Prayer Summary for May 17

The following excerpt is taken from The Revival Study Bible:

You Do Not Have Because You Do Not Ask
James 4:2

These simple words have transformed many a life and brought many an inefficient worker into a place of great power.

1. Ask
So many Christians are wondering why they make such poor progress in their lives. Why they have so little victory over sin. Why they win so few souls to the Lord, etc. God’s answer is, “You do not ask.”

2. Steadfast Prayer
“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in breaking of bread, and in prayers” (Acts 2:42). The early church was a praying church. A praying church and a praying ministry can achieve anything that ought to be achieved. It will go steadily on, beating down all opposition, surmounting every obstacle, conquering every foe just as much today as it did in the days of the apostles.

3. Present-Day Departure
The church was never in all its history so fully, skillfully, thoroughly, and so perfectly organized as it is today. But if things do not go right, instead of going to the real source of our failure, which is our neglect to depend on God and look to God for power, we look around to see if there is some new organization we can get up, some new wheel that we can add to our machinery. What we really need is the spirit of the living creature in the wheels we already possess. Prayer is the key that unlocks all the storehouses of God’s infinite grace and power. Prayer can do anything that God can do, and as God can do anything, prayer is omnipotent.

4. Holiness and Piety
Prayer will promote our personal holiness as nothing else, except the study of the Word of God. Prayer will promote our personal piety, our individual holiness, and our growth into the likeness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Prayer and the study of the Word of God go hand in hand. For there is no true prayer without the study of the Word of God, and there is no true study of the Word of God without prayer.

5. Power
Prayer will bring the power of God into our work. “Those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength” (Isa. 40:31). It is ours to have the power of God if we will only seek it by prayer in any, every line of service to which God calls us. If we would spend more nights before God on our faces in prayer, there would be more days of power when we faced our congregations. (RT)

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Pastor Ray shared…

We are all on a road. We are all going somewhere. We are moving from glory to glory. We don’t have all the answers yet. We believe to do the best that we can possibly do but if we are not talking to heaven about what we need to talk to heaven about there is problems.

You know I appreciate that you come back to prayer. You know every day there are people here in the chapel that are hungry to lift up their voices in one accord. Even if we just came in for one hour and just worshiped Him together, it would be awesome. And we do worship You, lord. We do love You, Lord. I am just thankful for hearts that are open and yielded to whatever He wants to do. It’s not just me, of course. This church would not be the church that it is without the place of prayer daily. There are groups every day, every night of the week lifting up their voices. That’s the way it has always been. This is a house of prayer.

Pastor Paul pointed it out a couple weeks ago… we had that scripture when you come in the main entrance, it is right up above the doors. And he said he went down there to look and it was gone. I said “What?” So what happened was the wall was painted so it will be going back up. Because I felt that it was, it is important to declare it so when people first maybe come in they go “oh, this is a house of prayer.” This is a house of prayer and we have been founded on it and we are not moving off from it. Amen. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie shared…

When you were sharing that about that scripture, it popped up in my mind when I learned that verse when I was a child. The context I was taught it in, the story where Jesus made the whip and went into the temple and so it just came back to me and I thought that is what made Him angry, when God’s house was not a house of prayer. Not that He is… you know what I am saying. Just that that is His heart for His house. It shows how much His heart wants us to fellowship with Him in His house. Because we are the house, right, the house of prayer.

Pastor Ray shared…

There is joy in the house of prayer. In His presence is fullness of joy. A lot of times, I think about it as a daily thing that we do here in this chapel. It’s just amazing, supernatural that we as human beings do not just fall in a rut and do the same thing every day. That’s how it’s worked over the centuries. I was raised as a Catholic. I could say the rosary in ten minutes. We would race as kids. We had to go to church every morning before we went to school. Our parents would drop us off at the church and that was the deal we had. We would race to see who could get the rosary done first and do you think there was a lot of meaning in that? No. There is some truth in it for sure, in the Lord’s prayer. Hallelujah.

Every day is a new day. I like that. He is the same but we should be changing every day. Every time spent is not a waste of time when we spend it with Him, lifting Him up, magnifying His Word, sending up our love, our thanksgiving. Thank You, Father.

Ms. Annie led us in singing…

Abide in Me and I will abide in you
Seek Me and you will find Me
Knock and the door will be opened to you
Oh, Lord we want to abide in You

We are seeing, we are knocking may we enter into You
We are seeing, we are knocking may we enter into Your chambers
We are seeing, we are knocking too
We are seeing, we are knocking for You
Oh, Lord may we abide in You
Oh, Lord we want to abide in You

