Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mary led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I was reminded of this prophecy that Pastor Lynne gave in 1993. The title of it was “Time for Change.” What did Pastor Mac declare at the beginning of the Year? It’s the year of change.

“I said, you’d be changed in My presence, saith the Lord. If you’ve not experienced change in your life, if your old ways are still prevailing, if your old man is still in evidence, you’d have not spent the time with Me that I desire. It isn’t a matter of just self-control or disciplining your flesh with no help from Me. If you’ll spend time in My presence, you will be changed. Your pattern of life will be changed. Your old man will begin to pass away. Your new man will begin to rise up in the image of My Son. Your life will begin to bear much fruit. The evidence of your walk with Me will change as a result of spending much time in My presence. The evidence of your walk with me. So you’re having trouble getting rid of an old habit, if you’re having trouble with your marriage, if your family relationships aren’t quite right or they aren’t changing, you’re not spending the time with Me that would enable that change to come to pass. Your desire and motivation of your heart to walk uprightly before Me is a product of becoming so close to Me that you do not want to bring any hurt to Me. In natural relationships, when you love someone, you want to do the right things for them. You don’t want to hurt them. Well, as you spend time with Me, saith God, as you spend time in My presence, we’ll develop a relationship that’s closer than any earthly relationship. It will shape the pattern of your living. You’ll want to conform your ways to My Word simply because it’s the desire of your heart. Your life will change but it will be a product of your spending time with Me.”

That prophecy is still good today. Pastor Lynne gave that by the Holy Ghost in 1993. Here in 2017, the presence of God, we need it even more now than we did then. Let’s sing again.

Group enters into worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I read two things about Smith Wigglesworth. He was a man of God’s presence, for sure. He’d have prayer meetings where no one could stay the whole time because the presence of God would be so manifest that people would have to leave the room they couldn’t take it. Lester Sumrall wrote some things about him because he spent time with him in England. Lester was ministering. It was a time when Hitler was moving from country to country and a knock came on his door. They said, “You have to leave in ten days because it’s looking like England will be taken over also.” That’s how critical it was. He went to Smith Wigglesworth’s house. He had been there many times and he went there to say goodbye. Smith laid hands on him and began to declare over him for his ministry. I want to read a couple things from the book.

Then he stopped a moment, opened his eyes and said, “I wish to tell you something,” and his eyes looked as Elijah’s must have when he saw the chariots of fire coming.” I said, “Yes?”

He exclaimed, “I see it. I see it.”

I asked, “What do you see?”

Shutting his eyes again, he said, “I see the greatest revival in the history of mankind coming to Planet Earth, maybe as never before. And I see the dead raised. I see every form of disease healed. I see whole hospitals emptied with no one there. Even the doctors are running down the streets shouting.”

He told me that there would be untold numbers of uncountable multitudes that would be saved. No man will say “so many, so many” because nobody will be able to count those who come to Jesus. No disease will be able to stand before God’s people.

It will be a worldwide situation, not local, he said, a worldwide thrust of God’s power and God’s anointing upon mankind. …

My feeling is that this revival will not last a long time, but that it will come upon young men and women who are not well-known nor greatly appreciated. Suddenly, their names will be everywhere because of the mighty move of God in their ministries.

In the last couple of years, perhaps twenty-five different pastors in twenty-five different places have said to me that the Lord has told them this mighty worldwide revival will begin in their locations. I have just smiled and thought, “Well, I don’t care where it starts, just so I get to be in on it.”

That’s a good attitude. Wherever it starts, we want to be in on it.

This is interesting and it reminds of me “spirit of faith.” We should operate with the spirit of faith, believing that what we say will come to pass. 2nd Corinthians 4:13 says “It is written, I believed therefore I have spoken,” taken out of Psalms, “Since we have that same spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore we speak.” We always talk about words. Lester Sumrall got in a Smith Wigglesworth meeting and he had a healing line in front of the church. He came to this church. The pastor took him out to lunch. He said he was in the city. We decided to go to one of the fanciest restaurants for lunch on Sunday. When we came into the restaurant, someone took his coat, hung it up for him. He looked around like an eagle. Only wealthy people ate in this restaurant. Instead of sitting down, he took a fork and began to hit the side of a glass with it. Bing, bing, bing. Everybody stopped eating. Here was Wigglesworth, a handsome looking man beating his water glass. Then he raised his hand and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve noticed since arriving here that none of you prayed before you ate your food. You resemble a bunch of hogs to me. You just jump in and eat without giving thanks to the One that provided it for you. Bow your heads and I’ll pray for you.” Everybody bowed their heads. The pastor said, “I could have crawled under the table very easily and gotten out of the way so people wouldn’t see me.” Wigglesworth just raised his hands and prayed for those people. Before we left the restaurant, however, two families came over and got saved. Then I was ashamed of myself for not being as strong as Wigglesworth.

