Morning Prayer Summary for  Thursday, October 12, 2023

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Sister Annie…

Good morning, Pray-ers! We’ve been in such a week, haven’t we? Pastor Heather asked me to start out. I want to welcome you all and say how thankful I and Holy Spirit are for all the praying army of God, especially in these days.

I saw this morning two things. I saw that 500 rabbis from around the world have called for a day of fasting today. If anybody wants to join in that, it’s just from sunup to sundown, which isn’t very long. But in my time with the Lord this morning, He directed me to this scripture, “Arise, O Judge of the earth and render to the proud what they deserve.” It’s Psalm 94. And I usually like the literal translations, but today, He directed me to look it up in the Passion Translation.

His Word is settled forever in the heavens…

Because the things we’re seeing and hearing are so not the will of God, not the plan of God, not the promise of God, but His Word is settled forever in the heavens. It is what He said that is going to be the final outcome. So nations may rise and fall, kingdoms may rage, rulers of the world may be gathered together against the Lord and against His anointed, but He who sits in the heavens laughs. Because He sees the end from the beginning. And what He promised to Abraham when He established a people… He came to establish a people for Himself in the earth. And He’s been working it and working it and working it. And He’s not going to stop working it. Hallelujah.

Psalm 94 in the Passion Translation…

I’m going to read Psalm 94 from the Passion Translation: “Lord God Almighty, you are the God who takes vengeance on your enemies. It’s time for you to punish evil. Let your rays of revelation light shine from your people and pierce the conscience of the wicked. And punish them.”

Prayer about Hamas…

Lord, we pray for all those Hamas evildoers. Let’s just call it what it is. These deeds of cruelty are not the deeds of God. They’re the deeds of evil.

We ask, Lord, that your rays of revelation light would shine from your people and pierce their conscience and bring them to repentance. It’s time to arise as judge of all the earth. Arise to punish the proud with the penalty they deserve. How much longer will you sit back and watch the wicked triumph in their evil, boasting in all that is wrong? Listen to them bragging among themselves, big in their own eyes, all because of the crimes they have committed against your people. See how they are crushing those who love you, God, cruelly oppressing those who belong to you. Heartlessly, they murder the widows, the foreigners, and even the orphan children. They say to themselves, the Lord God doesn’t see this. Their God, the God of Jacob, He doesn’t even care. That’s what they say. But you better watch out, you stupid fools. You’d better wise up. Why would you act like God doesn’t even exist? Do you really think that God can’t hear their cries? God is not blind. He who made the eye has superb vision, and He is watching all you do, you enemies of God. He’s watching all you do. Won’t the God who knows all things know what you have done? The God who punishes nations will surely punish you. The Lord has fully examined every thought of man and found them all to be empty and futile. Lord, there’s such a blessing that comes when you teach us your word in your ways. Oh, we have such peace who know thy law, O Lord. Nothing will make us stumble. Even the sting of your correction, Lord, can be sweet. It rescues us from our days of trouble until you are ready to punish the wicked. For the Lord will never walk away from his cherished ones, nor would he forsake his chosen ones who belong to him. Whenever you pronounce judgments, Lord, they reveal righteousness. All your devoted lovers will be pleased. Lord, who will protect me from these wicked ones? If you don’t stand to defend me, who will? I have no one but you. I would have been killed so many times if you had not been there for me. When I screamed out, Lord, I’m doomed, your fiery love was stirred and you raced to my rescue. Whenever my busy thoughts were out of control, the soothing comfort of your presence calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight. It’s obvious to all you will have nothing to do with corrupt rulers who pass laws that empower evil and defeat what is right. For they gang up against the lovers of righteousness and condemn the innocent to death. But I know that all their evil plans will boomerang back onto them. Every plot they hatch will simply seal their own doom. For you, my God, will destroy them, giving them what they deserve. For you are my true tower of strength, my safe place, my hideout, and my true shelter. Hallelujah.


Father, we thank you that it is your Word that will prevail.

Father, we will not be moved in times of evil, in times of trouble, in times of sorrow, in times even of loss, Lord, because we know that you’re moving.

You’re always moving. You’re always directing your angel armies to the rescue of your people. We send angel armies now. Go forth now and fight on behalf of the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and His people in His righteous cause.

And bring down the enemies of your people… the enemies of your laws… the enemies of your ways… and bring them to repentance.

Father, we release your promises. We release your words into the atmosphere now.

Rise up, O judge of the earth. Render to the proud what they deserve… lift up the meek and the lowly. Cast the wicked down to the ground in Jesus’ mighty name.

We ask for a divine reversal of these evil things that have been taking place… we ask for the rescue of hostages… and for the healing and comfort of those who have been bereaved.

