Prayer Summary for Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The following is an excerpt from the prophecy What About 2012? Given through Kenneth Copeland, November 10, 2011, Psalm 37 (AMPC) and Psalm 125:3 (HCSB):

Confession Over America

Lord, according to Mark 11:23, if we will speak in faith, believing, and not doubting that what we say will come to pass, we will have what we say. According to 1st Timothy 1:18, we are aided for spiritual warfare by prophetic words. So we take our stand on behalf of America with the words You have spoken to us through one of Your prophets and speak the word of the Lord in faith.

We take our stand without fear about the United States of America or over the failure of this republic. This is not the time for this nation to fail. You are not done with it yet. And the people of this nation are not done with You! The Church will not fall short of the job You have set for us or for this nation to do.

In Jesus’ name, the Church has her trust in You over every detail for the success of this nation. We say that the Church delights in You, so, according to Your Word, we expect You to give us the desires of our heart for this nation. Our ways are committed to You and we say America’s ways are committed to You so You will make us shine as bright as the noonday sun.

We are in faith, expecting evildoers will be cut off. We are in faith that because we hope in You and are looking for You, we shall regain this land. We laugh, Lord, with You! We laugh at the wicked, because we can see that their day of defeat is coming! Even a little in our hands goes further than great possessions in theirs!

The heritage of America will abide forever. Neither the Church nor this nation will be put to shame. Because You delight in justice, we know You will not forsake the Church or this nation. You will exalt us and, thereby, exalt America. When the wicked are cut off, we shall see it and all of the Church and all of America will be glad. The scepter of the wicked will not remain over this land that was given to the righteous, so that we will not be forced to apply our hands to injustice.

This is the time of greatness! America again! It is our nation. It is God’s nation, and we are right where He wants us to be. Our future is bright because God almighty is still Lord over the United States of America! Praised be the name of the Lord!


This is the time for the greatness of America again
It’s our nation, it’s God’s nation
The Church is right where God wants it to be
It’s right and it’s critical that the Church rise up and continually contends over the nation
Continually declares Jesus is Lord over America
Jesus is Lord over our cities
All the surrounding suburbs
We are not willing to let one suburb go down the tubes
As well as the small towns and villages
America will be what God set it up to be
Every state of the union
Thank You, Father, that each one for what will come
For Your will and purpose for every state
Just because NY or California voted one way and Wisconsin voted another
We are still one nation under God!
Praying over the Church in every state, over the positions of authority
What needs to be done shall be done
Thank You for making a way where there was no way
You are the great way maker
Things are rising up even further
We will keep our hand to the prayer plow
Keeping our prayers on each state—north to south, east to west
Covering our states with the blood of Jesus today
It must be, it will be, it shall be
Not in our own understanding but declaring “this is the way it shall be!”
Those that are planning evil works shall be cut off in Jesus’ name
Holding the blood against every wrong, evil plan
We pray over Friday the 20th
Bringing it before heaven again
We do not focus on the negative words spoken
But we focus on Your Word, the positive Word spoken in Your Book
That we have overcome by the blood
We are one nation under You, Lord
We will be the picture You set for this nation to be
Thank You for the fresh connection with Israel
Those connections with this country will be restored, renewed, made right in Jesus’ name
That embassy shall be moved, it will be located in Jerusalem
We pray for the peace of Jerusalem
We are not going down but going up
The Church is not decreasing but increasing!
Those that will stand with Israel
Oh we bless the nation!
They shall be blessed of the Lord!
Thank You, Father, we stay on the walls and watch!
The things that need to go forth we watch over
Blessed by the Lord, blessed from heaven,
Those in Gen 12:3 “I will bless those that bless you, who confer prosperity or happiness upon you and curse him who curses or uses insolent language toward you and you will all the families and kindred’s of the earth be blessed and by you they will bless themselves.”
That’s a Master plan from heaven
Do we have to know how it all works?
No, we just know that it’s the Word
We just know the Word works
Surprises are on the way
Hidden things are being uncovered and brought to the light
Rest assured restoration has begun
Moving into a more intimate walk with the King of kings and Lord of lords
By the Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence so much today
In our lives, in Your plans for every one of us
Yielding into more of You
Right things shall take place, right situations shall unfold
Boundless, increases from heaven above turning things around
Entering into different days, a new chapter in the Book of Life
We reach ahead, pressing out further
Contending for greater, wellness, wholeness
The right plan, the right way
More and more and more
Unusual new steps
Heaven’s processing in Jesus’ name
No devil can turn it backwards
God’s will is continually coming forth in Jesus’ name
Money cometh in Jesus’ name! Money cometh in Jesus’ name!
The harvest is great
Overflow! Overflow! Overflow!
Locations, specific locations, getting to the right place, position and time
Time is lining up, supernatural alignment in Jesus’ name
Bursting forth, moving through
He’s always on time, breaking forth, breaking forth
It’s like a spiritual birth
Every dream is about to spring forth and break out
Oh the dreams He’s birthed in you
Each one, each one, the time is now
Strength, strength, strength
What a great day—it’s today!
Rejoice in today, right now, today is the day I’ve made
Will you rejoice in it?
Yes, it’s swift justice in America today
That you’ve never seen, never heard of
Shine, shine—arise and shine today!
I know Your name, I know Your address saith the Lord
It will be there in time
It’s part of the new
It will help you in your race
Really it’s My race I put it in you
Don’t give up and don’t give in
I put a contending in you, strength within you
I’ve given you My joy unspeakable
I am contending with you, right alongside with you
Stay with Me, Stay with Me
Let’s contend together, stay with Me
I am the winner
It’s co-laboring! co-mission!
New steps, new steps
Trust in Me, I’ve armed you
I’ve given you My plan and My ways
It’s all in Me today
Old way and words, negative declarations from yesterdays, be cut off by the blood in Jesus’ name
It doesn’t matter anymore
I’ve called you to the new door
You are free to walk in victory

Ms. Annie led us in “I need You More”

Continued praying…

All the way through day by day, week by week
We need more
We humble ourselves before You
Thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit
That You are a “Right Now,” Father, by Your Spirit
We have overcome because You overcame
Thank You for the blood, for the Cross, Your Spirit
Moving from one degree of Glory to another
It’s all about You, Father, it’s all from You
So we take our places here in this race in Your strength
We can do; we will do it
This nation will do it and the Church will do it
Your plan and Your will
Thank You for it in Jesus’ name

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