Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Pastor Ken…


We see you high and lifted up over the church today in the earth. We magnify you over the uncertainty of the days ahead, over the ominousness at times that we witness and as reported… we lift you up, Father, and we invite you to come and have your way in our hearts to begin with this day here at Living Word and wherever we participate.

Lord, we pray that you would be lifted up, that the Spirit of the living God would be lifted up and arisen in a greater way in the church and through the church here in America and around the world in Jesus.

We pray that your Spirit would be free and loose to go in Jesus’ name to move, to run, to spread, to run swiftly throughout the land, to run swiftly around and through the earth.

We pray for an unfolding, a releasing and an unveiling in Jesus’ name of the secrets of our Heavenly Father in and for the church… an unfolding of what you want to do and what you have for us.

Pastor Ken shared…

Let me just read a scripture here this morning. Good morning by the way. Welcome everybody. Glad that you’re with us.

There’s no distance or time in the spirit, so truly God has brought us all together for such a time as this. We are that people. Now is the time for God to do what He wants to do. And that starts with prayer. It almost goes without saying that we live in an unprecedented time… a really pivotal time for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and the earth for that matter, right?

But God has a plan. He always has, and He always will. And He is working. When we seem down to nothing, He’s up to something as the saying goes. And He is truly up to something here this morning in your life, in America, and in the earth.

And 1st Peter 4:7, reads from the Amplified Bible, “But the end and culmination of all things has now come near; keep sound minded…” In other words, have a disciplined mind, have a focused mind. “…and self-restrained…” in other words, exercise discipline. “…and alert…” be aware, in other words of the time and the season. “…therefore,” and it goes on to say in parenthesis, “therefore for [the practice of] prayer.” And so that’s exactly what we’re going to do this morning, right?

I want to pull up one other verse here. A familiar verse for most of us, I think. But in 1st Timothy 2:1 it also says from the Passion translation, “Most of all, I’m writing to encourage you to pray with gratitude to God. Pray for all men with all forms…” Or you could say all kinds or variety of kinds, whatever kind is necessary in the moment, whether it be the prayer of faith, or prayer of worship, or prayer of supplication or intercession. So utilizing all the different varieties and forms of prayer, which all have their purpose.

“…with all forms of prayer and request as you intercede with intense passion and pray for every political leader.” Can I get an amen? Especially if you’re here in the States, right? We’re about a week or more away from the midterm election. And it’s a pivotal time, not only for the world, but for America. And we have been sent to the earth, your spirit, my spirit, in this pivotal moment, this unprecedented time to reroute America in the direction it needs to go. Prayer changes things as we often say. Prayers are opportunity to speak to the future and transform and realign and reset and redirect things in accordance with what God intends. He’s got something in mind for you and your family. He’s got something in mind for Living Word. He’s got has something specific in mind for America, for the church around the world.

Now we just step in, right?

We get in the messiness and middle of what’s going on, and we let our voices, we let our hearts, we let our proclamation, our worship, our declarations be used as a tool. Our words, our utterance and intercede with passion, as it says here in 1st Timothy 2. “And pray for every political leader and representative so that we would be able to live tranquil and undisturbed lives as we worship the awe-inspiring God with pure hearts. It is pleasing to our savior God to pray for them.” It pleases Him. That’s interesting. It pleases Jesus to pray for our leaders. “He longs for everyone to embrace his life and return to the full knowledge of the truth.” Amen. And so this morning, I want us to get in the middle of what’s going on in our nation, what God wants, what could be and should be, as I say, and shall be because we will pray.


And so, Father, we just thank you this morning for the opportunity to be here in the earth in this hour … we thank you for life and our being.

We thank you for the opportunity to be your sons and your daughters, to step into the fray and into the unknown and into places that are dark and disturbed and difficult right now in the world, in the spirit.

And so, Lord, we just yield our hearts over to you, and we make ourselves available to you, and we say, Lord, use us.

Let our hearts call out for the deep in God this morning.

Let our hearts announce and decree a thing that it might be established.

Let our hearts and our words declare… Let our prayers be your prayer for America, for Living Word, for the church

Lord, we just lift it up to you today… your plan, your purpose in particular for America or perhaps your nation, wherever you are this morning.

We lift up your intentionality and your purposes for our nation today.

And, Lord, we also pray for your people … that we as your people would humble ourselves and pray and seek your face in this hour. Seek your mercy, seek your grace, seek your ways for our nation, for the world, for what you want to do in this generation.

