Prayer Summary for April 3


Father, we worship and honor You today
You are welcome in this place
Thank You for Your presence and that You are ever present
No, You will never leave us or forsake us
Your mercy is new every morning
Thank You that Your grace and mercy are renewed every day
We lift up Your name and we than You for Your presence today
Your presence is swelling and overflowing into every aspect of who we are
Yes, we love and worship You, Father
Thank You for the name of Jesus; we worship that name
Holy Spirit, come and have Your way in our hearts, invade us, Lord
You are providing answers to everything we need
Invade our lives, have Your way in us and through us
Yes, You died on the cross so that we would have heavens flow
We pray for the highest flow of Your Spirit today!
Father, we turn our attention and our affections toward You
You reign supreme and we thank You that You know the end from the beginning
We call for breakthroughs and increase of every kind
Yes, we reverence You, Holy Spirit, and we welcome You into this place
Thank You, Lord, thank You for Your mercy and Your grace
Calling for increase in every area—spirit, soul, and body


Global Reset

While the world has declared a global reset, God Himself is resetting the world for the great end-time harvest. The Isaiah 19 Highway of Holiness is forming right before our eyes. This was hastened by the Abraham Accords. There is indeed a highway forming from Egypt, Assyria, and Israel! Many missionaries are going forth to this significant Middle East region. Prayer gatherings are taking place all across the region and revivals are breaking out.

In fact, many nations in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, and others are experiencing a great harvest of souls in the midst of terrible persecution and unrest. Egypt will experience a great and powerful move of God as the governmental anointing of Joseph is released from its borders once again to shape nations. God is up to great things in the midst of turmoil!

Watch North Korea and its threatening of South Korea and Japan. Massive prayer needs to take place for the whole region, including China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The “Ring of Fire” nations will experience new turmoil as well.

There are warnings of new terror attacks in Europe and the US. The watchmen must get on the wall.

Many prophets have focused on Haggai 2:6–8 as God shakes nations and releases the wealth of nations.

The whole economic system of the world is in a reset. God is warning that Satan will take advantage of this reset to persecute the church economically. The spirit of anti-Christ has loosed on a level we have never seen as we are marching into the end-time hours.

We are in the midst of a global meltdown of nations. Jeremiah 1:10 states it well: it is a time of tearing down, and then there will be a time of building up.

Great exposure of corruption will take place across the earth during this global reset. Man thinks he is resetting the nations, but God has an over-arching plan that He is working out behind the scenes.

Divine Recovery

This is the season of “recovering all,” as God divinely intervenes to restore lost finances, property, relationships, and other seemingly impossible situations.

Demonstrations of Power

We are on the eve of the greatest demonstration of God’s power in the earth! This is what has been called the “Saints Movement” where ordinary Christians do extraordinary things. This power demonstration will capture the news and make headlines. Persecutions will arise against these moves of God and the leaders. Don’t be surprised by this, but keep persevering in the middle of turmoil. Satan is going to try and bring divisions and separate close friends, but remain steady in the work of the Lord.

Seemingly small moves of God will grow big, like what happened in the Welsh revival under Evan Roberts. We will be surprised and delighted at the hot spots of revival here and there. There will be a renewed interest in the history of revival as a new generation cries out for God to “do it again!”

Instantaneous healings will take place and will come like the lightning of God. People will be delivered from mental illnesses, addictions to drugs and pornography, and all manner of terminal illnesses.

The power of God will come in waves of glory. It will be like a tsunami wave of revival.

Continued Praying…

Thank You, Lord, we thank You for what You are doing
You have called us for such a time as this
We lean into You with renewed expectation
Yes, we hunger for more of You, Lord
Glory be to God, we bless and praise You, Father
Thank You for Your faithfulness
Release, we call for a release, Lord
Deeper, we go deeper into our spiritual journeys
Calling for increase in these last days
Tune us into Your voice that You would transmit those things to us
Yes, we call for alignments and changes now!
Thank You for those creative instructions
We pray for the church to be built up now
The church is coming together, that there would come great instruction
Yes, there is a building up of Your people
Calling for a pouring in of strength and discernment in these days
You are providing us with everything we need for these days and these hours
Supernatural injections of Your Spirit, Lord
Release those things upon us now, there is a great unifying and coming together
Thank You for the provisions You have for us
You are releasing to us everything we need, Father
New operations, new assignments, new missions now!
Open up the way; we make a way today!
Praying for ways to be made in America
Yes, we pray over those in a place of no return and hopelessness
We pray for Your Spirit to be upon them, Lord
Surround them with You Spirit and show Your love to them
We stand against the powers of darkness and suicide in the name of Jesus
They are sons and daughters of the Most High
Yes, we release the power of God to surround them, and we cover them with Your love
Calling for the mercy of God to fall like rain on their lives
We call for healing rains, transforming rains!
You are rerouting everything the enemy has done
Casting down discouragement and we bind the spirit of suicide
We bind a spirit of hopelessness and shame
Lifting up those who are lost, that they will be found
No weapon formed against them shall or will prosper in Jesus’ name
Pushing back darkness, we ask that You would show them the light, Lord
Praying for light to surround and to show them the way to You
We call for hope in the name of Jesus
A net is being cast out for supernatural gathering now
A harvest of souls is coming in to Your kingdom, Father
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear, Lord
We lift up Your will and Your plan, and we call it to come forth in Jesus’ name
Have Your way in our lives, calling for supernatural change
Yes to the works of the miraculous and to healings
You are filling the hearts of Your people, have Your way in our hearts
Pour out Your Spirit upon us
Hallelujah, glory be to God
Praise the Lord, we glorify You and we give You our highest praise
We seek Your face, Father
Thank You for the resurrection of Your Son Jesus
Calling for resurrections of every kind
Praying for Your resurrection power to be on full display today
We agree for supernatural resurrection power to be sent to every believer
Everything that was lost is now found in Jesus’ name
Sickness, discouragement, and hopelessness, we cast you down and out
We stand together and we pray for resurrection in every are of our lives
Things are being reborn and refilled in every way
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every believer and we cover them with the blood
Your face is shining brightly on them today!
Thank You for the sweeping wind of Your Spirit upon us
Grant unto us energy and focus to continue in Your right ways, Lord
We honor and glorify You, Father


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