Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 04, 2016

Jerre led worship…

Pastor Ray prayed and shared…

Lord, we humble ourselves before You. We don’t ever think we know everything, the way to go. It’s all You.

After prayer yesterday, I was talking with someone about prayer. These words came out of my mouth: “The more you say what you see, then the more I’ll show you so you can say more.”

We say what He says to say or we do what He says to do. That’s obedience. Then He will show us more about what to say. It will be greater and we’ll have more revelation. While we’re praying in other tongues, the Holy Spirit will continually reveal things to us. It’s called being in the flow of the Holy Spirit. That’s where you want to be. Yes? What other flow is there? None. The flow of the world? The flow of the Mississippi? No. It’s His flow, the Holy Spirit flow.

Jerre continues to lead in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I put extremely high value on spending time in His presence corporately with the body of Christ, bringing every supply that each one of us have been given individually. The individual anointing that’s upon each one of us, coming together, it makes great understanding and clarity in the way we speak. And it’s different than when we speak individually. I believe this is so true that when we come together, there is an authority that is corporate. We need that authority. We need a corporate walk. We need a corporate talk. We need corporate prayer.

When we pray corporately, we’re allowed to see things together. We can see where we shouldn’t walk. We can see where we should walk. We can see how to talk. We see things we have never seen before, but it’s for us to speak them forth for we are His voice on the face of this earth. That’s it! We are the voice of the Spirit of God.

Father, we desire to speak Your will. Say it because it’s You saying it. We want to hide in you. We trust in you. We want to trust in You more. Thank You for Your presence.

I’m reminded of a message that Gloria Copeland gave years ago about the bubble of protection by the Holy Spirit. They were in a storm in Hawaii and she said the presence of God was like a bubble around them. I believe for a bubble, a hedge of protection around every part of the body of Christ. Even where despair, doubt, or lack can’t get it, and especially deception, deceiving the body into thinking everything is okay. In Him, everything is okay. But in the world, everything is not okay. Psalm 91 reminds me how we are under the shadow of the Almighty. We are protected while we speak to the enemy and his plans. Call it down and to stop in Jesus’ name.

We thank You for the blood of Jesus over each one of us today. Thank You for the power that is in it and the authority that comes with it. So much so that we can say, “No weapon formed against me will prosper in Jesus’ name” and believe it by faith and receive protection from the enemy.

I want to read this. Pastor Mac declared this over the year 2016 about expectation. He said the Lord gave him the word expectation, that expectation is much more needed this year. He said, “As the darkness gets darker, it will be easy to allow all the negatives you see around you to begin cultivating a negative expectation about how this year will be for you. It could be harder than ever not to let anxiety to grip your heart. He said in Jeremiah 21:11 He has prepared an expected end. Surely your expectation will not be cut off. Nowhere in our past experience has it been more significant than it will be this year. Focus more than ever on the Word of God and let that expectation grow in you this year. Then it will be the best year ever!”


I hear in my spirit “a positive expectation.”

Word of the Lord through Kenneth Copeland to EMIC

“I remind you again: Don’t be impressed by what you see and hear on the news media. Pay little to no attention to anything they say. Because unless they are in tune with Me, they don’t know anything. They see things the way they want to see them. And they attempt to create things instead of report things. They try to create situations that will give them something to report. They care little to nothing about what you do or see or hear. But I do care what you do, what you hear, and what you see, and if you will walk with Me, I will show you things to come.

I’ll show you news before it happens. The way it looks right now, in the coming elections is a very poor representation of what actually is going to be the outcome. But rest assured, I know what I am doing, saith the Lord. And what is happening is in your favor. And I might add, saith God, listen to this for the presidential election is not the only election that is coming. Amen! There are senate seats involved. There are governorships involved. There are things other than just President and Vice President of the United States which in some cases are equally as important. Amen.

So be in prayer. You stand with Me. I am standing with you, saith the Lord. And we’ll do this thing together. And it will be in the favor of the Gospel and it will be in favor of the kingdom of God. And it will be in favor of your prosperity. Now there are things coming this year that you need to be prepared and you need to be standing on your faith, and don’t let the Devil pull you aside because there are some things coming on the national scene and there’s some things coming that are going to get worse before they get better. But ah, ha, ha, ha, all is well in the kingdom! All is well in the kingdom! And those that walk in faith and those that walk in love, everything is going to be all right.” [end quote]


Thank You for the presence of Your Holy Spirit
That You are our guide, directing our steps and our words
Shaping things up that need to be shaped up
Taking more territory and calling things that are not as though they were
We can say today, “All of Minneapolis and St. Paul are saved in Jesus’ name.”
Jesus is Lord over our cities
We declare it by faith
We call the laborers forth and new doors of opportunity for the laborers
Push aside every limit of the enemy and press through
We call forth wholeness, healing, wisdom, greater anointings
We lift up the pastors—we lift up their arms
We apply the blood of Jesus over them
They will walk by faith and declare “this is the way it shall be and the way it will go”
Wholeness and wellness in Jesus’ name
Promotion from heaven—increase in the responsibility in the Church to go further than it’s gone before
We push out those boundaries—go out further than you’ve been before
Increase and momentum—we’re on an upward swing
The pendulum is moving, lining up with the King
Ministering spirits, we loose you—Go!
Get the money and bring it to the Church
We declare an increase in the numbers—churches, ministries, be increased
Laborers increase so the Church will increase
Prayer and evangelism is the key to increase and momentum
We’re speaking to numbers—lives matter

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