Prayer Summary for February 6


No, Father, You have never let us down, not even once!
You are a good, good Father
You are so good; You are so gracious, kind, merciful, and full of compassion
You are so tender; You are so caring, so wise, so holy, and so righteous
You are the King of all Kings, and the Lord of all Lords
You are the Almighty, the Everlasting Father
You have never let us down, and You will never let us down
We are so thankful that You are our Father and our Lord
There is none like You, none like You in all the earth!
Thank You, Father, that we have the opportunity to know You intimately
Our desire is to know You more, to know more of the one who is everything to us
We don’t just want to know You, but we want to love You and experience You, Lord
Thank You that we can know Your love, the breadth, depth, length and height of it, Father
Give us an even greater revelation of Your Love, Lord
That each and every member of the body of Christ would sink deeper in that love
Declaring that we would be unshakable and unmovable in this day and in this hour
Show us Your love, and Your goodness, Lord
No, You have never let us down, and You never will!
You are our hiding place, and we will continually step into that place
We will continually cleave to You, for You are the light of the world!
You have called us to be light bearers, life givers, and love sharers!
Yes, we will continue to go about doing good and healing all that are oppressed of the Devil!
Thank You, Father, that You have chosen us for such a time as this!
You have given us everything we need to fulfill the call and plan You have set before us
We are overcomers in by and through that precious blood of Jesus
Thank You that You are causing us to will and to do the will of the Father
Every member and every part strengthened of and by Your Spirit, O God!
We will carry out all of Your plans and purposes!
Thank You that You have called us to be partakers and co-laborers with You
Glory to God!


The following excerpt is taken from The Authority of the Believer by John A. MacMillan:


The rapidly approaching end of the age is witnessing a tremendous increase in the activity of the powers of darkness. Unrest among the nations, more intense than at any previous time in earth’s history, is due largely to the stirring up of the ambitions and passions of men, while the spread of an almost wholly secularized education is quietly doing away with the scriptural standards which formerly exerted a restraining influence among the so-called Christian peoples. Our wealth and social culture have not made us thankful to the Giver of all good, but have centered us upon the material things of the world, and have produced a self-sufficiency that quite ignores our dependence upon the Creator of all. Godlessness, which we have condemned so strongly in the Soviet Union, is almost equally as pronounced, though less blatant, in our own land.

These conditions are reacting strongly upon the great ministry of the Church of Christ, the giving of the Gospel to the heathen world. War has closed many doors in foreign lands, and at the same time has cut off financial contributions in not a few countries which formerly took an active interest in missions. More serious still is the attitude of large sections of the Church toward the state of the heathen. No longer are these concerned about the lost souls which wander in darkness; their thought is centered on raising their social status and meeting their intellectual and physical needs. They seek, in their own jargon, to “build a better world,” but the world they envision is one without a Savior. Christ, in their view, has degenerated into a Superman, an example which in their own feeble strength they seek to follow. To meet the situation, the Church of Christ needs a new conception of prayer. The urgent call is for men and women, wholly yielded to the Lord, whose eyes have been enlightened to see the ministry in the heavenlies to which they have been called. Such believers, whether as intercessors, or as workers at home, or missionaries on the foreign fields, may in union with the great Head of the Body, exercise an authority to which the powers of the air must give place wherever challenged.

The Divine Purpose of the Ages

The “God of the whole earth” does not purpose to tolerate forever this rebellion against His righteousness. “I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear” (Isaiah 45:23). Ere this can be accomplished, the instigators of human rebellion must be cast down. In this regard the divine method is clear. “The powers of the air” are allowed to retain their seats only while their successors are being prepared. God, having redeemed a people and purified them, has introduced them potentially into the heavenlies. When they have approved themselves, they will in actuality take the seats of the “powers of the air,” thereby superseding those who have manifested their unfitness and unworthiness.

This purpose, present and future, is very definitely stated in Ephesians chapter 3:9–11. Here it is revealed as the divine will that “now (nun, the present time) unto the principalities and powers in the heavenly places might be made known through the church the manifold wisdom of God” (3:10). The Church is to be God’s instrument in declaring to these rebellious and now usurping powers the divine purpose, and in administering their principalities after they have been unseated and cast down.

