Morning Prayer for Friday, December 15, 2023

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Brother DJ…

I was thinking about how Pastor Mac will do every service. He says, “After our service, we are going to lead in a prayer for salvation.” He said, “Jesus, come into my heart.” What are you saying? Jesus, save me, save my soul. And every time he said, “come into my heart,” and Jesus come into the heart of person who’s says come into my heart. But now if you say, “Get out of my heart,” that doesn’t happen. He said, “I will never leave you. And I will never forsake you.” You cannot get Him out once you say, “come into my heart.”

Father, we thank you for this good Friday. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you, Lord.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it. We have to participate because they said, “let us…” They were glad when they said, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.” And we are glad to come here this morning because he said, “let us go into the house of the Lord.”

The Spirit leads us…

This morning, usually we pray Psalm 23. The Lord leads us into the paths of righteousness. Today when I come to parking lot, I say, “Lord, lead me to the right empty parking here.” And He did. And he brought me help too.

This lady was just parking right there to help me to bring the donuts in for after our morning prayer. We have a gathering outside for all the people here who are here watching and stopping by. We have coffee and other things, snacks. So that’s after the service.

But anyway, she was there to help me to carry the donuts. Before I came, we planned. Cindy said, “Let us” have coffee and snacks because MCA took over the coffee shops. And all over the parking. Every year it has happened. So I said, “let us…” She said, “let us,” and it happened. Let us bring coffee.

So I was at the donut shop. I said, “How many donuts do we need.” It’s Friday morning. A lot of people are traveling. I heard “24.”

Sow for ’24…

The word of the Lord came to me this morning. “Sow for 24.” The donut shop, sow for 24. So we are going to start sowing for 24. He knows the 24. Pastor Ken was saying the other day, Tuesday morning prayer. He got the word. And we are going to keep getting the word from all over the pastor and preacher and ministers for 24. When they say, this is the year of Jubilee. I said, “Thank you. I got it. I take it.”

Somebody said this year is a year for this. I say, I got it, I want it. I’ll take anything. Anybody say, “This is the year because the man of God has spoken.” He says “Sow for 24.”

King David and the plague…

Sowing. I remember reading about King David when the plague was destroying, left or right, like pandemic. And the Lord spoke to King David, “Bring me the offering.” And King David went and bought the land. Even though the guy who owned the land said, “I’ll give you the land for free.” Daivd said, “No, I’m not going to give anything to the Lord that does not cost me anything.” So King David brought the offering to the Lord. And the Bible said the plague was stopped. The word came to me that “sow for 24.” Is it only finances? Maybe. It could be anything.

But right now is a time to sow forth ahead. At the same time when this pandemic was, I was led to come here. When I read the scripture during pandemic, he sowed in the pandemic and it was tough for him and his nation. But I said to myself, I don’t want to be part of this pandemic. I came here the same day in March, 2020, and brought a check for a thousand dollars. They let me in. With the mask and everything. That was March, 2020, April. God is my witness. Right after that day, I had call after call, listing buyer, listing buyer. I sold more properties during pandemic that year of 2020 than I did before. Why? He spoke it. Saw it. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Why am I starting this? But this is year 24. Sow for 24. Oh, lift up His wonderful name.

Prayer Movement announcement…

This is the last Friday of 23 that we will be live for morning prayer from chapel to the worldwide network after this Friday. We will not have morning prayer live here. But they will rerun on the Living Word channel online. But there will be no YouTube or Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that we can stop praying. There’ll be no prayer here. But we’ll continue praying for our homes, cars, businesses. And we’ll be going through wifi by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit searches the hearts. He knows the mind of the spirit. We can still connect if we are not alive here, but we’ll be connected by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Fear not!

Today, I’ll be praying against fear. Fear not! And then for sleep. People who say, “I can’t sleep.” Too much fear, too much worries. We are going to pray for the people who’s watching here and Living Word Church people so they can sleep. He says, “I give my beloved good night sleep.”

He said, “I will lay down and sleep. You will guide me into rest.” Hallelujah. We’ll be praying against fear. We are going to pray for people so they can sleep during this Christmas season and after the Christmas season.


I’m going to read a scripture about fear. It’s about Elijah. The Lord sent him to the brook, and the brook dried up. Now the Lord said, “Go there. I have a widow woman who will feed you.” So I read this morning, “The word of the Lord came saying, arise and go. I have commanded a widow there to provide food for you.” He’s leading by His Spirit. “He arose and went. When he came to the gate of the city, indeed there was a widow.” Two weeks ago, when we went to feed somebody, I was led to stop at the bank. I told you the story last week. It was just like this. Go to the bank. We’re going to Starbucks, but first we went to the bank.

While I walk in there, somebody was standing there. She went to her car, came back, and handed me $100 bill. Why?

This widow was waiting for Elijah. Be led by your spirit. So he arose and went. When he came to the gate, indeed a widow was gathering sticks when God told us the Lord indeed there will be person waiting. And he called to her and said, Please bring me a little water and a cup that I may drink. He called her and said, Please bring me a morsel of bread in your hand when she left.” She said, As the Lord your God lives, I do not have a bread, only a handful of flour in a bin and a little oil in the jar. And see, I’m gathering a couple of sticks that I may go and prepare it for myself and my son that we may eat and die.”

