Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Brother DJ led worship…

Sister Cindy shared…

Sickness comes from the same source that sin comes from. It doesn’t come from heaven. There isn’t any up there. Jesus told the disciples to pray in what we call the Lord’s Prayer. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. DJ started out today. Yes, you’re the kingdom of God. Your kingdom come, your will be done in the name of Jesus as it is in heaven. So it is to be on earth in His name. We bring heaven to earth; we’re the door and in His name sickness departs. And we do the work of the King. As He is on earth so are we; as He is in heaven so are we here on earth. Is it God’s will that there be sickness in heaven? Everyone knows it’s not. Therefore it cannot be His will here on earth.

I’m reading out of Kenneth Hagin’s book “The Name of Jesus.” And he gives a quote by E.W. Kenyon. And it says when He gave us the right to use His name to heal the sick, it was simply that we might bring on the scene by the use of the name, the fullness of His finished work and that the afflicted one might know that in the use of the name, the Living Healing Christ was present. It is not trying to believe. It is not trying to take healing. Believing comes unnecessary in the modern sense of that term. The healing is ours. The name makes it available to us. The name is ours and in the name is all help, all victory, all power, all health. Do not try. Do not struggle. Just use it.

What did they say to the apostles in the book of Acts? You can do whatever you want, but don’t use that name. Hallelujah. We use the name. We obey God, not men. Use that name with the same freedom that you use your checkbook. The money is on deposit. You write the check without exercising any special faith, that is you are not conscious of exercising it. You just do it. And in the use of Jesus’ name, you do exercise faith. It is the unconscious faith. The faith that is born in upon us by evidences that convince us beyond the shadow of a doubt. Any other kind of faith is abnormal.

At the Second Coming of Christ, it will not require any act of faith on our part to be translated neither will it require any effort to receive immortality. We shall simply be made immortal. We shall be translated. That is the plan in the eternal program of God. It will not require any special faith to be resurrected, that resurrection is in the program. But what about God’s program for today? Kenyan makes this observation. If we understand his program for today, the sick will simply be healed the moment that sickness touches them. The quickening power of God. The resurrection power of God that flows in us and through us. If He has given us His Spirit, that Spirit within shall also quicken our mortal flesh with life.

Romans 8:11 says, “But if the spirit of him that raised up Christ from the dead dwells in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by the spirit that dwells in you.” And, Father, we’re here to be quickened and we’re here to quicken in the name of Jesus. Father, we drink deeply today. Let your Spirit fill as full and overflowing.

Bodies are quickened. This refers to our bodies now. Mortal means death doomed. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit only because your body is the temple of your human spirit. Holy Spirit will not indwell your body after your human spirit is departed. The Holy Spirit will not indwell your body in the grave. He indwells your spirit now and one of His reasons for indwelling you, not the only purpose, but one purpose, is to quicken your mortal body, to heal your physical body. To quicken means to make full of life.

So we receive your quickening life… in our bodies… in our moral flesh …

Sister Barb…

What I had this morning was the scripture that Jesus went about doing good and healing all… healing all. And that’s what you’re doing with the basket. You went about doing good and healing. You bring healing everywhere that you go. And we need to remember that it’s not always a big thing. Sometimes it’s just a word that someone needs.

I was talking to my daughter in California yesterday, and I was telling her how I was in the store and the spirit of chatty comes on me when I’m in a line. And I’m not a super chatty person. But anyway, just talking to people in the line behind me. We’re waiting to check out. But people need to know that they’re valuable. You can make someone feel valuable and important because God sees them as valuable and important.

And my daughter said, “Yeah, I went into an antique shop yesterday and it was just so quiet. No one was in there. And there was a young man in there”nd she said “So I just went up to the counter. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk, but I just let him talk to me. And he just went on and on for about 15 minutes.” And she said, “I could tell he was lonely.” There was no one there, no one to talk to, no one to interact with. And I said, “That’s what Christianity is… reaching out to people. Doing good. Giving them the 15 minutes to say you’re important. I’ll listen to you. Tell me your story.”

What do you want to say today? You know, communicate with people. And I just saw that picture of Jesus with the little children. Remember the children, they just wanted to come and be with Him and come and hug Him. And He never pushed them away. He was like, “Come! Let the children come. Why are you telling them to stay away? Let them come to Me. Let them fellowship with Me.”

And that is the heart of God. And this Thanksgiving, that’s what we need to remember. That wherever we’re going, we’re going to do good. I know some of you might be going into some unpleasant environments, but you know, go with the attitude, I’m going to do good. I’m going to be a blessing. And if I’m just there to listen to someone and let them know they’re valuable and important. That is the heart of God. Because God loves them all and He wants every single one to come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

And just that one step, just that one reaching out to someone that could be the seed that turns their heart to Him. So every word, every connection, every moment is important. And don’t just get caught up in all the hullabaloo and running through the supermarket at super speed and miss all the opportunities that God has for you on a continual basis. It’s always there, always available. That’s all I had to share.

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