’s government. We can even overrule natural government by asking for divine assistance.” This is one of our high callings right now as the church in America in particular. As I’ve taught before, we’re living in a moment of great grace and patience on God’s part regarding our nation. And while things don’t look the greatest, that’s an understatement. And it may be true that things are chaotic and crazy and upside down. We can change that, right? We’re here to change that. That’s in fact why we’re here. Not to say, “Oh me, oh my! I don’t know what we’re going to do?” No! I think more and more we’ve got to see that we’ve been sent here on a mission. You’ve been sent for such a time as this. This generation, this time, your region, you’re realm, your family, your church, your city, your nation. It was on purpose that God sent you here. You didn’t just happen to walk in and just end up in this. No, He sent you here on the earth, in the mind and heart of the triune God long before creation was, He thought and conceived of you and me. And He knew that you were the ones that needed to be here in this moment to be injected into the course of humanity, into the course of America, Living Word, or whatever church you’re in, to rule and to reign, to make some proclamations, to reroute some things to bring about change.

The transcript of our prayers is destined to become the script of our lives and our world. In other words, what you read out, what you pray out is meant to become the script or the reality of what occurs in the earth dimension in your life’s experience. That’s why intimacy and relationship is so important and really the first order of prayer. Because in that place of hosting God’s presence and being filled to overflowing with Him, we are synchronized with Him. We are co-joined with the prophetic of His Spirit and His intentionality and His power so that even one word after much time alone with Him, just one word, sends the enemy tumbling and reeling backwards.

Because you are someone!

As we mentioned the other day, you are a king and you are a priest. You’re of a royal line and lineage after the order of Jesus Himself. We don’t see all things right now. We don’t understand. We see through a glass darkly, but in one moment, we’re going to have our eyes opened to a whole other dimensionality and see, “Whoa. I was all that on the earth.” Yes, you were. Don’t let your feelings fool you. Don’t relegate yourself to filtering your reality only through your five physical senses. You’re a spirit being first, created in the image of Jesus as a new creature that never existed before. And as a result, you’ve been given certain rights and privileges, need I remind you of that this morning. Remind myself for that matter… certain rights and privileges and positions and opportunities, authority being one of them. The rights to the use of the name of Jesus, the precious holy scriptures that can drip from our lips on a given day and release life and stifle and stop death.

The enemy does not want you to spend time with God…

The enemy of your soul wants you to stop praying because he knows your prayers will stop him. He recognizes that the church really is an occupation army or force on the earth to stop him. He’s been stripped of his authority. He’s been stripped of his ability to hurt or harm you according to the narrative of Jesus Himself. But where the church is apathetic or ignorant, the enemy begins and those disembodied spirits that are still in regions on the earth. They operate as renegades to try to dupe and lie and deceive and function in stronghold fashions where the church is in fact supposed to insert itself and drive the enemy and his forces out… out of your soul, out of your mind, out of your body, out of your family, out of your finances.

Our greatest defense is a strong offense…

Our greatest defense is a strong offense, to use a sports saying. To be filled and filled again. The Bible says “be being perpetually, ongoingly filled with the Spirit. You are a spirit in everything that is destined to emanate through you and be accomplished through you ought to be, should start from your spirit. That’s God’s plan.

Well, let me finish this here. He goes on to say, “We can even overrule natural governments by asking for divine assistance. We can ask for angel armies to be loosed to back up the rulings that we make.” What? Yeah! So the rulings you make in prayer, that which you say under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is assisted and facilitated and backed up by angel armies. What? It’s true.

Jesus says, Whatever thou shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever thou shall lose on earth shall be loose in heaven. Matthew 16:19. The word bind and the word loose are both courtroom terms. They’re legal rulings. You can have a binding contract or you could go to court and have a contract dissolved or loosed. The Greek text has fascinated me for years. Jesus literally says in Matthew 16:18–19, when you put all of the Greek tenses to it, he says, “Whatever you at any time encounter of hell’s counsel, hell’s leadership or government you could say, that I am determined by my ecclacia. That’s the church. Will prevail against. You will then face a decision as to whether or not you will bind it. What transpires is conditional upon your response. You’ll find as you journey more spiritually that way more has been put in your hands than you realize. Way more responsibility.

