Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, June 08, 2018

Pastor Ray shared…

As soon as I woke up this morning, I had it in my heart to do more work in other tongues than we’ve been doing. I remembered this book on a compilation of different ministers talking about praying in other tongues. The first one was from John Osteen. He talked about before he was filled with the Holy Spirit, he was against it. He was meeting for lunch a minister friend of his who was Spirit filled. His friend said, “We just had the most awesome, Holy Ghost service last week.” John Osteen said he responded courteously to him and listened to his friend. He said this young teenage girl was in the service and she got lost in the Spirit. And John thought to himself, “Yeah, the next thing she’ll be in a hospital or insane asylum.” This pastor said she started praying in other tongues, lost in the Spirit, and immediately a pastor from Africa stood up and said, “That young lady is praying in my native tongue from Africa and she’s declaring worship and praise unto the Lord.” And John said it was like a bomb went off inside of him. He thought “Maybe I’m missing it. Maybe this is true.”

Brother Hagin has written a lot about praying in other tongues. This is what he said about the subject:

Speaking with tongues is a means of spiritual edification. And if you want to be able to edify others, you’re going to have to be edified yourself! I believe this is one reason that many people are not the blessing to others that they could be—they don’t edify themselves. They don’t take time to build themselves up spiritually by speaking in tongues. But when believers get themselves built up, they can then help bless others. When we pray and speak with other tongues, it helps us be conscious of God’s divine, supernatural Presence in our lives through the Holy Spirit.

Howard Carter was one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal movement and the founder of one of the oldest Pentecostal Bible schools in the world. He once said, “We must not forget that the speaking with other tongues is not only an initial evidence of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, it is a continual experience for the rest of his [the believer’s] life to assist in the worship of God! It is a flowing stream that should never dry up and that will enrich the life spiritually.”

Continuing to pray and to worship God in tongues helps us to ever be conscious of God’s holy Presence in our lives. And if we are conscious of His Presence, it is bound to affect the way we live. Friends, if we are conscious of the fact that the Holy One lives in us, then we’re going to live holy. There is tremendous value and eternal reward for living holy, consecrated lives before the Lord. And one way you can appropriate the power of the Holy Spirit to live holy lives before God is by praying in the Holy Ghost; speaking in other tongues!

The pastor that assembled these quotes is Pastor Curtis. He said this:

Spending much time praying in tongues will help you to be able to be a greater blessing to others, be more sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit, live lives that are more pleasing to God, strengthen yourself spiritually and increase the anointing corporately and do much, much more. Is it any wonder that Satan hates it and desires to keep you from doing it?

I want to share one other quote by Pastor Fred Smolchuck:

Numerous incidents can be related of times when a saint of God felt burdened for another. On one occasion, during prayer there was a period of speaking in tongues with the burden for the individual heavy on the heart of the intercessor. Weeks, months, or even years later, it was finally revealed that the person who was prayed for was at the moment of intercession or shortly thereafter dramatically helped at a time of great need. Thus, the Spirit was able to pray for the needy one through a yielded human vessel.

Pastor Ray interjected: That reminds me of something that happened several years ago. Morning prayer for some reason had to be relocated into the sanctuary. We were praying for Pastor Mac and Lynne. The anointing was tangible, so much so that when we were done, I thought I’m going to call Pastor Lynne. She said, “I think you need to call Pastor Mac about that.” I didn’t want to bug him about it. But she called him about it and then he called me and said, “In that time of the morning, he was under an attack from the enemy.” It was super strong, coming against him. He said, “At one point, it was like a switch went off—BOOM!—and the whole thing left.” We checked on the time and it was exactly when everyone was praying in the sanctuary. Don’t you love it! What does an experience like that do? It encourages us to do it more.

Speaking in tongues is a demonstration of the divine principle by which we as God’s children can grow, mature, and advance. It shows us how to take advantage of God’s grace and power that he made available for us.

This principle is the key that opens the door to a new, divine dimension, to a more powerful, more effective way of living and working with God. It is the divine equation, the formula that when applied produces the miraculous and develops the “witness” that will captivate the unsaved for Christ.

If by believing, yielding, and obeying the Holy Spirit, you can find yourself speaking a language you never spoke before, then in the same manner and on the same basis when you believe and yield to the Spirit you can find yourself living, growing, producing supernaturally. The glory of God will fill your life. You will be a fruitful, happy Christian.

“This is that” life in the Spirit. How is it lived? By constantly applying the formula God demonstrates in the “tongues” experience: The Holy Spirit’s inspiration upon man, plus man’s obedient response to the Spirit’s prompting, produces extraordinary results.

Pastor Curtis followed that up by saying:

As Christians, it should be our desire to be as effective for the Lord as we can be. We should strive to walk in the joy of the Lord in order to be the witness we should be. This cannot be ultimately reached if we aren’t using our prayer language on a regular basis. Praying in tongues is one way that we give the Holy Spirit control of our lives to accomplish His will in us.

Pastor Ray continued sharing…

I wrote down some things that we could pray about this morning—the nation, President, churches, ministries, pastors, Israel. But then when I got here, I felt like the Lord saying, “Don’t try to name what you think you should pray for first.” We should do that, but today I felt differently. Today we’re not to put any limitation on our prayers. We’re just going to just start praying in the Spirit, in other tongues. We’re going to pray in tongues until we’re not to pray in tongues. So let’s all just start praying in other tongues…

Group corporately prayed in other tongues…

Pastor Ray shared…

Let me just share this with you. After we had been praying for 20 minutes, I went to Brussels in the spirit. Years ago, I went to Brussels on a prayer missions trip with Pastor Kent and others. We went to Lillian and John Rood’s church. Together, we prayed out some things in that city. There is an area called “A grand palace.” It’s a huge square and in years past, they’d hang Christians there. We circled that building praying in other tongues, because we didn’t know what else to pray. This morning I went back there in the spirit and picked up some things that we started back then. Lillian and John Rood are no longer there but there is a remnant that has stayed with the church. Bishop Butler has done some work there and some things have begun to start up again. So we picked that up this morning. In Jesus’ name, we hold that work up again. There are prayer seeds that were prayed years ago, but because there is no time or distance in the spirit, we’re praying about them again this morning. We water these things in the spirit.

Group continued to pray in the spirit…

Pastor Ray shared…

I have another thing I want us to pray about. Two days ago, we talked about a vision Sue Lanari experienced. She used to be on the staff. While we were praying in the sanctuary, she had an open vision. She saw the platform up front covered in money. She saw offering envelopes and monies on the platform piled so high they reached all the way to the screens. She saw this! That just came up in my spirit. So I want to pray for the finances of the church.

Group prayed together in the spirit concerning the finances…

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