Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ms. Annie led us singing Bless the Lord Oh My Soul

Ms. Jeani prays over America from Psalm 34:1–7 (TPT):

America bursts with joy over what You’ve done for her
Her lips are full of perpetual praise – a praise that penetrates nations
A praise that causes the enemy to run, to flee
Lord, America bursts with joy over what You’ve done for her
She boasts of You and all of Your works
There is not one discouraged heart in America
There is not one discouraged heart in the White House
There is not one discouraged heart in the Trump family
There is not one discouraged heart in the Church
Let the Church rise up! Rise up, Church! Be encouraged! Be strong and courageous in America
America cries out and says “Join me everyone, let’s praise the Lord together. Let’s make Him Famous!”
America You make Him famous!
America makes His name glorious to all!
The world listens to her testimony
America cried to God in her distress and He answered her
He freed her from all of her fears
Even right now the Church is being freed from all of her fears
The Church in America freed from all her fears, absolutely all fear!
She gazes upon Him and she joins her life with His and joy comes
She is strengthened with the joy of the Lord!
The Church strengthened with the joy of the Lord
Her face glistens with glory
America’s face glistens with glory – she never wears that shame face again
She turns from all shameful ways – even today, even right now
The courts turn from all shameful ways!
The senate turns from all shameful ways!
And some would say “That’s impossible.”
All things are possible with God!
Are we the people of God? Then go for all of it! He is in all of it!
It has been proclaimed from this house that all of America would be raptured
We agree with that! We agree with that today!
America gazes upon Him, she joins her life with His and joy comes
Her face glistens with glory; she never wears that shame face again
When she had nothing, when America was desperate and defeated
She cried out to the Lord and the Lord heard her
He brought His miracle deliverance when she needed it most
And the angel of the Lord stooped down to listen as she prayed
He encircles her now, He empowers her now and He shows her how to escape
And He does this for every nation that fears God
Father, we bless Your name today, we call Your name blessed
We call Your name blessed over every business in America
Over the media in America – we proclaim that the media blesses You!
We proclaim that history is restored, we proclaim that our children know the voice of the Lord
And we thank You for it today, right now!
We thank You that the prayers of the saints are being poured out in this land today
The works of the saints hands are blessed and prosper and the world takes notice
Prosperity in America, the blessing of the Lord, prosperity that only the blessing can produce
Let the church take ownership of America, let her rise up and say “This is my country – not in my country!”
Let her see America the way You see her, she is set apart, she is sanctified, she partners with Your beloved, she partners with Israel
She is blessed, she is blessed, she is blessed

Constance shared…

God loves America, God loves America. I was given a revelation about healing. Before I talk about healing, let me tell you about America. When we are in Africa, America is recognized as a nation of givers. It’s different from England. England is not like America. Americans, they give and they know their God. That’s why God blesses you! You are blessed! You are blessed!

And I want to tell you one day God gave me a word that you are healed. And this year is the year of healing. I was praying with my husband. I was saying that God is giving me something here to pray for people here in America so that they will be healed. They have the opportunity of going for a physical. We in Africa, we don’t have that opportunity. We don’t. We just die because, one, there is no medicine, there is no provision which you get here. So, I was praying that whenever, whoever is going for physical, this year everything is done. You are healed in Jesus’ name! You are healed in Jesus’ name!

So I am encouraging you, America. I am an African. I come from Zimbabwe. But you Americans, I am a part of you. I am part of America now. That’s why I pray for you too. So, I know that you can be discouraged by sometimes sickness. You are praying, you are praying and your sickness doesn’t go. Let me tell you something. You are healed! The Devil is scaring you saying “You are not healed.” Tell him “I am healed! I am healed! I am healed! I am healed in Jesus’ name!” Tell him. Face his face and say “I am healed!” That’s what you must say. Hallelujah, glory!

You see my husband. I was encouraging him. By now he should be dead. But I was encouraging him. But I tell you what – tell the Devil that you are healed. Tell the Devil that you are healed right now. And tell the Devil “I will live and I will not die. I will see my grandchildren.” Tell him right now!

Be encouraged! Be encouraged every time, You have the power! The same power which raised Jesus from the dead is the same power you have! You got it! Hallelujah, praise God! I think you are encouraged now. You know you are healed. Amen! Glory!

Ms. Jeani placed a YouTube clip of a man bursting with joy giving his offering to the Lord:


In the name of Jesus, everyone here, I want you to thank God that you are healed! Whatever the problem in the name of Jesus, I want to hear the testimony. Because I was told by God that everybody is healed. This year is the year of healing – receive it in the name of Jesus. You see the Africans, they have nothing but they are happy. You know how much he is going to put in the basket? Maybe one dollar but he is joyful! He is say “I am giving to my God” and he is joyful. So, let all who are discouraged take heart! Don’t be discouraged! Don’t be discouraged! You are powerful! You are healed! You are somebody! You are not nobody! You are healed!