It’s true Jesus has done all that He’s done on our behalf. He’s finished His work and then He’s delegated the rest, the implementation of His work, the implementation of freedom and His purposes to the church, to those keys of binding and loosening. He goes on to say, “If you do purposely and consciously involve yourself in binding the issue on earth, you will find at that future moment when you do, it is already bound in heaven. Jesus says, That is what is bound or loosed is conditional upon the church’s response. If it’s bound my people in my name or loosed on earth by my people in my name, heaven will back it up. My throne will rule in your favor and sufficient force will be released to enforce it.”

That’s good. My angel armies will be sent to assist. The battle is for the throne of the region, the throne of your region, your house, you could say, your city, your nation. If you overthrow hell’s kingdom in Jesus’ name by binding spirit princes and then occupying the seat of power as a vigilant ruling body under Christ’s authority, then it’s much easier to get rulings accomplished upon the earth because you removed hell’s power that was trying to come against it or come against you. The battle is one in the spirit before you ever see it in the earth. Do you catch that? Jesus said, If my church will battle for the throne of their region… or your house, or your nation, you could say … and will bind hell’s kingdom. Hell’s kingdom will not prevail because I will release angel armies to enforce their rulings.

What’s your ruling? …

Remember now, heaven is drawing closer to us to work in conjunction or in partnership with the church more than ever before, so we don’t have to fear no matter how dark things become, because heaven is right there with us working with us now. He says, “We are to bind what heaven wants, bound and loose what heaven wants loosed by aligning ourselves with the Word of God. Clearly Christ Jesus expects His ecclesia, His gathered together ones, His church, to declare or make rulings in His name.” It makes me want to ask the question, What is your ruling today over your life? What’s your ruling regarding that chaotic situation? What’s your ruling? What do you have to say about the symptoms that you’re sensing or experiencing? What’s your ruling regarding the bank balance in your checkbook? What’s your ruling regarding your children, your future? What’s your ruling? What do you have to say about that? There’s some legalities here that God’s given us. He’s given us some legal rights and authority to change things in our lives, in our nation, in our world.

He goes on to say, “Clearly Christ Jesus expects his ecclesia to declare or make rulings in His name. It is to decide what is proper or improper for a region.” That’s essentially what binding and loosing or the keys of the kingdom means. “What you declare proper or improper. You’re the king of your region. You’re the royal priesthood of that situation that God has assigned you to. It is to decide what’s unlawful in a region. It is to decide and declare the way culture ought to be. It is important to remind ourselves that Jesus said this. Not a disciple, not other characters in the Bible. The king Himself said this. The church is to decree God’s Word in a region.”


And so, Father, we just thank you for equipping the church… each of us individually and collectively as your ecclesia. We just remind ourselves of that this morning. And we thank you for that authority and power that you’ve granted to us that we presently own and have received and are able to occupy and function in.

And we just pray, Father, over our own souls and situations, over situations over our churches.

We pray for an opening up of eyes, for a stirring up of the revelation and understanding of what we have been granted.

We pray for and we call for a rising now in the spiritual temperature of the church … we call for and we command a rising now this morning in the volume and in the voice of your people in the spirit dimension, that there would be some proclamation and declarations.

We thank you for the army forming now… falling into rank now… coming into a new place now … being positioned now all over the earth.

All the days are changing. The days on the Earth are changing now… there is a repositioning. We declare there is a heavenly supernatural, energizing and operation now set in motion all over the earth. Right here in Minnesota, in Minneapolis and St. Paul …

We pray for a supernatural energizing of the plan of God to function and to work and to shake some things up and to move some things into position… in the church, in our realm, in our region, in Jesus’ name.

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