Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, January 20, 2023

Brother DJ…

Father, your ways are higher. You are making the way in 2023 when there was no way. You are the way maker, promise keeper, and the light in the darkness.

Good morning, everybody who’s watching this morning.

We’re going to worship the Lord for a few minutes and then we are going to pray. Cindy is going to read something.

Thank you, Father, we worship you. We glorify you on this 2023. There is none like you, Father.

Father, fill us with your power and live inside of us.

The Lord is our shepherd. He makes us to lay us down a green pasture.

He restores our soul… our minds, our hearts, our bodies.

He guides us into the path of his righteousness. He leads us by the still waters.

When we walk through the valley of the shadow death, we fear no evil. You are with us.

You are in us. Thank you, Lord God. You anointed our head with oil that our cup overflow surely. Goodness and mercy.

Lord, you are our refuge, our fortress, our redeemer, our healer, our provider.

We will trust you for our bodies… for our relationships… for our finances.

With long life, He satisfies us and show us His great and mighty salvation.

You’re revealing to us by your Spirit in our inner van what to do, what not to do.

The Spirit searches the heart, know the spirit, and pray. So we pray in the Spirit.

We have the mind of Christ so therefore we think higher level.

We think about those things that are pure, lovely, of a good report.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.

We have the mind of Christ through man. He strengthens us in our inner man

In all our ways, we acknowledge Him and He shall director our paths.

Let’s pray for Living Word Church. Father, we declare that Living Word Christian Center is blessed and covered by the blood of Jesus.

Sister Cindy shared…

Thank you, Father, that you’ve given us authority and no thing is impossible with God

We pray in the spirit and bring forth the words, the rhema of the Spirit, the words that we need to bring forth for the time.

Father, we know that you cause us to escape situations that are not appointed to us because we have an anointing and know all things…

And we pray in the spirit and are built up in our most holy faith. Exercising everything that you’ve appointed for us today.

David Engels song…

I was thinking of this song by David Engels. I’m going to read the lyrics.

“In life there are things that confront us, but I know who to go to in prayer. And when I know not what to pray for, the Spirit takes over from there. Praying in the spirit in a brand new tongue, speaking to my Father and the Son and with my heart believing that the answer has come, praying in the Holy Ghost. Groaning in the Spirit is yet another way for the Spirit knows my Father’s will, and thus He prays. My spirit and my soul, my body coincide as one when I’m praying in the Spirit in a brand-new tongue. When the Spirit makes intercession, there’s no cause at all for despair, for He knows the mind of my Father and He specializes in prayer. And with the heart believing that the answers come praying in the Holy Ghost.”

We thank you, Father, for this gift that marks each one of us individually as your very own.

We all have different fingerprints, but we’re marked by your Spirit and this language is individually our marker.

For we are heard in heaven… great is the peace and undisturbed composure … we’re built up…  renewing our minds to the truth…

And fear is no longer our companion. We don’t bow to fear. Great is the peace and undisturbed composure.

Thank you, Father, that faith comes… the Word of God comes … bubbles up from within. And what is that? That’s a well-timed word. Timed-released anointings of the most holy God.

So we open up our mouths, Father, and we speak by your Spirit and no freshly spoken word is without power of fulfillment

With our mouths, we bless …

With our mouths, we curse Satan … enforce his destruction, which is already decreed

Having a knowing… we have an anointing and know all things.

Comes bubbling up the word in season … the word that breaks down… tears down, uproots, destroys, as well as build. And plants… that’s the word right from the spirit… connecting to the Holy Spirit.

For out of the abundance of our heart, the mouth speaks.

Words that tear down… words that uproot … and destruction is to all the plans of the enemy.

We are discerning and speaking time released anointing … locations in the spirit.

Walking, walking, walking, and taking ahold together with what the Spirit is doing

All of our days are appointed to do your glorious works. And bring pleasure to you, Father… that we would live to do your will.

Living in this place of readiness… so readiness in our heart to desire to and then step out when you say step out … to be your mouthpiece and to declare the wisdom of God… a bright brightness. A brightness of your eternal light.

We know there are zealous people… that are going the wrong way and are following after evil… we’re asking, Father… No! We’re commanding for the light to shine, shine, shine, shine, shine the light of God. For Damascus moments, Father, Damascus moments.

Complete turnarounds. The church of the Living God… walking out the authority that you have given us.

The way of the Lord… making known… living, walking epistles

Jesus walked out the Word. We walk out the Word … and there’s a difference. There’s a discernible difference.

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