Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, November 20, 2017

Annie led group in worship…

♪ Day and night, night and day, let praises rise… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

That would be a great Thanksgiving song. Day and night, night and day. In other words, 24/7. He deserves all the glory and the honor and thanksgiving. We give it to You today. You deserve all the glory.

This morning, I remembered before the election happened, a couple years ago, when the Lord said to Billye, “There’s only one thing that will save America and it’s not the election. It’s an awakening to God.”

We lift up our President and our leaders. We have faith in God and His awakening by His Spirit that will save America. No man can do it. But God will do it as we keep praying. Billye also said one thing will avail for Israel and the nations is an awakening to God. It’s a worldwide thing.

With that thought in mind, this is a book called “They Saw It Happen!” about four men of God: Evan Roberts, Charles Price, Raymond Richey, and Charles Parham. It was compiled by Gordon Lindsay. It’s about people who were witnesses about what took place then. Not that we want to go back, but it’s good to read up on “why?” Why did a revival take place in Wales with such power? I wanted to read a couple things.

Evan Roberts

The preaching was a return to “the blood that stained the old rugged cross.” The cross was unveiled in a fresh and vivid power, while thousands looked; men and women were smitten with the grief and triumph of Calvary, and the Holy Ghost in Pentecostal power bore witness to the Cross. And the once dismembered body of the church, that had been torn asunder by petty grievances and the hair-splitting of doctrine, found itself rallied, as by a voice from heaven, to the banner of the Cross. Manmade denominational barriers completely collapsed as believers and pastors of all denominations together worshiped their majestic Lord.

Pastor Ray interjected…

Isn’t that what we need? Every barrier broken. Let’s picture the stadium for the Pulse event. Over 60,000… many, many different denominational backgrounds. Barriers broken down in Jesus’ name. We pray for a spirit of unity by the Holy Spirit. We pray for that event. Thank You for all the things that need to be done and the preparations that need to be made and the finances to carry it out. We pray that inside that stadium, Your presence will be so manifested that even those that came in thinking they were right and others were wrong will change their minds and hearts. And the softening power of Your Holy Spirit would sweep through that place. We pray for every speaker, every musician, singer in the event. We declare it shall come to pass with great glory and it’ll be a picture of what we just read, that petty grievances, hair splitting of doctrine will be done away with. Manmade denominational barriers would collapse. As believers and pastors of all denominations come together and worship You, Lord.

The presence of the Lord God moved among the people. As one written account of the revival stated, “The glorious fact and outstanding feature of the mighty awakening in Wales was that the sense of the Lord’s presence was everywhere throughout the entire nation. It bore the witness of thousands of young converts rejoicing in the thrill of their newfound Redeemer. These were drunk with the new wine of the Spirit and like the young converts in the book of Acts, they went everywhere preaching the Word, without the authority of man—having the ordination of the Holy Spirit.”

And what effect did it have on the nation as a whole? The newspapers of that day reveal the profound, practical influence of the Wales revival on the masses. The Bible Society’s records show that over three times the number of Bibles was sold than before the revival broke out. The reading of light literature was exchanged for Bible reading and shops were cleared of their stocks of Bibles and Testaments. Prayer meetings were held in coal mines underground, in trains and in all kinds of unexpected places. It changed the order of men’s minds—they went singing to work and came home singing. The cinemas closed, the public houses (bars) closed; and people paid their debts of long standing. A restitution—a “making things right” was the order of the day. Families were reunited, long severed friends reconciled. Hearts flowed together in true fellowship of the Lord. Along with the spirit of unity and love came the spirit of sacrifice and the wondrous spirit of liberty, which strikingly bears the marks of Pentecost. It was not an unusual thing to see a young girl of 18 speak under the evident control of the Holy Ghost. The servants and handmaidens were prophesying as foretold by Joel.

Pastor Ray interjects…

I love getting pictures of things that took place and if He did it then, He’ll do it again. There’s one other portion.

As we get “caught-up” in the recalling of what some consider “The greatest spiritual revival of our century,” (quoted from Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine) we can’t help but wonder “What was the secret?” Evan Roberts answered this question himself: “We have seen the miracles of God’s love tonight—and what is the secret? The secret is that we have worked and obeyed.” But he also said, “But let no one pray for a mighty baptism of power who is not prepared for deep heart searchings and confession of sin…”

Now I want to read a short quote from Asuza that goes along with this.

Reverend A.G. Osterberg, a prominent figure in the Full Gospel world on the West Coast was an eyewitness of the Azusa revival. He gives some interesting sidelights to events that occurred in this remarkable move of the Spirit. In an interview with the author, he said:

I have been asked relative to the outpouring of the Spirit in the Azusa Street Mission, “What in your judgment was the outstanding spiritual phenomenon of the revival?” My reply was, “Without question in my judgment, it can be answered in one word, namely ‘tears.’

Having been a Christian since boyhood, my observation has been that the greatest hindrance in the entire realm of revivals … is the hardness of heart and spirit. Its cause is spiritual rebellion against God, exercised in an embezzled human sovereignty … among Christians hardness of heart is probably the greatest single obstacle and hindrance to revivals … The Azusa revival began, where every revival should rightly begin, in repentant tears. It began in tears, it lived in tears, and when the tears ended, the Azusa revival ended.

Tears of guilt confession; tears of fault confession; tears in humble contrition; … tears of self-denial and abnegation, in expression of soul humility, until high-mindedness was brought low; … tears of sheer gladness and heavenly joy; Holy Ghost tears intermingling testimony and praise, often overflowing upon the congregation as a benediction from the battlements of glory … All the mechanical arrangements in the world would be unable to arrange such a program. All the great preachers of earth’s dominion could not accomplish it. It was inspired and divinely procured by the Holy Ghost.

Annie led group in worship…


Father, we rededicate ourselves to You
We ask for the fire to burn out everything that hinders us from doing Your plan you gave us individually and corporately
Thank You for the fire
Let hardness of heart leave in Jesus’ name
Break it up like the earth is plowed up
That we might be softened in our hearts
In the body of Christ, that that revival would flow, move, go across ministry after ministry
Town after town, city after city, state after state in the United States
That this nation would be the nation under God
We hold the blood against division of any kind in or out of the church
We declare “we are one nation under You.”
Thank You for waking up the Church… that the church would be like the giant in Tommy Hick’s vision
It would shake off the debris and hearts would soften to You
We yield ourselves to more of You
We pray for the children, over Maranatha, every child that attends Maranatha
We pray for soft hearts, those that do not know You as Savior… that they would have an awakening
Eyes open and ears open
Thank You for the move of Your Spirit in our school, room to room… over every teacher
Hearts soft for you
Thank You for Pastor Brian Sullivan… every staff member of the school… may the blood cover them
We receive Your presence in every room, on every teacher and student
All those graduates that went another way, we call them back to You
We call them in… we plead the blood of Jesus over them
In the halls, the games they play…
Schools everywhere would begin to turn and change toward You
We pray over the universities for a turnaround in Jesus’ name
We declare a change in Jesus’ name… a change in God’s way and plans
Revival in the universities and schools all across the nation
Schools founded on You and Your Word will come back to where they were
We dig up those wells
We lift up the President and VP Pence and congress and senate, every military branch, those in positions of authority
We cover them with the blood
That they would rise up
We pray over their voices that they would rise up
The fire lighters, in Jesus’ name… thank You for the fire
New ways of seeing things… new paradigm shifts… new shifts… new wisdom and understanding… open, open, open
We repent for ever missing it… for hardened hearts
Thank You for new steps…

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