Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, January 15, 2018

Anne led group in worship…

Erika shared…

I’m going to read something from a book entitled, “The Power That Changes the World” by Bill Johnson. I like what he has to say.

History Speaks

History testifies against those without this hope for transformation, as the transformation of cities and nations has been done before. It happened in both the Old and New Testaments. We must give ourselves to “keep the testimony” (see Deut. 6:17) of transformation and position ourselves for the same in our lifetime.

Careful study shows us it is possible for the values of heaven to affect how life is lived here on earth. All that is needed is a group of people who will lay everything on the line to believe for God’s best in their generation as they explore the nature of His world. It is the testimony of the Great Awakenings. In reality, the supernatural breakthroughs of the past are putting a demand on us to believe for the same in our day. The history of divine intervention is summoning us into the future. This is our destiny and call. It is another paradox of the Kingdom to see the past pull us into our future. Only God’s history can do that.

On July 17, 1859, Charles Spurgeon, one of the greatest preachers of all time, brought a message entitled “The Story of God’s Mighty Acts.” In this sermon, he declared how the miracles of divine intervention in the past have the power to shape the present. Listen to his cry.

“When people hear about what God used to do, one of the things they say is “Oh, that was a very long while ago.” … I thought it was God that did it. Has God changed? Is He not an immutable God, the same yesterday, today, and forever? Does not that furnish an argument to prove that what God has done at one time He can do at another? Nay, I think I may push it a little further and say what He has done once is a prophecy of what He intends to do again … Whatever God has done … is to be looked upon as a precedent … Let us with earnestness seek that God would restore to us the faith of the men of old, that we may richly enjoy His grace as in the days of old.”

It is irresponsible to position ourselves for the return of Christ at the expense of bringing about the transformation He commanded of us. His return is certain and will be glorious! But it is not my job to go to heaven. Only He can get me there. My assignment is to bring heaven to earth through my prayers and acts of radical obedience. To ignore my assignment is to fail in helping create the atmosphere that makes it possible for the right plants to grow—the plants that are the actual evidence of the reformation we long for, that are tangible expressions of the kindness of God that leads to repentance.

Architects of Culture

We are architects of culture. We make daily decisions that either contribute to a culture shaped by values of the Kingdom of God or that undermine such a culture. We must live to affect the thoughts, values and purposes of the world around us. People with a clear vision are much more likely to influence these realms as they live with intention. Many of those around us come to their own conclusions about these things in the absence of a clear voice. Such misdirected values are the product of disappointment, fatherlessness and sin. But there is a better way. It is possible to be an intentional voice, illustrating the wonders of the Kingdom of God. The need of the hour is a voice, followed by an example. We model these values in our relationships, both with those who are for us and those who are against us. When honor is displayed in both situations, we gain the right to speak. And speak we must, in order for the mystery of the power of preaching to be realized.

We illustrate values with how we steward our God-given moments in life. Values that are driven by love and hope are easy for a city to fully embrace. This is our God-given mandate.

Erika continued…

I like that. Some people say, “Why do you keep talking about the great awakening and revivals in the past?” Well, because it’s pulling us into the future! That’s where we’re going. I like what Pastor Mac had to say. He didn’t have a “prophetic utterance” about it, but he sensed that something really good is in store for us in 2018. And if you look across the board in the body of Christ, many are saying the same thing. Certainly there will be challenges. The dark is getting darker. But that doesn’t change God. Hello? So the future is getting brighter for those of us who believe and who are walking in the light of His Word.

If you would like to purchase the book, “The Power That Changes the World” by Bill Johnson, please contact LW Store online or call 763.315.7015.


Father, we thank You that You are working by Your mighty acts
We pray for all those in authority
We lift up President Trump and his family, his staff and cabinet members
We ask that Your Word would cling to them and let them not depart from Your plan
We ask that you would strengthen them in their inner man and they would stand against wickedness, lies and deception
That you would guide President Trumps decisions… that Your light would shine upon his path
A path of reversal for every evil way
Surround him with godly men and women… thank You for the Bible study and prayer meetings in the White House
We plead the blood of Jesus over them
That evil ways would come to nothing… deliver us from the enemy’s traps and snares
Let the wicked be caught in their own devices
We plead the blood over all our borders and we loose angels to watch, guard, and protect this nation
Prideful and lying lips will be silenced in Jesus’ name
We pray for congress, supreme court and military leaders and intelligence agencies… we say the wisdom of God to reign over them and over this nation
We bind spirits of strife and division, civil wars, and tumults, spirits of hostility
Salvation, revival and restoration across our land
We speak Your Word with all boldness and pray for a mighty outpouring of Your Spirit with wonders and miracles
A hunger for Your Word and presence
There is a great awakening taking place in this nation
We apply the blood over our school systems… that they be overtaken by God Himself
That You would raise up men and women as teachers… we ask for a great awakening in our universities
We lift up medical facilities, clinics, hospitals… that there would be an outpouring of Your Spirit there
You are the healer… many signs and wonders and outpouring of Your Spirit in the medical professions across the nation
Thank You for the fivefold ministry gifts… grant utterance in the Holy Ghost… messages on fire
We are looking for supernatural strength on the inside
Moving out into the highways and byways… with a greater purpose, a greater vision, a greater plan, a greater fire
With witty ideas and inventions, stepping up to the plate… I know the answer! God has shown me the answer
Making a way where there is no way… breakthroughs… going through… pressing through… I see the way… navigating… out of the maze … out of the muck and more… into the highway of God… the higher ways of God… lifted above… with a new view… those things are under our feet… and another one along the way joining together by the spirit… we call for that… every position and every slot filled in by the Holy Ghost… no brakes… all of the rank and file… moving together as one man… orders from heaven… orders heard and orders obeyed… not even moved by that… vision and purpose… with our faces set as a flint… greater and greater… movement and momentum… we call for that… the filling in on the sidelines so to speak… on the outside…we call for all of the ranks… to step onto the parade ground so to speak… step in and take your place… more and more… we call for that… a filling in … nothing missing, nothing broken… all across the lines… we believe You for that… yes, to be joined… that’s a mission and plan… to execute, to implement the plans… it is a call… a call to attention… a call to arms so to speak… the hearing ear and the seeing eye… by Your Spirit we hear what the Spirit has to say… we see what You’ve planned for these days… accuracy in that realm by Your Spirit… walking carefully… clearly hearing and seeing… definition of Your Spirit given in this day… my, my, my… thank You, Lord! Glory to God… Thank You, Father, that we get to be participators in this… we’re so grateful and eagerly expecting it…

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