Lord, we ask for your truth to rise up. Your truth to be proclaimed… that the things hidden in darkness will be shouted from the housetops… for the dark places of the earth are filled with the habitations of cruelty.

Lord, let those things hidden in darkness be shouted out in the light now and revealed.

Lord, reveal yourself for who you are. You are justice. You are truth. You are righteousness. You are mercy. You are faithfulness.

We proclaim Jesus is Lord over the United States of America… over our own state of Minnesota… over our cities… over our homes… over our families… over our schools… over our military forces.

Lord, protect our military. Protect the Israeli military. Protect our schools, Lord. We call for angelic protection, over all the people of God… let the plans of the wicked come to light and be exposed.

Pray against the Hamas day of rage…

I saw this morning that Hamas has called for a day of rage worldwide tomorrow. They’re calling for terrorist attacks and we just pray against that now.

We plead the blood of Jesus now over all of God’s people, over all innocent lives… businesses… schools… homes… transportation… airplanes, the trains, the cars, the freeways…

We pray God’s protection now over the borders. We plead the blood of Jesus around the borders of our nation… over the borders of Israel. Lord, we stand in the gap. We fill up the breaches. The God who watches over Israel does not slumber or sleep.

Pastor Heather…

You know when you said that, Annie, about Hamas declaring a day of rage, it just made me think of the story in Esther, when Hammon was coming against the Jews and built this gallows and declared a day that they could annihilate the Jews. And I saw that when you said that… And we all know what happened. Hammon was the one that ended up hanging on the gallows that he made for Mordecai. And then the Jews rose up and they defeated those people that were against them.

Pray the days of Esther…

And so let’s just let’s pray into that a little bit more and declare that just like what happened in the day of Esther, that though they’re saying a day of rage and they’re getting all pompous, the Lord is going to bring them down. It’s God’s people! You do not touch God’s people. So let’s pray into that.

Father, we thank you. We bind this assignment right now in the name of Jesus. We bind these words that there will be a day of rage. We bind that in the name of Jesus. Now in Jesus’ name. And we thank you, Father, that just like in the days of Esther, those very words that they spoke out against your people will turn back on them.

Father, in the name of Jesus, that those arrows are turned around and pointed back at them, that these words that they are declaring and boasting and pride and arrogance, that you’re bringing them down, Father.

That on this day tomorrow, a day that they declare a day of rage will become a day of judgment for them in Jesus’ name.

We declare that over Hamas right now in Jesus’ name … that as they are trying to rise themselves up against you, against your plan, against your people, you raise up a standard against them, that the very words they spoke out, turn and come back on them in Jesus’ name. We declare it now.

We thank you for your protection over your people, over the entire world, every nation, every people, that whoever’s hearing this, wherever there’s terrorists that are hearing this and are making plans, those plans come to naught.

In Jesus’ name, we speak against terror, we speak against rage, we speak against evil in the name of Jesus.

We bind every evil assignment of the enemy right now in Jesus’ name. Devil, you are not in charge. God is in charge and His way will prevail. He is God and no one and nothing can stop His plans and so we declare that today over all the nations.

We say, rise up, nations, rise up Christians, rise up Israel, people of God, rise up and take the place that God has given you that every enemy is under your feet in Jesus’ name.

And so we declare this to be a victory for the Lord, that all the world would see the victory that the Lord has given His people, how He has protected them, how He has raised them up during this attack, and how He protects His nation, His people, the apple of his eye.

We declare that declare that over the United States. We thank you that we are a Christian nation in Jesus’ name. That is how we were founded. We might not be acting like it, but that is our foundation. And so now we declare your protection over the United States in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Lynne charged us as a church to pray for Israel…

Well, let’s take a minute. My heart was to pray for Israel today. I was listening on Tuesday, Pastor Lynne charged us as a church to pray for Israel. And she made a video and if you want to see that, that’s on either Living Word’s Facebook page or our YouTube page. And you can see it’s something that she posted on Tuesday about praying for Israel.

And the biggest thing she reminded us that this war is a spiritual battle. It’s not just a flesh and blood war. And sometimes we want to think that that’s what it is, but it’s not. It is a spiritual battle. And so as Christians, what do we do? She said we are to read Psalm 83 and Psalm 20. And she said, when we read Psalm 83, we read it to the devil and all his cohorts. And as the Church of the Living God, we are pronouncing judgment on Islam. And as we read Psalm 20, we are praying protection over Israel.  

She said to notice at the end of Psalm 83, the reason that God says from this judgment, they will see and know that God lives. And so we’re praying judgment, but also it’s like a reckoning. It’s like a time for them to see that God lives, that they are fighting against the living God. So we as a church of the living God are going to pronounce judgment on the devil, on Islam, and this is the way you do it, she says. You go to the Word of God, you get your Bible, and you read it. It’s so simple.

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