Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Annie shared…

This morning, I was thinking about Gamaliel in the book of Acts when the Pharisees and the scribes were looking for a way to stop what God began. Way back when He said, let there be light, God began something at the cross and at the tomb when Jesus was raised from the dead and He began something when the Holy Spirit was poured out in the upper room on the day of Pentecost… The powers that be just kept trying to stop what God was doing. Then the Devil thought he stopped it when Jesus was put in the tomb. And then the Devil just kept trying to stop what God was doing. And he was using the authorities—the teachers of the law, the religious leaders, and of course, the political leaders. And when they were hauling Peter and John before the leaders, they conferred, “What can we do to stop these people?”

Warning… you better be careful what you’re doing…

And Gamaliel said, “You better be careful what you’re doing because…”

Now why did I think of this, this morning? There’s stuff going on.

He said, “Look at so and so who raised up this big following that followed him, but it all came to nothing. And then, so and so was supposed to be the answer and had this big following, but it came to nothing.” He said, “You better be careful what you do, because if what these men are teaching and doing is of God, you’re going to find yourself fighting against God. But if it’s not of God, it’ll come to nothing.” So I don’t know why that just exploded when I read that. And I thought, you know, God has a way of getting His will done through the most unlikely means. And those who fight against Him are going to find that what they are doing will come to nothing.

Pastor Ken…

Good morning. It’s great to have you guys with us. Thank you for joining us this morning.

The Word was sent to rescue us…

I was reminded this morning, the Word was sent to rescue us. Jesus was sent to rescue us from our sin and depravity and sickness and loss and whatever we had been through the state we were spiritually, emotionally. He came to rescue us and then He gave us so beautifully a narrative of the plans, purposes, ways of God, thoughts of God, and the life of God’s Son, Jesus through scripture. And that word was sent to rescue us. So on any given day, you have a rescuer that God has sent into the earth for you personally, to rescue you.

One word from God can change your life…

You know, I think Copeland’s made the phrase popular many years ago that one word from God can change your life. Right? Well, it’s true. Every word of God is imbibed with holy fire and power and grace and anointing. I like to say it’s imbibed or chock full of heavenly DNA. Just the simplicity of the Word of God, such as “greater as he that is in me right than he that is in the world.” The simplicity of the word that says, “I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Just let that turn over in your thought processes. Let that just kind of marinate and swell in your soul this morning. Whatever God’s speaking to you and impressing upon you, it’s sent to rescue you, sustain you, to propel you. It’s full of heaven’s DNA for whatever it is that you need.

The Word of God will reproduce what it was sent to reproduce…

And as we’ve learned over the years regarding the law of sowing and reaping that seed of God’s Word, which is incorruptible, by the way… In other words, it does not die or go away or become irrelevant. That seed of God’s Word will reproduce what it was sent to reproduce. So, if we need healing, we know where to go. The Word was sent to rescue us, and we can plant the seed of God’s promise of healing in our hearts and in our mouths and in our lives. And within that seed is DNA that activates and begins to sprout and grow and put down roots and release life into your body at a cellular level, begins to drive out cancer… begins to affect change in your hormones… heals broken bones… restores anything going on with your systems, whether it be in your blood or in your nervous system or whatever. There is life that has been sent to rescue us. Light and life and power and is activated when we take it to ourselves. When we turn ourselves over to the Word and let it be planted deep within us.

God has exalted His Word above even His name…

The Word does not fail. God has exalted His Word above even His name. His Word is something that the Father honors, and the Bible says He watches over to perform. And in His Word is power. Jesus said my words are spirit and they are life. They’re power. They release authority. They send the enemy running as if in terror. You better believe he’s in terror because the word 2,000 plus years ago shook and shadowed and rattled and forever changed the landscape of hell into a place of defeat… into a place of horror and terror because Jesus shook off the shackles of death, hell, and the grave. And He rose again, as we know, right? The stone has been rolled away. The tomb is wide open, and we’ve come out of that tomb with Jesus.

We are seated far above your worse-case scenario…

We’ve also been raised in the mind of God. When Jesus was raised and seated with Christ in the heavenly arena, spiritually speaking, far above. Today, you are far above dread, far above fear. Oh, it may come to tempt you and try to grip you and convince you that things negative and worst-case scenario are coming your way, but you can resist fear and remind yourself and refresh your consciousness that “No! I’ve been seated with Jesus. Fear, anxiety, sickness, Devil, you’ve actually been stripped naked according to my Bible, which I’m bringing into this today. You’ve been stripped naked, paralyzed of your power, your ability, even your authority to hurt or harm me in any way. Instead, I’m the one in the cleft of the rock.”

