Morning Prayer for Friday, December 8, 2023

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Brother DJ…

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father, for this beautiful Friday in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Everybody’s wondering if the snow is ever going to come. We know one of these days, we’ll have snow. Yes. But the atmosphere is changing now. We know it’ll change to snow. The atmosphere is changing now and the Spirit of the Lord is here.

The Spirit of the Lord is here. Hallelujah. Miracles can happen this morning! The atmosphere is changing now for the Spirit of the Lord is here. Thank you, Lord, for overflowing this place … fill our hearts with your love. Surround us with your love. Today, your atmosphere is changing. Miracles can happen this morning.

As we pray and seek the Lord this morning, we believe the atmosphere around us is changing. Because seeking the Lord and the presence of the Lord will flood your heart and the peace of God, which passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Spirit of God, fall afresh on us. We need your presence. Your kingdom come, Your will be done. We are believing the Lord for this whole month of December for signs, wonders, miracles, the supernatural… and suddenly, your children are going to show up at your door this month because we are expecting miracles, signs, and wonder.

So I was reminded, if we prayed, they’re going to show up… suddenly. So get ready for their suddenly to come. And prepare a table. If they suddenly show up, you better have a room prepared for them. The bed should be ready. Their favorite food should be on the menu. Because suddenly they’re going to show up. Suddenly, miracles are going to happen. Suddenly things are going to change. So get ready for the suddenly!

What should I do? Get ready to move to a new house. Suddenly, the loan that did not get approved, now it is approved! Because of a different lender, different companies… But suddenly, healing is in the body.

Testimony of a pastor praying for rain…

I read somewhere about a pastor from somewhere and there was a drought, no rain. He called a prayer meeting in the evening, a small church somewhere… it must be Iowa. Anyway, so he called for prayer and the chapel was packed with people in the evening. All the people showed up because the need was so great. They had no rain! And they’re all sitting, and the pastor was about to pray and seek the Lord.

Suddenly, he saw on his left side a little girl sitting there with the umbrella. Hallelujah! Oh, faith is the substance of things hoped for. The pastor said, “We have all come to pray here, but this girl came expecting.” She’s expecting because she thought if they’re going to pray for rain, let’s take an umbrella with us. If we’re expecting the sons and daughters to come home, let’s get ready.

The prodigal son…

I was reminded of the story of the same thing. The son left for years. He was gone and suddenly he decided “I will go back to my Father’s house. He’ll give me work to do. Here I am eating pigs’ food,” and he decided to go and… suddenly when he showed up, his Father who was praying for him to come home, expecting him to come home, guess what? Don’t only pray. Expect and get ready for the prayer we prayed for to be answered.

He said, “What are you looking for among the dead… living among the dead. Why would you always look when you go to the doctor? Let’s look for good report. Hallelujah. Why are we are looking, living among the dead.

So the father, who was waiting, said, “My son came home.” He already had the robe ready. He had a ring ready. He was ready! He was expecting and suddenly… the son showed up. He said, “Here’s a robe.”

In my Father’s house, there is a room for you. You are the child of God. Yes, you are. Let’s expect supernatural signs and wonders and miracles… the Spirit of God fall fresh on us. We need your presence.

Miracles are happening because we are expecting healing.

Last week, I mentioned that I found a card in the parking lot. The card says, “Live for today and encourage others… give compliments and the compliment will go far.” Meaning lift others up, don’t put them down. And the name on the card was Rico. I had the card… it was a very inspiring card. I keep looking at it. I called the guy and he couldn’t talk or speak. He goes, “Hello.” I say, “Hey, I found your card. And I like what the card said…you know, encourage others, give compliments rather. It goes a long way.” And he had a smile. He said, “Have a good day.” So when I called, he was so sick, he could hardly talk. I called two days later. Again, same thing. I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Suddenly I said, “Well, stop by to the restaurant. You can have a meal at no charge.” He said, “Oh, okay.”

Then Cindy said to me a few days later, “TJ, let’s go and pray for him.” He was not too far from where we were. Okay, we’ll go Saturday morning. We called and asked him, “Do you need something?”  “Yes, bring me some food.” “Sure, what you want?” We could not understand what he was saying because he couldn’t talk. But his words are powerful. Do not let unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but to lift them up. So we go Saturday morning, at nine o’clock. So he says, “Bring me Diet Coke.” So we got two Diet Cokes. At least he told him what he want, otherwise we didn’t know what he wanted. So we get the Diet Coke and go to McDonalds. We got a sandwich for him. Finally, we got to his apartment building where all the people are handicapped and it’s a place where you can roll their wheelchairs.

So Cindy and I got in the room, and we brought him the food. He was in a big wheelchair where he was talking. “Oh…” We brought him sandwiches and Cokes. And then we started praying and he started smiling. Big smile. And he had on his card, big smile. When we prayed and gave him a sandwich, he said something about money. I thought he was saying he needed money. So I got some money out of my pocket. But actually he was saying, “Do you guys want some money for this?” I said, “No, no, no.” So anyway, we prayed over him, blessed him. He smiled. How that happened with one word. “Let us.” Cindy said, “Let us go…”

So I remember the scripture. “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Sometimes we need to “let us…” Help us.

So that got me to reading this morning in the book of Genesis and other places about “let us.” When they started building the tower, the people said, “Let us go and build the tower.” And then the Lord says, “Let us go and confuse their languages.”

Joshua said, “Let us go at once and get the place…” Let us… Oh, come let us… Another one. Oh, come let us adore Him.

Father, we pray for those who are lonely that you send somebody. “Let us” go for the coffee. “Let us” go to church. Hallelujah.

So that was last Saturday. Then we left there, praying blessing. He’s happy. When we left, we’re going to go have coffee. Should we go to Starbucks or Caribou? Should we go this way? But the Spirit of the Lord said, “Go to Starbucks.” Now there’s two Starbucks. One on the west, one on the east. Which one we should go? The Spirit of God said to go to the one on the east side. We’re led by the Spirit. Before we go to Starbucks, I’m going to stop at the bank. We need some money. Everything happened at nine o’clock and now it’s 9:30.

So I walk into the bank, led by the Spirit of the Lord… I ran into somebody. She saw us. We saw her and said Hi. And we left. Suddenly… Right after, she came back from the car, handed to me, a $100 dollar bill. Twenty minutes ago, we were at Rico’s house, bringing him food. Now we are standing in the bank before we go to Starbucks… led by the Spirit. She goes, “Hi,” and then handed it to me. She said, “You know what it’s for.”

Spirit of God, fall afresh on us. We need your presence. Thank you, Father. Hallelujah.

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