That we would humble ourselves and pray and seek you, Lord. And turn from our wicked ways.

We pray that we would turn that, Lord. We might hear as it says from heaven, and that you would forgive our sin individually and as a nation.

We pray for a wholesale opening up now of hearts and lives and perspectives now that there would be a turning, a transitioning, a moving from an old to a new.

Lord, that we would step into that place that you have ordained for us in this day.

We pray today that there would be an uncovering, a revealing, opening up now of the works of darkness and the strategies of the enemy. That they would be exposed… revealed… and put aside.

And even your secrets and your plans, Lord, and that which you have prepared long ago that we would walk in, that this generation would come to know that we would witness with our very own eyeballs in this time, Lord, that which is in the spirit, that which is in the divine providence of God.

Things are moving, things are being shaken, things are being released, things are being loosed.

We declare that today on an individual level, on a churchwide level, on a national level, we decree there’s a whole lot of shaking going on in Jesus’ name… moving and a shifting now.

A God-ordained orchestration of release and movement and transition and bringing up, up, up now from a low place to a higher place what’s been hidden.

Even that which is good, that’s been hidden until now is being brought into the light and brought into a place of prominence once again in the name of Jesus.

Not only gifts and ideas and concepts and initiatives sent from heaven, but songs and entrances and movements and streams of the Spirit, streams of light.

We assign angelic ranks to go to Washington DC … to every state in our union.

We assign light, we assign power, we assign divine strategy, we assign divine breakthrough, we assign a divine and heavenly orchestrated flow. You must go now. Go!

We assign you go into the houses of power, into the Senate, into the Congress, into the House of Representatives, into the nation’s capital, into the White House, into the judicial branch of our government.

We assign strategy, divine strategy, an orchestration of God the Holy Spirit in the political arena, in the structure of power and seats of authority and decision making in our land today.

We dispatch angels, go ministering spirits and work to facilitate that turnaround, work to facilitate progress in the direction of God’s intention to facilitate a momentum and a turning from the wrong to what’s right… turning the trajectory of this nation.

We turn the trajectory, we steer it, we declare in Jesus’ name.

We pray for the church overall… for a spirit of confidence and boldness and courage to rise up.

Now we take authority over the spirit of fear… over the spirit of timidity. We take authority over spinelessness in a spiritual sense today. And we pray for a rising up now in the body of Christ

We declare today things will work out the way they need to, and you have destined them to in America, in Washington DC in this upcoming midterm election, both locally and nationally.

We pray that this election would be by your Spirit in Jesus’ name… that the glory of God would show up and be at the polls… the glory of God would mobilize and move people and direct people and work in conjunction with this election, even on a level and to a supernatural degree we didn’t even know was possible in Jesus’ name.

Pastor George Pearson of Eagle Mountain Church…

Let me read something to you. This was shared not long ago by Pastor George Pearsons, pastor of Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth, Texas. And he gave this prophetic word not long ago where he said under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit…

“This is not the time, says the Lord, of the downfall of your nation. Your nation is under a covenant with Me. You’re not witnessing the failure of the United States. You’re witnessing the failure of a worldly financial system that has eroded over the years. My word of prosperity, My word of function, My word that this nation began on and prospered beyond any nation in history of the world. So, no, the United States is not failing. I will not allow that to happen. How foolish do you think I am to allow the cradle of the Gospel fall from its limb? I remember your deeds. I remember the Gospel that’s come from this nation. I remember that this is the most giving nation in history. I will not. I will not. I will not let you go. Your finest hour is yet to come. It’s on its way. It’s being born at this very time. I did not bring financial disaster on this nation. Some have said this is judgment. It is judgment, but I’m not bringing judgment on this nation. The seed of sin and the Babylonian world thinking has in itself its own judgment and in itself its own disaster. When you continue to walk out of line with My Word and My plan and My way, you eventually fail. But it’s not this nation that’s failing. It’s the system. The system that is eroded, is getting away from My Word and from depending on Me. But fear not! I have my eye on it and it will only go so far and no further. You will see it and you will be in it. You’ll be involved in the greatest spiritual awakening that this nation has ever seen. This is My time, says God.”

Pastor Ken adds…

Can I just add, He has His eye on you this morning. The Bible says He sees the sparrow fall. He knows every hair on your head. He’s got His eye on you this morning. He’s got His eye on that situation that you’re facing, that decision you need to make here shortly. He has His eye on what’s going on with you.

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