Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everyone. Welcome on this Tuesday morning. So good to see you guys.

The Holy Spirit wants to reveal Himself to us…

One of the things that I love about prayer is the opportunity to grow in my relationship with the Holy Spirit. As I mentioned yesterday, the Holy Spirit desires so profoundly to reveal Himself to us. He wants us to go deeper and to navigate some new facets of His nature. As I was trying to express yesterday, just reflecting on my own life, I recognized that anything good that has come through my life or resulted in my life personally or through my ministry, I can point to the fact that it was initiated by the Holy Spirit.

He is the one who brings forth the plan of God. He’s the one who has answers for us. He’s the one who is here to orchestrate God’s plan and help us to navigate from where we are to where God’s called us to be. And He’s with us today and wants us to know Him more deeply and more profoundly.

I was reminded once again this morning of a passage in John 2:20. It says, “But you have an anointing from the holy one. And you know all things.” In other words, you have a teacher, a guide, an advocate. You have one who is inspiring you and me and us together this morning to pray certain prayers that are going to get the job done and move us forward as a church and as individuals and in our individual callings. Amen.

So you have an anointing this morning.

You have an equipping this morning. The greater one lives in you this morning. Need, I remind you. And He is the one that enables you to know all things consciously or at times, unconsciously. And to prepare us and position us and move us forward in God’s destiny and intent for each of our lives.

To each one is given the manifestation of the Holy Spirit…

Also over in First Corinthians 12:7, it says each believer is given continuous revelation. This is the Passion translation. “Continuous revelation by the Holy Spirit to benefit not just himself, but all.” The Amplified rendering of that says this: “But to each one is given the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, the evidence, the spiritual illumination of the spirit for good and profit.” I like that. In other words, the Holy Spirit has been deposited on the inside of each of our lives, that we would profit, that we would benefit, that we would have an inside advantage, not only for ourselves, but for those around us. Amen.

Praying in the spirit pushes back darkness…

In fact, I believe that not only does it profit us, but when we allow the Holy Spirit to manifest through praying in the Spirit, we push back darkness. We push back the enemy’s attempts to stifle the plan of God to harass us with negative thoughts, to discourage us with worst-case scenarios. I often imagine when I pray in the spirit, what is happening in the spirit dimension. And I liken it to a story I heard a number of years ago of a man who actually had a visitation with Jesus and how Jesus led him to a place out in what he thought looked like the western part of the United States, like Nevada or Arizona or something, cuz it was desert-like. And he was at a high place with Jesus. And Jesus was providing some instruction to him. And He instructed this man to pray in the spirit. Cuz how many of you know, praying in the Spirit is one of the ways the Holy Spirit manifests. It is a supernatural doorway to the supernatural operation, manifestation, and illumination of God the Holy Spirit for your life and for the lives of others that God calls you to influence and impact their lives.

And so Jesus told this man to pray in the spirit. And as he prayed in the spirit, immediately he witnessed in this region where he was at this nuclear pulse, this nuclear detonation sort of thing. And this plume of cloud began to rise up. But then Jesus drew the attention of this man to what was going on along the ground. And what he saw along the ground was this invisible shockwave that was spreading out 360 degrees in every direction of the compass as this man prayed in the spirit. And it began to rearrange things and shift things and move things and have an impact invisibly all because he just began to pray in his heavenly prayer language.

And so oftentimes I imagine what must be happening when I begin to yield and allow the Holy Spirit to manifest through me in an unknown language. And, of course, maybe you’ve experienced this, but there have been many times in my life where I’ve taken that additional time especially if I was going through a difficult season or facing challenges or adversity and just spent additional time praying in the spirit and seeing and experienced noticeable change in the state of my heart, in the experience of my life. Because as Pastor Lynne has taught us so well, praying in the Spirit, prayer under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit pushes back darkness. Amen. It is one way that we can go on the offense every day and run the enemy and his harassment in our lives, in the lives of those in our homes and families, and those in our churches and those around us that God has assigned for us to pray over and to pray for, and to make a supply of the spirit available. Each time you are releasing the power, you’re assigning the power of God for a situation or for what’s going on in your life.

