Prayer Summary for August 8


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus we yield to You and lift up Your name
We magnify Your presence today, Lord
Your name is above all other names
There is strength, healing, deliverance, and power in Your name
We exalt Your name, Father
Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord
You are so worthy of our glory, honor, and praise today!
We magnify Your name and everything that is in that name!
Your name is so great and so greatly to be praised!
There is authority, freedom, mercy, and victory in the name of Jesus!
We ask for complete wholeness, restoration, and peace, Father
Breakthroughs are in Your name!
You are so faithful, Lord
There is power in and through the name of Jesus
Taking hold of those plans, Father
Covering those situations with the blood of Jesus!
Stability and strength in Jesus’ name!
Open the way, Lord
Limitations be removed!
Prepare the way today!
Revelation of and by Your spirit, dear God!
There is protection and provision there!
Praying out front, hidden things be uncovered and be revealed
Lies be exposed in Jesus’ name!
Answers, answers, answers are in that name!
Declaring that name over situations that are unknown!
It is a way of preparation; it is a way of revelation!
We prepare those ways, those days, and those dates in Jesus’ name!
Yes, together it is a collaboration; we shall be united together
Continually contending for it, we call it forth today!
We will watch as we go; we will pray those things forth
It is instrumental; it is critical!
Calling for greater cooperation in the body in these last days
Every tributary, every river, every stream uniting more and more together
Covering that with the blood of Jesus
Uncovering and revealing those lies of the enemy that would try to come against us
There is wonder working power and protection in the name of Jesus
Declaring for unity in the body of Christ today!
Fear, be gone!
We are free in and through the name of Jesus!
Shake it off, shake those things off, and receive your freedom and healing!
You have called us to heal the sick, so we call for the sick to be healed and whole!
Blind eyes and deaf ears be open; receive your healing today!
Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus that brings healing and wholeness, Lord

A Word of the Lord came forth…

How long are you going to wait? How long are you going to sit there and say you are waiting on Jesus? He says receive it. Just say, “Lord, I receive it.” That is all you need to say. You are not going back the same. You are free!

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