Here’s another one. I love this one. He said he was in this meeting preaching. As he went down the line, instead of saying, “What’s wrong with you?” He’d go “What’s up?” So when he got to this man lying on a bed wearing only a little hospital gown that tied in the back, Wigglesworth asked the doctor with the man, “What’s up?” The doctor explained his patient was dying of cancer. Wigglesworth asked, “Where is it?” The doctor replied, “It’s in his stomach.” The evangelist promptly balled up his fist and hit the man in the stomach so hard the man appeared to die. His hands fell off the bed and the doctor began to scream, “He’s dead!” He looked up at Wigglesworth and he said, “You’re killed him. The family will sue you.” Wigglesworth calmly looked at the doctor and said, “He’s healed.” He did not stop but kept on walking down the line praying. About ten minutes later, the man came down the line behind Wigglesworth on the platform. He’d stood up, moved the doctor to one side and was walking around in that funny little hospital gown with his backside hanging out before more than 3,000 people. He did not have one thought for his appearance. He had his hands up over his head and screaming, “I’m healed!” Even the doctor had developed faith. He was right behind the sick bed yelling, “He’s healed!” The man caught up with Wigglesworth. He said behind Wigglesworth, “I have no pain. I feel wonderful inside. I have energy.” Wigglesworth never even turned around to look at him. He just said, “Thank God for it” and went on praying for the people. It was no big surprise to Wigglesworth. He already knew the man was healed.

Erika prayed…

He will speak to you and reveal to you and disclose to you and transmit to you the things that you’re to do, the things you’re to say, the things you’re supposed to speak, where you’re supposed to be. That’s the way it’s supposed to be in the church of the living God in these last days. So, Father, we’re not looking to a man. We’re only looking to You. Our eyes are upon You, for You have everything we need and everything the world needs. We’re looking for the glorious transformation of the glorious church. That we would operate in the same spirit, that we would operate just like our big brother, Jesus. That there would be no hesitation, that there would be no wondering. There would be no wandering or wavering in the things that the Father speaks to us. So, Father, we’re trusting and believing in You. We’re going to do what it takes in order to get what You’ve said is ours and available. Not only for us but for the world, Father. So we thank You that You’ve called us to live in this day and hour. You knew exactly what it would take. You knew for each one of us what we would need and how we should look and operate and function. So we thank You for the church. Thank You for the mighty Holy Spirit. That You never leave us or forsake us. You didn’t leave us as orphans, but You gave us Your Word and Spirit. We believe for that great awakening and the outpouring of the Spirit in these last days. Multitudes coming into the kingdom of God. Multitudes to be healed and delivered. Multitudes, Father! For You wait for the precious fruit of the earth. And we thank You that we can be and will be co-laborers with You in Your great work.

Pastor Ray interjected…

I know the biggest part in all of that is for us to obey, to do what we hear Him say. We’re not responsible to try to make something happen. We’re responsible to speak and stay strong and never quit. Never give up. Never just say, “Whatever… that’s never going to work out.” But stay in that attitude of faith believing all the way. Even if it’s an impossible situation in a hospital, just stay with it. Stay strong all the way through… by faith!


Father, we don’t look at the things seen, but at the things unseen
We declare this nation is moving in the right way
It’s moving toward You, Father
More opportunities are being taken advantage of by the church
The church is rising up and set ourselves in harmony an agreement with the rest of the body
We pray over Washington DC and the white house
We pray over room to room to room in Jesus’ name
Thank You for the right words to speak
Thank You for Your wisdom… into the new… moving into new territories
Changing things that have not been changed for year after year after year
Clearing out debris in Jesus’ name
Clearing out the lies and hidden things and bring them to the light
We cover our President and all those in authority all across this nation with the blood
We declare it’s going up… on the increase… momentum has already begun
Changes that have taken place are just the tip of the iceburg
Many more changes will come
We declare it by faith
Things are turning
We pray for protection and plead the blood over every leader and declare protection for them
No weapon formed against them will prosper
Their minds and hearts are strong and open to Your presence and will, Lord
The churches that have been abandoned, we pray that more would come back
Those that left for one reason or another, we pray for them to come back
Revival! A revival… we need it, we’re hungry for it, we’re calling for it
Church to church to church to church

The living stones, Father, we lift them before You
Built upon the foundation of Jesus, upon the Word
Going about doing good
For such a time as this… each day… progress all along the way… increase all along the way…
All of the inroads into those places, Father; we lift them before You
We call for a clearing…
We thank You for time-released anointings
In this day and hour
For those young men and women, ministry gifts you’ve set in the church
For they’re arising now in this day
For greater boldness, courage, and utterance
Going about… no matter what You ask or require, we have everything we need
Grace sufficient for the day and the hour, Father
We thank You for vision and passion and determination in the church
Restoration of visions that have been clouded and fogged over
Father, to be renewed and restored once again
Taking up the call… taking it up once again saying yes we will and yes we can
Moving forward, joining together for the accomplishment of the task
The spirit of seeing and knowing
The great function of the church of the living God
Operations and manifestations of Your Spirit
Individual calls and collective calls… getting together to accomplish the great task
It’s a divine strategy… the divine call of God
Each one translate that from the tables of their heart into articulation and utterance, the very intracasies of the plan laid out before the church
The mobile church… that church that moves and goes…
The church ready instant and in season all the time with the words of the Lord on their lips
Filled with the compassion of almighty God… a mercy flow… entering into the mercy flow
Into the very highways and the byways… going into places that have been forbidden so to speak
Father, going with boldness and courage, love and compassion
Moving out in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit
We see it and receive that great call, once again, Father
That You have in deed and in truth anointed us
The anointing of the Spirit is upon you… thank You, Father, that You’ve entrusted human vessels with Your power and glory
We say “yes,” Father… no matter the cost, we say “yes, here we are”

It is sure to develop… the developments, Father
And the… alignment of and by Your Spirit, O God
All along the time line… ordered and ordained by Your Spirit, O God
Hearing and obeying… obedience of and by Your Spirit
Implicit obedience… responding to the Spirit
No longer waiting but by Your Spirit
The flow, the flow, the flow… fluidity in the body… responses

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