The answer is inside of us…

And there have been times where I felt like the Spirit of God was double dog daring me to pray, to really get out there and resist my flesh and spend time praying in the spirit additionally than what I normally would do. And there have been some times where I’ve been almost surprised and shocked at the difference it made in my week, in my emotional and spiritual state. I could tell the enemy couldn’t even get near me because prayer pushes back darkness. Prayer, as we often said, releases a flow of heaven and makes it available to you. It allows for the manifestation of God the Holy Spirit to rise up from on the inside of you. You probably have heard this, that the answer is on the inside of you. The answer you need today… the healing you need today… the direction you need today… the prayers you need to pray… the resources and provision you need is already inside of you. God weaved that into your spirit being before you were birthed, before you were born on this planet. The answer is inside of us.

The enemy knows prayer will stop him…

And so the enemy works to try to stop us from praying, to hinder us, to distract us, to discourage us. Because he knows that prayer will stop him and it will release what’s on the inside of us. Prayer releases the power of God. Prayer releases the destiny for your day, your week, your next year. It detonates the power of God and pushes back every demonic stronghold and every discouraging attempt of the enemy, every self-defeating way is dislodged from your soul. When the Spirit gets to manifesting.

The Bible says that God has given the manifestation of His Spirit, God the Holy Spirit, to profit us, to benefit us. And pray-ers above all people should be profiting. I believe financially, but as well in every other way. In your soulish state, in your relationships, in your ability to discern and see, in your ability to focus and make yourself available to the plan of God each and every day and walk out His purpose for you. The Holy Spirit has been sent to benefit and profit us.

Book: “Processing the Plan of God Through Prayer”

So let me just read something. This comes from a book I go back to time and time again entitled, “Processing the Plan of God Through Prayer” by Mark Brazee. And I believe we have it in our bookstore. I’m sure you can order it on Amazon. Mark shares some interesting things. He says in chapter five about praying into the future.

“One way that the Spirit of God, the manifestation of the spirit benefits us, is it gives us the ability to pray things out before a situation becomes a problem.” So often I think a lot of Christians when a crisis arises and they face challenges, they shift over into their own self-effort and their own intellectual processing to try to figure out the problem, not realizing once again that the problem has already been solved and the answer’s on the inside of them. And if we would learn to rest and trust and yield to that manifestation of the Spirit, the answer would come. And I found in many cases, God will just solve things for us if we’ll endeavor to just trust Him.

Faith truly is rest…

That doesn’t mean there aren’t steps of faith we don’t need to take. There are, certainly. But first and foremost, we should live and move and have our being from a place of rest, from a place of trust, from a place of patient waiting. Once again, the Psalmist said, be still and know that I am God. It’s in knowing Him that we discover and know what to do. It’s in knowing Him and reverencing and honoring and giving Him place in our lives that the Holy Spirit is allowed to manifest or come into activity and be released into our situations and be released to speak and to do what He wants to do. After all, the New Testament says the Holy Spirit is the great standby. He’s just standing by waiting to be given attention to, waiting to be invited, waiting to find entrance into our hearts and into our thinking and into our praying, because there’s a lot of religious activity that goes on that has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.

“Ouch! What did you just say, Ken?”

Yeah. There’s a lot of activity in the church and religious stuff going on that really doesn’t have anything to do with the Holy Spirit. We’re doing that out of memory because maybe we did it before. Well, that’s the definition of religion and it’s void, according to Jesus, of power. But when we endeavor to live out of inspiration and out of a place where we’re looking for the Holy Spirit, honoring the Holy Spirit, waiting on the Holy Spirit, seeking to know Him and who He is and brings to our life, then we start to live out of inspiration than out of memory. We start to live out of His instruction and empowerment and ways.

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