Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, April 14, 2023


Good morning, everybody, on this good Friday.

Our Father who’s goodness is running after us. Thank you, Lord. There is no one else like you.

Jesus was crucified and set us free. Now we live to give Him praise for your holy presence living in us.

We’re desperate for you, Father. We are desperate for your presence.

You are the air we breathe. Let Him go into our lungs.

Change our way of thinking. Change the way we walk.

Jesus was crucified and now we’re to give you all the worship and praise.

Praying Psalm 23…

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

Father, we thank you that you anoint our heads with oil.

Anointed directions, anointed ways to think that mind which is in Christ Jesus be in us.

We speak peace to the mind, the heart in Jesus’ name.

Father, we dwell in the secret place of the most high God.

We abide under the shadow of the almighty God, the good shepherd.

I’m saying the Lord is our refuge, fortress, our redeemer, our healer, our provider.

We trust you, Lord. You rescue us from the trap of the enemy, from the snare of the fowler, from sickness and disease.

You covered us with your mighty feathers… under your wings, we have found refuge.

We have a refuge under his wings. Hallelujah.

His great faithfulness is a shield around us. We do not fear the terror of the night because the Lord is our shepherd.

The Word says let no corrupt communication come out of your mouth, but build each other up with our words. Can you believe that we can lift people up with words? He sent His Word and healed them. He lifts them up according to their need. Therefore, no evil shall befall them, nor plague, no virus, no sickness or disease.

But surely goodness and mercy shall follow you and me all the days of our life. Because we have put our trust in Him. We trust in Him.

He was crucified so now we live to worship Him. Your holy presence living in us. Thank you, Lord, for you were wounded for our transgression, bruised for our inequities. The chastisement that brought peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed…


I was thinking about… we can hear about medicine. They tell us how good it is. It’s sitting on the shelf, maybe Tylenol or aspirin, whatever. They tell us how good it is. It’ll heal you. It’ll do this for you if you take one or two pills twice a day or three times a day. The problem with this, it’s sitting there doing nothing unless you pick it up and take it. Then it works.

It’s the same thing with the Word of God. You can hear it. It’s good to hear it because faith come by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. But you could take it by mouth. You have to take it. The Word. Hearing is good, but taking by the mouth, by speaking it. “Father, because your Word, I’m an overcomer. I overcome the world and the devil by the blood of Jesus and the word of my testimony.”

Healing comes not only by hearing the Word but you must take it as a medicine. Jesus poured my sickness and disease upon His own body. Therefore I give no place to sickness or pain, for God sent His Word and healed me and you.

Three or four days ago this week, I woke up. Next thing you know, pain on my left knee. Hey, I didn’t have the pain last night. And then I noticed it’s like a potato size on my left knee. I didn’t panic. I wanted to. And call 10 people and tell them. Nothing to be panicked about. “Be still and know He is God.” Don’t panic. It’s not a tumor. Oh, it’s not a growth. It’s not cancer. It’s just because you hit your knee somewhere. It’s swollen up.

So what I did, Charles Capps healing scripture. I start the CD. “Jesus is the Lord over my life. Sickness and disease have no power over me.” I doubled the dose. I pulled out my notes and said, “For he was wounded for my transgression.” It wasn’t a tumor. It wasn’t a growth. And now, it’s gone!

But you can make it happen the way you want it. Say, “Oh, this is a tumor.” No, it’s not! Little headache doesn’t mean … it’s a headache. And the devil is a liar.

His word is medicine. So I take this medicine. “I thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus. He was wounded for my transgression. He was bruised for my iniquities.”

Cindy shared…

I came in this morning and this song was on my heart. “He was the Word in the beginning.” I don’t remember lyrics so well, but that’s the one. “He was the Word in the beginning.” I didn’t look up the lyrics. I just kind of hummed it. But usually it’s a prophetic something, a directive. So the Word in the beginning.

DJ gets up early in the morning, gets the Word in him at the beginning of the day. When he had the pain that flared up, at the very beginning, he took the Word. The Word is the beginning.

So yesterday I was at the Prophetic Conference and Tony Kemp was speaking. He had a couple nuggets. One of them was, he said, “Things don’t go wrong. People think, oh, things go wrong. They don’t go wrong. They start wrong. Because the seed of destruction is always in the beginning.”

In our thoughts, so we want to capture those thoughts. We want to bring those thoughts to the obedience of Christ, to the cross.

Kenneth Hagin said those thoughts will come. Just like birds flying over your head. But you don’t allow them to make a nest in your hair. You keep them at bay. You do more than keep them at bay. You speak to them. They had the audacity to poke their head out, so they’re very vulnerable. Whatever it is that’s behind those words. It’s vulnerable to your authority. And as long as these things stay hidden, we can’t point our finger at them and our finger is the finger of God. So we speak to every contrary thought. We don’t allow thoughts that are contrary to God’s good report, His good gospel message. By the stripes of Jesus, we are healed.

