Prayer Summary for Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Thank You, Father, for the presence of Your Holy Spirit
That You do know us; You created us
There is protection, there is direction, there is a completed way
A supernatural plan, grace-filled days
Prosperity of every kind spirit, soul, and body
Thank You
You see us and You know us but then too you show us, reveal unto us
Who You are, what is to come, the things that must be done
Your plan, Your will, Your purpose for these days that we now live in
Staying within the covering, protection of that precious holy blood that was shed on the cross
Thank You
We yield ourselves to you
Trust in You, rely upon You – Thank You
Our steps, they’re ordered by heaven
You are our comforter, helper, strength
These are good times, these are holy days, healthy days
For You know each one of us
Where we are, what we say, what we believe
Thank You for the wonderful touch of Your presence in our lives right now
Yielding to Your presence
We are above and we are not beneath
We are the head and not the tail
We have a plan because You gave us a plan
A Master’s plan, Your will for abundance in every area, every arena, every day, every week, every month
Thank You for the abundance of Your love
For the presence of Your Spirit
For the power from heaven above
Thank You for it, Father—the Master’s plan

Pastor Ray shared…

Even if we are in a place where I just was where the weather was in the eighties, white sand, blue skies, ocean… And then back here white but its snow. Whatever it is and wherever we’ve been, this place right here, right now is the best place. In this place, in this presence from heaven above seeking our Father, trusting in the Holy Spirit, welcoming more, receiving direction for the call that each one of us must walk through, must carry out.

The following excerpt was taken from the Revival Study Bible from John 3:1-9:

Going After God

Be Honest about Your Troubled Heart
Nicodemus came to Jesus with what we could say was a troubled heart. Deep down he had not received the answers to life’s most important questions. Something was missing in his life, but he did not let the Devil sidetrack the issue. If you desire to go after God, be honest about the questions lurking deep inside your head when you think about death, your family, about heaven, about hell. These are the questions of life.

Make Time for the Lord
Some people may look at Nicodemus as a cowardly sneak, scared to be seen with Jesus. There probably was an element of fear, but the bottom line is, he wanted to spend quality time with the Lord. We must, within our busy schedules, break away and find time to be with Jesus.
If you go after God, God will go after you. If you get serious with God, He will get serious with you. Like Nicodemus, if you make time for Jesus, He will make time for you. Slip away from the crowd—get up in the still of the night—and go to Jesus. Remember, Jesus took time to explain things to Nicodemus…He will take time with you.

Empty Yourself
Nicodemus was a teacher’s dream. He came empty, humble, and non-assuming. He asked questions. He pondered. He had ears to hear.
If you desire to go after God, shake the pride, lose the intellect, and get rid of the attitude. Come to Jesus empty enough for Him to fill you.

Become Intimate
Nicodemus had a relationship with Jesus and was, therefore, not swayed by the opinions of the religious leaders (7:50-51). The last mention of him is after the crucifixion, when only he and Joseph of Arimathea brought myrrh and aloes with which to embalm the body of Jesus.

Pastor Ray shared…

So there he was in the open serving Him, ministering. Nicodemus had a heart to follow Him. It’s interesting this is the last word in the Bible about him. But we know this because of how he came to Jesus, to the Lord, and how he asked, how he wanted to know how he could possibly be born again.

Continued praying…

Oh, thank You for a heart of gold that seeks the King of all kings
The Lord of lords, the Master, the Savior, the lover of our souls
We worship You and open our hearts, yield to You
Declare that the things that are to come, they shall be what You preplanned them to be
Speaking faith filled words with expectation and belief
About what You did do and about what we can do in You
That in Your word You have declared and shown us the way, the truth – life giving, full way
Thank You for Your great love for each one of us this morning
That no weapon formed against us can prosper – no, not one formed
We declare it, we believe it
But we are filled with health, wholeness, wealth
Eyes to see and ears to hear
Spirit directed – heaven’s ways, heaven’s plans, heaven’s days here now on this earth
Filled with Your presence, saturated from heaven above
Walking out – directed
Praying some things we may not even know about
Praying over the race, praying over the steps
Declaring the best is yet to come!
Leaning not on our own understanding
But trusting in You
We lift up the codes, numbers, steps, and plans
Nothing can stop it; not one weapon can derail it but in Jesus’ name, we walk in that way, that plan from heaven
Covered, we watch over that in Jesus’ name
Watching over these steps
Clearing that up, clearing that out with the blood – over these answers, over these directions now
Uncovered and revealed
Making arrangements, planning for the plans
Praying over the resources to carry it out
And abundance, an abundance – opening it up!
In a bigger way, in a greater way
Still stepping out of some things and over into the new
No cares, no anxiety, no doubt but pure Holy Ghost belief
Calling for every element
We do walk into more in the right way
Every element
There is so much more at stake so we bring it up before heaven
A supernatural way, supernatural steps that get us into those new days
Code, codes, codes, the numbers, the turns
Each one, every one – not one left behind
Taking our place, taking our positions, it’s a key
We command it, we take the turn, we speak the words
Supernatural adjustments that must come!
Furtherance’s and increases – supernatural adjustments
When we tune into You, You tune into us
Calling, speaking, declaring “This is the way it will be.”
“This is the way of God Almighty”
Supernatural adjustment that are to come
We watch over these
Therefore the advancement, therefore the increases, therefore the furtherances
Supernatural adjustments whatever they are, Lord
I know You are showing us
I know You show us things that are to come
When we tune into You, You tune into us
It all matters, every detail matters, every turn matters
Every step—It can’t just be coincidental
But every step has purpose, it has an outcome, it has a plan
So we are calling for that alignment to come forth in Jesus’ name
We command it to be lined up!
With the will and the plan of God Almighty
Oooohhh My!
To see it, to walk around and walk through, to navigate
To be able to see every detail, every step, every connection
Every revelation, every assignment
Ooohhhh It is amazing
Cover, cover, cover
Coming up on keys, doors, opportunities: coming up into them
Revelation concerning the assignments
These great ways, these processes, these situations, these plans
We watch over and cover with the blood of Jesus
It all has to do with the race
Thank You, Lord

Ms. Annie led us worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

We had opportunity to be at the church in Sarasota on Sunday and Brother Keith Moore did the service which was anointed and, of course, he will be here in just a few weeks for the vision. They had just moved up into a plane that they can go international. So, their direction by the Holy Ghost is to take, almost similar to what Pastor Mac’s plan is, people on missions trips. Boom, we’re going to Europe or wherever. They can take a lot of people because it’s a big enough plane to go international.

One of the things that he speaks about occasionally is when Pastor Mac had it on his heart to fly brother Hagen and Mrs. Hagin and a couple other people with them and take them to meetings. This was over a year or two Pastor Mac would fly them wherever they wanted to go, wherever the meetings were. In one of the flights, Keith and Phyllis were on the plane because a lot of the times they would travel with the Hagins and serve them. So Keith was saying something to Pastor Mac about how great the plane was and how great a blessing that was for the Hagins’ ministry and that kind of thing. So he is sitting back a ways and Pastor Mac is flying. Pastor Mac turned around and said “Brother, anything that you can believe for, you can have too.”

And it was just a direct word that he said has never left him. He didn’t have a plane. Now he has a plane that will go international. And the word was if you can believe, you will receive. Amen. So I’ll leave that with you. And it’s good to see you all also. Thank you.

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