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Brother DJ…

Good morning, everybody. It’s a good, good Friday again!

Matthew 18 says, “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

We worship you, Father. He is in our midst. He says, “Do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together” (Heb 10:25). Because the times are evil. Where two or three get together and pray and seek and believe, whatsoever they ask in prayer, He said, “It shall be done.”

So today I’ll agree with you and agree with you, with you, with you, and somebody walking in… Whatever it is, if two or three agree together. So you keep your list up and I’m going to agree with you and whosoever is watching this morning, we are going to agree with you. All these people… Where two or three are gathered together in His name, we will agree that your need will be met, your situation will be changed.

Let’s sing praises to His name for a few minutes, and then we’ll pray, ask, seek, and speak His Word to change and remove those mountains. Whatever that mountain is… it could be anything. But in His name, mountains will move, problems will be solved and sickness and disease will leave. Answers will come.

Testimony of my friend who got delivered from smoking…

One day I was stepping out of the church and this guy was smoking on the backside. When he saw me, he goes… I said, “Brother, don’t worry about it. If you’re going to smoke, at least enjoy it.” He gives us all things to enjoy it. If you’re going to do something, let’s enjoy it. Rejoice because you’re going to quit sooner or later. You keep coming to the Lord, you keep attending the church, this thing shall be gone. Talking about cigarettes. If somebody needs today… if you’re watching and you want to be delivered from smoking, you will be.

I remember that years ago, I brought a friend of mine to church. We were sitting right behind the sound booth in the middle of the aisle. And he had a pack of Marlboroughs in his pocket. And Dwight Thompson was ministering that morning. It’s kind of funny. But I have to tell you… My friend was sitting next to me and Dwight was talking about sin. Anyway, he was talking about the sin, how it start swith little, little seed. The Bible says the seed fade and also the sin works in ways. He said how sin starts with little things. It just little bit. One click. One little thing. It’s not going to harm. And then it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger.

Then Dwight said, “Does anybody have cigarette?” My friend sitting next to me. He was a rough guy. I would bring him to church. He’s a little older. And he is like, “Yes I do.” He’s going to be cool. “I have the cigarettes.” Dwight said, “Come over here.” So he went to the alter in the front of the platform. He said, “Give me the package.” So he took the package. He put one cigarette in his pocket, one in his mouth and pretends to start smoking. He said, “First go like this.” I never smoked, so I don’t know. Anyway, he goes, when you smoke fast puff, you go, oh, oh… You start coughing because you never smoke before. Even if you stand by the smoke, we start coughing. And then he goes, “Then you go second time to try smoking.” You start coughing and it’s still hard, but it’s not as hard as the first time. Then he get third time, you cough less. And fourth time, you’re not even coughing anymore. You’re enjoying!

But there is power in the name of Jesus to break the bondage of cigarette smoking this morning. I’m sure somebody want to get delivered from cigarette this morning.

So anyway, my friend goes… this is the way sin works. So my friend is standing there. Dwight said, “Go sit back down.” My friend said, “Give my pack of cigarette back.” Dwight says, “No, you don’t need it anymore.” And he go… Guess what happened? The cigarettes came out of the box right in front of the platform. And my friend was  disappointed and came back and sat with me. I said, “Don’t worry, when I leave, I’ll give you a ride back home. I’ll stop at the gas station and I will get you a new package.” So my friend smoked for 40 years. He had no plan to quit, right? You want me to end the story? So we went to the gas station and before I pay, my friend said, “I do not have a desire to smoke. You don’t need to buy me a pack of cigarettes.” God is my witness. He never smoked after that Sunday morning prayer.

He came for something else, but he received deliverance from the hand of Jesus. And guess what? He still doesn’t smoke. It’d been over 20 years. One touch by Jesus.

You came for something else this morning. This issue… or that issue. But God cannot only take that issue you’re thinking or you’re believing, or praying about. He can take care of the other things, that you don’t even think. He can do all things. Now unto Him who’s able to do exceedingly abundantly what you can pray or ask or think or imagine. You are thinking this, imagining this… “God, deliver me from this. Oh God, heal me.” But He said not only I’ll do what you ask, buy I’ll do more abundantly. What you didn’t even ask me for, like my friend. Hallelujah.

The Spirit searches our hearts and He knows the mind of the Spirit and He will answer prayer according to not our need only, but according to His will as well.

I’m sure you have many testimony that God has done many things you didn’t ask Him for. That day, my friend left and since then he has saved tons of money on smoking. He don’t smoke anymore.

Talking about deliverance. I have another one that is similar. He was destroying the whole city of Hopkins, drunk all the time. Going into every store, threatening people. One Memorial Day weekend, about two years ago, and the Lord gave direction. Take him there… take him there… take him there… And guess what? Two years, that guy has not destroyed anything. He has not drunk. And he’s still coming to church. This Memorial Day, it will be two years.

Sister Barb…

Isaiah 6:1 says, “In the year that King Uzzia died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple.” I don’t know that we’re too familiar in America with a train on a robe of a royal person. We don’t really have royalty here in the United States. But probably the closest thing we’ve witnessed is maybe a bride when she gets married and the train of her dress that goes down the aisle of the chapel or church, wherever she’s getting married. But if you can imagine, He says that the train of the Lord filled the temple. A bride’s train just goes down the aisle. But the train of the Lord filled the temple.

And back in the days of Isaiah when the kings defeated another king, they would take a portion of his robe and they would sew it into their train. So every time they defeated an enemy, there would be a piece of that enemy’s robe sewn into the train.

So imagine this: the Lord most high with a train that fills the whole temple. All of the enemies that He has defeated… every sickness, every disease, poverty, everything you can imagine, every name, everything unnamed. Like we said the other day, it is sewn into the train of His temple.

So today, if you’re dealing with anything that Jesus has defeated, if you can imagine that… sickle cell anemia in His train, that victory over that thing, that sickle cell anemia is on a piece of cloth sewn into His train. He defeated it. He was victorious over it and it is sewn as a sign of victory as He stands in that temple. Anything… depression, it’s sewn into that train. That victory is forever sewn into that train. Any kind of mental illness, glory to God, He defeated all sickness, all disease, all poverty, all lack… anything of the enemy has been defeated and Jesus wears it. Your victory. It is your victory. And He declares it in the train of His robe in the temple of God. He declares, “I have victory for you. It’s here. Look at My train. Right there is that thing. It is written in there. That enemy right there, it is sewn in.”

So we look to you, Jesus, and we look at that amazing train that fills the temple of God every single victory. Glory to God. You have victory over every enemy. Everything. Over dementia, over Alzheimer’s. Victory. Victory. Glory to God over every kind of blood disorder, every kind of bone disorder. In Jesus’ name. Any kind of mental deficiency or incapacity, even anxiety and fear.

Father, those phobias are defeated. You had victory over them. Glory to God by your blood, hallelujah. The blood of Jesus. By your stripes, we have been made whole. And I thank you, Father God, the victory of Jesus Christ includes everything, all lack, all insufficiency.

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