Prayer Summary for Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday, there were protests in many cities regarding the outcome of the election. But we’re not moved by that. We’re moved by what we see God is doing. Someone reminded me that even when Jesus walked the earth, there were protests.

I want to declare and call the United States of America to a place of prayer. We can celebrate the outcome, but we need to keep on praying for our country and for the transitions of power, that they line up with Him. Our prayer should be that our eyes be open and to pray for wisdom and for right changes.

Jerre shared…

I was thanking the Lord today for what He did and that our prayers availed much. I made a list of things that needed to be prayed about. I wrote down at the top, “Let now, Father, the government be upon Your shoulders.” I wrote a list of things the Lord gave me to pray out.

• Pass things that would bring You glory (things that have to be fixed or changed)
• A divine unity and protection
• Strength and wisdom from God
• Our new president and his family would have no fear for their safety
• Divine appointments
• Counselors of God’s wisdom into his life
• That his burden would be easy and his yoke light
• A spirit of revival in our land
• A rushing in of souls
• A renewed boldness in the laborers
• Divine connections and godly timing
• Eyes opened to the truth to the light of the glorious gospel in every branch of government

Pastor Ray shared…

I have one item to add to that prayer list: A restoration of our relationship with Israel.


Father, we connect ourselves with the land of Israel
We bless her, we bless Israel
Thank You, Lord, for divine protection over Israel
People that come into power in Israel will be correct… a divine covering over her
Bless her financially, Lord… witty ideas and inventions… increase
Connections… our leader and their leader… unity and favor on both sides
Divine planning… a freedom there…
We lift our land, Father… that there is a connection between our prayers and the prayers that they need there
Let the government be upon Your shoulders in both lands
Things in both governments to be passed that would bring glory to You, Lord
Divine unity in their land and our land and between our lands
Divine protection for all the leaders and the people
That foal spirit of murder in both lands must come down… the blood of Jesus is against you
Strength and wisdom and divine protection for the leaders
I bind fear in Jesus’ name… Fear! You have no place there!
We lift up our embassy in Israel that it would be moved to Jerusalem
Decisions that have to be made will line up… even when it looks like “no way!”
We declare that it shall be done in Jesus’ name… it shall be moved to Jerusalem
Thank You, Father, for all the divine appointments for both lands
Appointments and assignments… we plead the blood over them
We pray for the counselors that are ordained of Your Spirit and truth
Speaking truth… wisdom into the leadership
Let the prophets speak again in Your fullness… we lift them… they shall again be honored, ha! ha!
Let the spirit of revival rise upon our land
The rushing in of souls, Lord
A great turning… a great turning… a great light… they see a great light and they walk to it
We ask for boldness for the laborers
There are connections that need to be connected… by Your Spirit… in perfect time… not too soon and not too late
Eyes to see the light of the glorious Gospel… revival in our land and in theirs… every land!
Eyes to see a great turning and a great moving
The multitudes… we ask for the multitudes of hearts turning
You turn those hearts of those kinds of the lands
Laborers there and openings for the laborers
Foreign kings, You turn their hearts

Pastor Ray shared…

In one of our congregational prayer times for the election when Pastor Mac and Lynne were leading prayer on a Sunday evening, I saw in my spirit a broom sweeping across the United States of America. Sometimes it was covered in the blood. It was as though it was washing the nation with the blood. Every time we prayed, I would see that broom. It wasn’t always red, but it was always sweeping. Then yesterday, someone sent me a map of the US from a news program after the election. From one side to the other, it was splattered with red. It was a good picture of the blood covering this nation… being swept with that broom.

Also, I noticed in our prayers we frequently prayed the words “shifting,” and “shifts.” And throughout election night, the news people, the talking heads, were using those words that we kept speaking out in prayer.

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