Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, May 28, 2021

Peg led group in worship…
Cindy led in prayer…

Jesus, you made the way for us to know the Father. Whoever has the Son has life. Whoever doesn’t have the Son does not have life. His life is in the Son. Jesus, thank you for making the way for us to know the Father. Thank you, Jesus… that we may be one, that’s the Lord’s prayer.

Todd White was here the other day and he said that’s the Lord’s prayer. And then today I opened up my daily Bible to read what today’s passage was and it was John 17. “And this is the way to eternal life to know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth.” Thank you, Jesus. He had a plan. He had a plan from the foundation of the world. To buy us back. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father

John 17:9, “my prayer is not for the world, but for those you have given me because they belong to you and all of them since they are mine belong to you and you have given them back to me.” And I love this. “So they are my glory.” You want to know what Jesus’ glorious is? It’s you all. He has reconciled us unto the Father. “Now I’m departing the world. I’m leaving them behind and coming to you, holy Father. Keep them and care for them. All those you have given me so that they will be united just as we are.”

He had a plan.

“During my time here, I’ve kept them safe. I guarded them so that not one was lost except one headed for destruction as the scriptures foretold. And now I’m coming to you.” Oh, I just love that. Jesus came from the Father. He had the plan. He walked it out fully and it went full circle. He went back to the Father. Why? So that we could be in the Father’s love. So we could be in His presence.

“I’ve told them many things while I was with them. So they wouldn’t be filled with my joy.” I love that too. God’s words. The things that He spoke were for our joy, for our strength… to strengthen us, to keep us in that place of abiding in His love, knowing He loves us so much and the Gospel is the good news and it causes joy.

“I’ve given them your Word and the world hates them because they do not belong to the world. Just as I do not. I’m not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one. They are not part of this world any more than I am.” I love that. Hallelujah. “Make them pure and holy by teaching them your words of truth; as you sent me into the world, I’m sending them into the world and I give myself entirely to you. So they also might be entirely yours.”

He made the way.

“I’m praying not only for these disciples, but all who will ever believe in me.” That would be us. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus. Because of their testimony. Wow. “I’m praying not only for these disciples, but also for all who will ever believe in me because of their testimony.” And when I was reading this this morning, I took a little trip to the woman at the well, and she came to the well, and she drew water for Jesus. But Jesus said, “I have water that you should ask me for.” He told her everything about herself and she went back and told all of the people and they came and then they believed. But they heard for themselves. And then they believed because of their testimony. They had a testimony of having an experience with God, and everybody has that invitation to not just read the words, but to actually have that word live in them and speak to them and give them joy and strength and let them know who they are. They are the glory of Jesus.

So when we look into this world, it reflects back and we become who He has designated us to be in Christ. His glory, shining bright, hallelujah. They heard for themselves. And because of His words, many more believers. Hallelujah. So it says, “Father, I want these whom you’ve given me to be with me so they can see my glory. See who you are, who you really are. You have been called to be conformed to His very image. We are in the Father and the Father is in us. We’re in Jesus. And Jesus is in us. We are one. This is His eternal purpose, which He wrought in Christ Jesus. This is His to display the wisdom of God to all the principalities. That’s why we’re here. We’re on assignment to display His glory. Hallelujah.

“You gave me the glory because you loved me even before the world began. Oh, righteous Father, the world doesn’t know you, but I do. These disciples know you sent me and I have revealed you to them and will keep on revealing you. I will do this so that your love for me, maybe in them and I in them.” Praise God. Hallelujah. “And then the world will know. Why? Because we are reflecting His image in the earth. We are reflecting His glory.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

“And all of them since they are mine belong to you and you have given them back to me. So they are my glory.

Jesus, we thank you. We keep our eyes on you, on what your purpose is, on what your plan is, and that is that you would be made known to the world through these earthen vessels. That, Father, that we would like look upon you and gaze on you and behold you and abide in you. And that the world would know that you are good and your mercy endures forever. Hallelujah. This is the hope of glory. (tongues) that your glory would flood the earth… we have to have your glory, Father… The very image of Jesus … you walked it out, Father, you made it known… and as we walk with you and …  you are making yourself known. Even more you’re revealing it says … even more you reveal… If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father… the very image of Jesus … because I behold Him …. doing the work stuff… the works that have already been predestined for us to do… That is your will … The good works, which you accomplished… Most of the world would touch, taste, and feel and see that you are good… so, Father, we’re thanking you for the signs, the miracles, the divine… the things that cause men to bow and say, God is truly among us … and receive the goodness of His good pleasure… for you are good, Father, and your mercy endures forever… and many will believe on your name… for all you have planned … for all you have purposed…  the good works, Father… we’re meeting them out and you are being revealed every day… we long for your appearing in these ways, Father, that have already been appointed to us… We thank you for hearing ears and seeing eyes that we would not just pass by opportunities and just fail to consider that they are your appointed times for us, Lord, but we keep ourselves awake. We stir up the gift that’s within us… and delight in your Word because your Word brings joy… it brings joy, it brings direction, it brings counsel … that we would know the ways to go and that we’re becoming more deeply intimately acquainted with your ways because we’re walking with you, abiding with you … showing every step is brighter and brighter because every step is revealing Jesus to the world… thank you, Lord. Hallelujah.

DJ led group in prayer and worship …

You are the God who heals us. Many years ago, probably 10 or 15 years ago, my brother-in-law in India was very, very sick. He didn’t know the Lord. I called up a pastor in India, “if you can go to my brother-in-law’s house.” But then he ended up in the hospital, with critical conditions. And I asked the pastor in India to go to the hospital. So he went a few times and prayed for him. Time passed by, my brother-in-law passed away. Then I went to India and found out that he led him to the Lord. One night I was sleeping and saw my brother-in-law in the heavens dressed up, happy and smiling with joy and full of glory. Hallelujah.

A few years back, I brought someone to the church, 11 o’clock service. His name was Russ Richardson. He’s the only one person gets saved in 11 o’clock service when Pastor Mac say, “if anybody want to receive Jesus, come forth.” He’s the only one to walk up there and get saved and he was shaking hand with Pastor Mac. On the big screen, I see him smiling, and joyful. How little I know that few months later, he would pass away. But I saw him in the heavens, smiling and dressed up.

I speak to the migraine headache. You leave … walk and be healed in the name of Jesus Christ… that migraine headache, you must go, must leave and not return… Hallelujah, Father, we thank you for your presence. Thank you, Lord. All your plans are good.

In the name of Jesus, we cover our church in the precious blood of Jesus. Oh yes, Father, we cover all the pastors. All the pastor’s wives in the name of Jesus. We cover them in the blood of Jesus. We cover Living Word Christian center in the blood of Jesus. We start speaking the blessing of God will come on the people of God in this church, Lord God. We break the power of the enemy in the name of Jesus and cancel every assignment assigned against our pastor or people, the children and the grandchildren. We cover them in the blood of Jesus. We break the power of the enemy against the finances of this church in the name of Jesus. We see money come to Living Word… people may prosper… may be in good health, their souls prosper. …

And forget not all his benefits who forgives all our sins and remember not our iniquity that heals us from every disease. I thank you, Father, you will instruct us, to teach us the way we should go… we will not dash our foot against the stone… when we don’t know what to pray, praying in the spirit … the Spirit searches the heart and knows the mind of the Spirit… thank you, Father. all understanding God, our heart and mind in Christ. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind. The Spirit searches the deep things, even the deep things of God. I thank you. You’re guiding us, leading the way.

We are led by your Spirit… we are led by your peace … which way to go, what we need to do, make a decision… buy this, do this, not do this… you teach us the way we should go…

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