This is further declared to be “according to the eternal purpose of the ages which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord” (3:11). That is to say, God, through all the past ages, has had in view this wonderful plan of preparing in Christ Jesus a people, chosen and called and faithful, whom He might place in these heavenly seats to rule through the ages yet to come. It is spoken of, in the verses just preceding, as “the mystery, which for ages hath been hid in God,” one phase of this mystery being the wonderful veiling of the deity of the Son of God in our human nature, that we through Him might “become partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4).

Continued Praying…

Father, we thank You that there is no time or distance in the spirit
You have commanded us to pray for those put in authority over us
We lift up the President, his cabinet, and those that surround him and give him counsel
Father, we lift up the senators that represent each state in the United States
We apply the blood of Jesus to our President and to those positions of authority around him
In the name of Jesus, we plead the blood of Jesus over every member of his family
The blood of Jesus surrounds his children and his grandchildren
No weapon, no plot, no evil plan of the enemy formed against them will prosper!
No lies, no deception, no deceiving spirits, no demon powers would try to come against him in Jesus’ name!
The blood of Jesus is keeping the destroyer back today!
Your name, the name of Jesus is above every other name!
Thank You, Father, that the blood of Jesus brings light and life to all who believe!
We agree and release our faith, for an infusion of supernatural strength and energy of the spirit into our President
Give him and those around him divine supernatural help from heaven today, Lord!
Declaring that words of encouragement and words of life would be delivered to them
Yes, they will remain strong, steadfast, and resolute in their faith
Father, assure them of their purpose, call, and plan!
We apply the blood of Jesus over the Vice President and his family
Declaring that no weapon formed against him will or shall prosper in the name of Jesus!
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to watch, guard, guide, and protect them
Watch their ways, watch around them, and go into those secret chambers, Father
Supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit, O God
Some things must be recovered, and some things must be uncovered in the name of Jesus
We apply the blood of Jesus over the White House
Calling for the White House to be white washed and cleansed by the blood of Jesus
Those that will not flow, those that will not move with the plan of God, they must go!
Subversive activities and actions must be removed in the name of Jesus!
We take authority over those that are planting seeds of the Devil; we hold the blood against them
Yes, we will pull them out at the root, we command you to go and be removed!
You will no longer harass or torment, for we cast you down and out
We extend the blood line; we extend it further out, farther than it has ever been before
Shine the light upon that, highlight those things of and by Your Spirit, O God
Reveal those lies, that is a falsehood, expose that deception, Lord
Give us supernatural wisdom and insight on how to pray for our President
We pray that he would have a clear mind regarding his decision-making policies
Declaring that he would have supernatural insight that goes beyond that of the natural
God ordained insight, revealing and unveiling the full implications, Father
We apply the blood of Jesus over every execution of Your divine plans and purposes
No, you will not, you shall not, and you cannot bring division there in Jesus’ name!
Father, we pray and plead the blood of Jesus over every cabinet member
Declaring that every cabinet member would be in their rightful place
You, Father, have called them there for a divine plan and purpose
We cast down those cabinet members that are trying to obstruct Your plan
Surrounding the Senate and the Congress with the blood of Jesus today
Lifting up the candidate for Supreme Court Judge, he will enter his place in Jesus’ name!
This is just the beginning of the changes taking place in this country!
Yes, we are moving in God’s way, we are moving in God’s right plans
We take authority over those fires that have been stirred up
Calling for those fires to calm down in the name of Jesus!
Yes, Lord, we declare that those finances would be cut off!
Heavenly Father, we take authority over the spirit of anarchy in this nation
We bind and forbid you from operating; you must seize and desist in your maneuvers
Praying for clarity in the mind of every believer; confusion we bind you, be removed!
Clear thinking, clear utterance, clear strategies, clarified by Your Spirit, O God
Shine Your light upon that, Father
No, nothing will be left undone, that which has begun will be finished!
There will be nothing missing and nothing broken
Supernatural alignment of and by Your Spirit!
Fall in line, get in line!
We call for the work of God to be done in this nation!
Give them the spirit of wisdom and revelation to do all that they have been called to do
Calling for liberty, increase, and breakthroughs in the body of Christ today!
We call for an overturning of some things, Father
Expose those lies of the enemy and reveal to them the truth of Your Word
Rise up, stand up, there is no shame there!
Justice will prevail!
Every key, every door, and every opportunity has been predestined
We proclaim and declare those things shall come forth!
Glory to God!

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