Pastor Ray shared…

I had this email sent to me from someone who was in the service last Wednesday. She wrote “During the first part of the service leading us to begin praying in the Spirit. First I heard in English, ‘One, two, three go.’ Then the same was repeated. Then You said the same in English. As you and those in attendance continued praying specifically for all obstacles to be removed, to free His people, to fulfill their destinies in Christ. After the call for prayer I looked and saw a line like a start line at a horse race. I heard in English ‘Step over the line. Step over the line.’ And everyone then stepped over the line and it was easy and joyful to do so. Everyone continued walking forward. (This is an awesome picture of the Church.) I looked and I saw a wide far distant land area and this people kept walking in obedience led of the Holy Spirit. I saw them lift off vertically, shot up above the battle, above any prior obstacles. The people first shot up and then they began to fly. (Whooo!) Soaring as high as the Lord led them into the places, purposes and people the Lord led them to. They were all free, free, free to serve the Lord as He wills on His assignments in each of their lives. His Holy Spirit led DNA, His destinies for their lives. The prayer ascending to the throne of God through His name and by His blood. They were both for those present who saw Him and received this breakthrough but also for others in the body of Christ who were battle worn but crying out to Him through resistances, to breakthrough and follow Him and fulfilling His call on their lives.” Hallelujah.

That’s a beautiful picture for the Church walking in freedom able to rise up. Yesterday just a little bit we talked about being up high above, seated in heavenly places, free. But I like this part about the assignments in each of our lives, Holy Spirit DNA. Each one of us has a destiny and moving in that destiny we are moving into a destination. We each have a call. We have each been called. We each one of us have said yes to the call or we wouldn’t be here. Yes to the call to be born again, yes to the call to be filled with the Holy Spirit, yes to the call of prayer. I like that picture of lifting off and actually flying free up above every obstacle and breaking through.


Thank You, Father, for breakthroughs into uncharted areas
Asking in faith and using the authority to speak to it
Thank You, Father, for the blood
We are covered in the blood, our families and future
Seeing the way even though
Keeping up the pace in our race
Believing to walk free in Your plan, Father
It’s in Your plan!
Lifting up every step, contending for the will of God
Obtaining more, walking in greater
From one victory to another
Following the plan and purpose of each one of us
Holding up the times we are living in
Eyes to see, ears to hear, and real strong and steady in the Lord
Thank You, Lord, for all the answers and solutions
Heaven-sent plans and ideas
Rolling out those blueprints You have already created
From room to room to room we move
The Master plan!
Praying out every resource necessary in Jesus’ name
You lead, we follow!
Father, we remind You about what You said in Your Word
We ask for the fullness of the purpose of God
We ask for this generation, the deposits You have placed in the Church
The anointings, the unctions
Wisdom, revelation in the Knowledge of You to work in it!
That we would not be deceived by the adversary
Resurrection power—we want to be found walking in the fullness of it!
You said for us to ask of You, that You would give us the heathen for our inheritance
Calling for miracles, signs and wonders—that our eyes would behold what You are doing in the body
Dominion over sickness and disease, over cancer, diabetes, backaches, every lying vanity
Supernatural solutions for problems of men and problems of women
We agree that we are a chosen generation proclaiming Your praises
We are an anointed and supernatural people!
We are not weak, lame!
We are history makers, giant killers, people who are walking in exceptional wisdom and excellence
Full of power and might, we have an anointing and know all things
We agree with You that we have You in us!
Nothing is impossible for us—we agree with You
Our pastors are full of wisdom and power
They obtain grace to help in time of need
Our churches are going into our communities, cities; brought before leaders
The Church shall rise up and move
Recipes for furtherance—moving in the Spirit
Whatsoever we desire when we pray it shall be done
We believe, Lord, and receive today!
Unfolding of the mysteries
Revealed for the body to see
It’s a show, it’s all new now
New colors, element, strategies, new ways!
We uphold the banner of Jesus
Raising it high over this nation
Declaring Jesus is Lord!
Declaring a highway for our God in this city and in our nation
GRACE GO! In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus’ Christ
It’s a wonderful and glorious day!

Annie led us in singing “It’s a New Day”

It’s a new day; it’s a new way
It’s new words from God for us to say
It’s a new day; it’s a new way
We will hear every word and that’s what we are going to say
That’s what we are going to pray
That’s what we are going to say

It’s a new day: it’s a new day
We see by the Holy Spirit, we see
All those new things; all those new things He has for us
It’s a new day; we are walking in a new way

But at the same time we are walking in the old paths
Of His word, of His Truth, of His righteousness
He makes all things new
We are going to walk in His new way
It’s a new day; It’s a new day
His mercies are new every morning
His mercies are new every morning

So we put off our old garments
We have garments of joy; new garments for a new day
And we are going to walk in this way and say what You say
We are listening for Your new words you want us to speak this day
There are words for this moment that You want us to say

We hear it with the ears you gave us, ears of the Spirit
We are listening, listening, listening for You Spirit
When we hear what You say this day
By faith with the authority You gave us that’s what we are going to say

Because it’s a new day by Your Holy Spirit
And for this hour
Lord give us ears to hear it
That’s what we say, that’s what we pray
In Your way for this new day
This new day in You…

Continued praying…

Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful blessed day
We the Church will walk through it in victory
Lifting off and flying over every obstacle in Jesus’ name
We give You all the praise, honor, and glory in Jesus’ name

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