When you were speaking, I don’t remember what you’re saying, but this came up. It says, when you take communion, it says that we break the bread. And we drink the cup. And every time we do that, we declare His death until He comes.

So you sing the song. “He was crucified and raised” and I’m like, “we declare your death till you come.” And when is He coming? When you declare His death. Because the death precedes the resurrection. So we’re speaking resurrection life every time we declare He was crucified. How does that go? “He was crucified and set me free. Now we live to worship Him.”


Lord, we draw close to you. We draw nigh, Lord, and you draw nigh to us. Thank you, Father. Today we draw nigh through your Word. When we speak your Word, we draw nigh. When we take communion, we draw nigh. When we turn our thoughts to you, we draw nigh. So that we can hear your voice. Bring us in so close, Father, to you that we would have that intimate fellowship that results in everything we need to be manifested in our lives. That place of intimacy, Father, we call for in Jesus’ name, that we would not just have a relationship that is in the shallows. Father God, but we would have a relationship with you that is in the deep… every single day… growing and increasing in you… growing and increasing in the knowledge of you, in the understanding of you and your ways… so that we can receive all that you have for us. That we don’t labor in vain in this earth.

Lord, we don’t labor in vain, but all the effort that we put forth is rewarded because of you, because of your grace, because of your strength, because of your goodness.

Thank you, Father, for living in us by your Spirit… that it is so easy for us to connect… for us to receive, to receive provision, to receive healing… every desire that you put on the inside of us, Lord. But we draw nigh, Lord… we turn our hearts to you. We turn our thoughts to you. We turn our words to you. So that you can have your way in us … and we receive utterance of your Spirit… As we draw near, we receive that utterance, that flow of the Holy Spirit, the words of life… they flow…


Now you might say, “Why? What do you mean I have to draw nigh to God? Doesn’t He live inside of me? What do you mean I have to draw nigh when He’s living in me?”

You know, you can live in the same space with someone and not even have a relationship with them. I have a daughter at college, and she has two roommates. They have completely different schedules. They hardly see each other unless they make an effort to do so. And it’s the same way with us. God lives in us, but unless we make that effort to draw nigh… “Lord, you’re in me.”

Just like DJ said, speaking the word, we draw nigh. Waking up in the morning and just turning your thoughts to Him. You draw nigh. Receiving communion. When you remember Him, you take that cup, you take that bread, you draw nigh. And you allow Him to draw nigh to you.

He is the greater and we are the lesser. And He has so much. He came to Abraham and described Himself as the “many-breasted one.” And it’s a picture of a mother that would nurse a child that has so much provision. There’s just so much provision that if you even come near, it’s like He can’t help but want to give to you, to supply you with whatever you need. He has all provision, all health, everything, every word you need, all the encouragement you need, every direction, every piece of information, the wisdom you need, He’s full to overflowing. If we just draw nigh.

I was talking to someone about just having intimacy with God yesterday, and I saw a flash as He reminded me of something. And I received a card in the mail from my parents. My mom loves to send cards. She should have stock in Hallmark or something. But she’s so generous and kind and always getting cards to send in the mail. But I did this. The Lord reminded me that I did this. When I opened the card… and I don’t know if you guys do this. I opened the card and I put my hand… I slipped my hand under the card, you know, like, “Okay, something’s going to fall out.” Do you do that when you get a card from mom or dad or grandma? I didn’t even think about it. It was just a natural reaction. I opened the card, slipped my hand under the bottom, like something’s going to fall out. It’s from mom and dad, something’s going to fall out.

And so the Lord reminded me of that when I was talking to this person about intimacy. And He reminded me of my grandmother. Same generous spirit. And we knew as kids, you write a letter to grandma, you’re getting five bucks. You know it. She’s going to send you money. And we try not to abuse that or anything. But you knew you were getting money. Money was coming. You open that letter, you’ll put your hand under cuz that $5 is coming out of the envelope.

He said, “That’s what it’s like. You drew nigh to your grandmother. You wrote her a letter and she so wanted to bless you and give to you because you drew near to her. And so she put that $5.” You show up at her house and she’s sticking money in your pockets. And she did it just because you came near her. Because you wanted to be near her. God is that way. He is so much better than grandma and mom and dad. He’s like, “If you would just draw near to Me, I have so much for you.”

You come near and all that goodness is going to fall out of His pockets into yours. All of that joy and that peace, it’s going to fall right out of Him into you. Hallelujah.

So, Lord, we do, we draw nigh and we just ask that your people would have a revelation of how easy it is to have a relationship, an intimate fellowship with you. That there is no need, there is no want, there is no lack. Because there you are with all of your provision, all of your goodness, flowing in us and to us and through us. Making us not even fat with your provision, but that we as the body of Christ would be that conduit of your blessing into the earth. That conduit that we would be your representatives in the earth, the way that you desire us to be full of provision. Generous, generous… in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Father.

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