Thank You, Lord! Join me everyone, let’s praise the Lord
Hallelujah, glory!
I heard Pastor Mac on Sunday say come those who want to be healed
Do you know what? People who think they are sick, they are not sick
The Devil is punching them, he knows where you are weak
You are calling “oh, my leg” or “oh, my side”
No, no, no – you are healed!
Believe it! Believe it! Just believe
Mark 11:22 “Have faith in God….” You can move a mountain!
A mountain is your sickness – in the name of Jesus take it out right now
Speak to that pain and tell it to go! Silence in the name of Jesus
Paralyze it! Paralyze it in the name of Jesus
It will listen to you, it will listen to you
You are the righteousness of God, you have the power in you!
You have it! You have it! It’s in you! Yes! Yes! Yes!
In the name of Jesus Yes! Yes! Yes!
Let’s make Him famous! Our God! Let it be heard from the North Pole to the South Pole
East, west to the center of the world – let them know there is a God who heals!
Let them know that there is a God in heaven – hallelujah!
Listen to my testimony, I cried to God in my distress and He answered!
He did! He answered me, He will answer you, too
Yes! In the name of Jesus! Receive it!
I want a radical people who can fight the enemy
And the enemy knows that – there is power, same power that raised Jesus from the dead it’s in me
You are healed, you are healed, you are healed in the name of Jesus
By the power of Christ Jesus – hallelujah
You American, you are rich in faith – whatever you want, God gives you
You go to England, it’s not the same
My daughter is married in England and I sometimes go to England
So I see the difference and I can see Americans, you are blessed!
You are healed! You are loved by God!
God will never put you to shame – never!
If you want the Devil to be scared, tell him to shut up!
God is a powerful God! You can see Him working in the name of Jesus!
I am here to encourage you – you can do it – use your faith
You have it in you!
If He has planned for you to do something, He will shift you
Take you from your homeland to another country
So God has placed us here – I am praying for America
America, America, I lift America in the name of Jesus!
We lift up America and the President
God knows why He put that president in that position

Devil remove your dirty fingers from America – I disagree with you
America – know that God is with you, hallelujah
America be united, all races and colors

Ms. Jeani…

So, Father, we thank You that America is bursting with joy
Just like Constance is bursting with joy
Bursting with joy over all that You have done for America
On the streets, in the schools, in the libraries
America gives thanks, she is known as a thankful nation
Our churches are known as thankful churches
Packed and overflowing with hilarious givers
Father, I thank You that our giving is hilarious, hilarity of the giving of the saints
Let it be paramount, let it be perpetual
America boasts of You and all of Your works, she encourages the world
She encourages Israel in a way that she has never encouraged Israel before
Let Israel be strengthened with the partnership with America
Father, we praise You and bless You
Let’s just pray in the Spirit over America’s testimony right now
The testimony that is coming out of the public schools – the testimony of America
We imagine the testimony of the goodness of God coming out of the White House
Coming out of the court system
The testimony of the goodness of God
Thank You, Father, we bless Your name right now
The Church receives the revelation of Jesus’ Christ in America
The fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom in our country
For President Donald Trump – he only sees You, he only hears You, he only hears wisdom
We thank You, we thank You, we thank You
America, you make His name glorious to all
You are a demonstration of His glory, America you bring Him glory
You are one nation under God
Father, we humble ourselves even right now and we turn from any thinking that would make things look impossible when we pray for America
With You all things are possible!
You made this day, today is the day You made and we rejoice
We are glad in the today and today as we pray You hear us!
And heaven comes to earth in America
When America had nothing, when she was desperate and defeated
She cried out to You and You heard her – we are so thankful
That we have a church in America that cries out to You
And You hear her and You respond with Your goodness, Your restoration
The former and the latter rain coming together in this country for such a time as this
Today we agree with You for the far and above all that we could ask or think
In America, in the White House, in the leadership
Even the cases where we would say “That person’s heart is too hard”
We proclaim those people to turn to You, Father, and let it bring You tremendous glory for our country
We thank You for strategic turn arounds in our country today
Olympians coming out of the Church
Great businesses that change lives coming out of the Church
We thank You for an outbreak of the Holy Spirit for our Christian schools
Holy Spirit, minister to them, signs and wonders that cannot be contained
For this is the hour for You to get massive glory, Father
The fruitfulness of the Church that has arisen that is shining in America

The following The following is a prayer for our nation by Pastor Lynne Hammond:

Father, in the name of Jesus, and according to your Word, we pray for those in authority in our nation. We lift up President Donald Trump, his family, his staff and cabinet members. Let Your Word cling to them and let them not depart from your plan. Strengthen them with mighty power by your Spirit to stand against wickedness, lies and deception. Guide President Trump’s decisions; let Your light shine upon his path and show him the path of reversal for every evil way. Continually surround him with godly men and women who impart wise counsel to him. Cause the way of the wicked to be set to confusion and come to nothing. Deliver us from the traps and snares the enemy has laid for us, and let the wicked be caught in their own devises and be brought to shame.

We take authority over the plots and plans of the enemy against this nation. Let prideful and lying lips be silenced in Jesus’ name. Slanderers will not be established in America. We pray for our Congress, our Supreme Court, our Military leaders and our intelligence agencies. Let the wisdom that is from above reign in this nation and be constantly speaking to our leaders. We exercise the authority you have given us to tread down all the power of the enemy. We cast down and demolish imaginations and arguments that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God, and we bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. We bind spirits of strife and division, civil wars and tumults, spirits of hostility, lawlessness and blasphemy, and fires from hell that have burned in our cities.

We speak grace and peace over America. We pray and believe for the voice of truth, salvation, revival and restoration to be proclaimed and heard across our land. Grant unto your servants everywhere that with all boldness we may speak your Word. We pray for a mighty outpouring of your Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles. We expect the wisdom of this world that is earthly, sensual and devilish to depart and vanish until Your, mighty work in America becomes a beacon of hope for all people everywhere. We expect the voice of rejoicing to be heard in our nation for your goodness, mercy and prosperity, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Continued praying…

We speak to the lips of America “You are in unity, sanctified”
You are always looking to Jesus
Let America be the nation that demonstrates most accurately the kingdom of God
Let it be, let it be in Jesus’ name
Today we have joy; today we expect to see the Kingdom
The one with the most hope has the most influence
You are made to influence wherever you go today!
That’s what we are here to do
Father, we thank You for that in Jesus’ name

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