Elijah said to her, “Do not fear. Do not fear. We are going to pray against that fear.” Do not fear. Do as you have said, but make me a small cake first.” That’s the word that came to me. Give me first. And bring it to me and afterward, make some for yourself and your son. She said, “I have a little bit.” But he said first make for me. But he say, Do not fear. Go and do as you have said. For thus says the Lord, the bin of flour shall not be used up nor shall the jar of oil run dry until the day the Lord sent rain on the earth.” And she went away and she did exactly what he said. And she and her household for many days had flour never went empty and jar of oil did not run dry… according to the word of the Lord, which is spoken by Elijah.

Today He’s saying, fear not! Do not fear. Sow it. Sow for 24. Fear not. But first, get up and pray. First, seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness and I’ll add all things unto you. Hallelujah. Do not fear for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but spirit of love, power, and a sound mind.

We bind that spirit of fear from the Living Word church people. And those who are watching this morning, step of faith, fear not.

I remember the man the Lord gave him a talent to sow. The one didn’t do anything. He said, “I was afraid.” He was afraid to do anything. Afraid! The Lord is my light, and He’s my salvation. Whom shall I fear?”

The Lord is the stronghold of my life. I shall not be afraid. Spirit of fear, we bind in the name of Jesus. We loose the spirit of love, power, and sound mind. Either we are going to make Spirit-led decisions or fear-led decisions. God has not given us spirit of fear, so we are going to make Spirit-led decisions. This year and coming year… in the name of Jesus.

Sister Cindy…

So he was talking about the Lord is my light and that we’re not to be afraid. I got this little picture like if you’re at night and you have your headlights on. And so the little deer goes by and the deer stops and he’s paralyzed in that light. And I said, “I’m not a doe in the headlight. The devil is!”

We paralyze the devil with the light that we bring. And the devil goes, “I’m doing my thing.” And all of a sudden, he can’t move. And the Lord gets a clear shot because he’s not moving. Hallelujah. But we’re moving. We never get paralyzed by what the Devil’s doing out there because we walk in the brightness of God’s eternal light where everything is right.

It’s a place that’s only for the redeemed and it’s reserved for you to walk in the light of His eternal life that He’s planted in you. And He’s saying, “Turn it on. Let it shine. Don’t hide it under a bushel. Don’t be afraid because that light is a terror to our enemy.”

And DJ told that story of when he was first born again and the angel or Jesus came into your room. Did you just go right back to sleep? I mean, you’d think you’d be scared. But His presence is peace. His presence is nothing missing, nothing broken. His presence is rest.

I had this dream once and I was a young Christian and everybody was talking about, “Oh, I saw Jesus,” or “I heard Jesus,” and “this happened…” And I was like, “Well, Jesus, what do you look like? How do I know if I see you that it’s going to be you?” And I had a dream and I was walking in a garden with somebody just not even holding hands or anything, just walking side by side. And I knew it was Jesus because there was so much peace. It’s just a knowing. It’s not a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind… knowing you’re right where you belong. It just fits. It’s like I’m home. I’m with Jesus.

In that presence is fullness of joy and peace and nothing missing, nothing broken. And He shows you things that you need to rest your mind on so you’re not anxious, you don’t have any fear. And no matter what’s going on outside, it’s the peace of God that passes all understanding and it mounts guard over our heart and mind. And we exercise every opportunity to keep continue walking with Him and seeing the difference He makes… He makes such a difference in our lives. Every day. And it builds confidence, it builds trust, it builds an expectation of maybe things that we don’t even know. It’s like, “Lord, I just give you the complete reign over whatever you have for me today. Yesterday I had a kind of understanding of what you were all about, but you’re showing me new things every day. So we let loose of the world. It’s hold on us, all the entanglement that would try to keep us anchored to this world’s way of doing and being wrong that ends in strife and division and confusion and struggle and toil. We’ve all been redeemed from.

Well, we just thank you, Father, that you’re leading us even right now in the way that you want to go. You’re showing us things that you’ve appointed for today. The light of God that would come out for this time and this moment, appointed for us to know and grow in that light, that we are citizens of heaven and can approach it and live in it every day of our lives.

Sister Barb…

So we enter into that same rejoicing, that rejoicing that the angels entered into that day. I heard that song. “Oh, happy day.” I’m not going to sing it for you. You can sing it, but you know that is where we are today. Praise the Lord. We enter into the joy and the happiness, the excitement that came that very day that a whole host of angels would come and sing. Oh, hallelujah. Glory to God in the highest. Oh, what a happy day.

As soon as He came, our sins were washed, they were cleansed from our lives. Hallelujah. Because the moment He decided to come, our sins were washed away. It was as if it was done from the moment He decided to come into the earth. Glory to God. And so we rejoice today. We rejoice and we thank you, Jesus. Thank you for coming. Thank you for laying down all that you had for us. We praise and glorify your name. For you are worthy, you are holy. And we just receive the joy of the Lord. We receive the joy of the season. Hallelujah.

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