Just whispering the name of Jesus terrifies every demonic entity…

Like Moses, I am the one… you’re the one, we’re the ones seated jointly with Him sharing in an equal position and possession with Christ. We’ve been granted the right to the use of the name of Jesus, which changes everything. It is the ultimate game changer. Just whispering the name of Jesus… It releases the vibrations of heaven and shakes and rattles and terrifies every foul, demonic entity that has come to harass you, every lying symptom, every thought of lack, or I’m not going to make it, or I’m not going to get through. No! We are the triumphant church! We are the ones who have been marked by the presence of God and that God is calling to stand up and rise up and become what we are—the true spiritual giants in the earth.

It’s up to us to keep going…

And so the Word has been sent to rescue you. The Word… never overlook the simplicity and the potency of God’s Word. In your heart! Not on a shelf covered in dust… not on a coffee table looking really nice in the middle of your family room or your den or something. It’s the Living Word living in our hearts. And it’s up to us, like Annie said to not quit, to keep going. And one of the most basic ways we keep going and we don’t quit and we keep doing well is by refreshing ourselves with the Word of God? Being present in a moment to train ourselves to see and hear and speak and turn over in your mind, to ruminate, to think about, to process, to pray, to ask the Lord “What about that passage, Lord? What are you saying there? What does that really mean to use your imagination, to picture yourself in the midst or in the fulfillment of that promise of that word.”


Today, we lift up the name of Jesus over our city and our church and our nation today.

We pray for a breaking through from on high, a breaking through of power of exceeding great power.

And we pray, Lord, that you would just open the hearts of your people.

We break down every barrier, every hindrance. We break down confusion today… in the souls and hearts and lives of your people.

Lord, we pray for the penetration of light and truth and holy power

We pray for an opening up of eyes and ears and hearts and lives today.

We pray over this nation, for an opening up in our nation, in our government, in our leadership

We pray for entrance for the plan of God, entrance for the advancement of the purpose of God for this nation…

We declare that for America right now, it’s time to press on… it’s time for us as the body of Christ to press in because America needs to go to the next level. So we just thank you for America taking the next step to be greater, to be brighter, to shine with the glory of God

We refuse to stand for evil… we refuse to put up with the deception and the destruction of the enemy in our nation in this generation. Today Father, we pray for a turning, a turning in our land, a turning spiritually in the atmosphere of America.

We pray over the spiritual atmosphere… we pray for a shift in the spiritual atmosphere of our land, an opening up by the hand of God

We dispatch angels and ministering spirits to go on assignment and do what the Spirit of God directs you to… to observe, to watch over, to pull back the fabric of the spirit dimension that glory might pour forth, that the work of God might find entrance and place to go forth.

We pray for the church in this land to wake up in Jesus’ name. We send out a heavenly wake up call to come to your spiritual senses. Shake off the lethargy, shake off the lukewarmness, shake off the slothfulness. Shake off every weight and sin that besets the church.

We pray for a holy shaking going on now… in the church in America and around the world today… that there will be a heaven-sent shaking in Jesus’ name

Lord, we lift up the midterm elections and the voting. We just lift that up to you today. We pray that there would be a way made for you, Lord, to do what you want to do to get the ones in the office that need to be in the office.

We pray for a divine energy to be kindled and to start surging in the hearts, in the campaigns that you have placed your hand upon that you want in office, that you have an assignment for

We say, Devil, you will not have your way in November. You will not have your way in America period in Jesus’ name

Lord, we’re praying for revival … We’re praying for a wholesale revival and an awakening among the people of America from sea to shining sea in Jesus’ name… not only in the church house, but in the boardroom, across the airwaves in every quarter of our society.

We draw bloodline today over Living Word Christian Center… and we serve the devil notice that you’re going to be on your heels now and forever until your end

We pray for an empowerment today for the church… not just Living Word, but all the churches in this city serving the purpose of God. We lift them up to you. We pray for divine empowerment and encouragement and a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God’s plan

We pray for a breathing upon the work and the purpose of God in people’s hearts and in ministries and churches today. That there would be a resuscitating and a bringing forth to life, just like you brought forth Jesus, you brought forth Lazarus from the tomb.

So today we pray for a bringing forth and a bringing up and out of hearts, out of lives, out of families, out of churches, Lord, the gifts and the callings of God. It’s time. It’s time. It’s time for them to be released. It’s time for them to come up. It’s time for them to make a decision. It’s time.

Lord, bring us to that place… And we come out of that grave and we activate those things that you spoke to us in some instances decades … we pray for a whole new level of operation… a whole new functioning and understanding.

We pray for a supernatural dousing and baptism of light and perspective for this day.

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